Some Nights

Mission Statement
Mission Statement (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The band Fun.sings a song called Some Nights where they sing ” some nights I stay up cashing in my bad luck, some nights I call it a draw.” While I am not particularly sure  what the lead singer means by “cashing in . . .  [his] . . . bad luck” I think it has something to do with all these bad things that are happening to him and they are happening all at once. Sometimes he is able to stand up against the bad enough that he and his bad luck “call it draw.” But overall, as he mentions later he does not know “who he… [is] and “what he stands for.” He is in a conundrum and needs purpose in his life. Something that goes along way to helping someone who is not sure where they stand or what is their ‘mission statement, ‘


A mission statement is a statement of the purpose of a company or organization, its reason for existing (Wikipedia 1). An example of a mission statement would be Starbucks who on their website write (2):


Starbucks™ Shared Planet™

Starbucks™ Shared Planet™ is our commitment to do business in ways that are good for people and the planet.

It’s our commitment to purchase only the highest quality, ethically sourced and responsibly grown coffee. To reduce our own environmental footprint and fight climate change. And to give back to the neighbourhoods and communities we’re a part of. Thanks to the customers who buy our coffee, together we are able to make – and make good on – these commitments on a truly global scale.

Acting Responsibly

We’ve always been committed to doing business responsibly and conducting ourselves in ways that earn the trust and respect of our customers and neighbours – from creating a great workplace to ensuring our customers have access to nutritional information on our products. Starbucks™ Shared Planet™ means focusing on the core areas where we have the biggest influence – ethical sourcing, environmental stewardship and community involvement.

Above all, Starbucks believes in engaging, collaborating and openly communicating with our stakeholders. Since 2001, one way we’ve tried to do this is by producing a Global Responsibility Report that details our efforts to do business responsibly.

Or for another example the YMCA Recreation Centers in Edmonton:


Who Are We?

YMCA Mission

The YMCA of Edmonton creates life-enhancing opportunities for the growth and development of all people in spirit, mind and body.

YMCA Vision

Strong kids, healthy families, thriving communities.

The YMCA believes:

  • That the growth of individuals in spirit, mind and body is fundamental to everything we do as an organization.
  • In the equality of opportunity for all members of the community.
  • In the values commonly shared in our community such as:
    • Caring
      • To love others, help them and to be sensitive to their well being.
      • To appreciate and live philanthropy in our daily lives
    • Honesty
      • To be truthful, building trust and integrity in all that we do.
    • Respect
      • To value the worth of every individual, to live by the golden rule, to honour the diversity of community.
    • Responsibility
      • To know and do what is right.
      • To be accountable for our behavior and obligations.
      • In the importance of philanthropy (giving of time, talent, treasure and trust), and the significance played by a volunteer/staff partnership in fostering a caring community.
      • In the importance of world-wide fellowship and its capacity to support the growth of individuals, communities and nations.

YMCA Diversity Statement:

The YMCA of Edmonton is an inclusive, charitable organization that believes in diversity.

YMCA Family Violence Statement:

The YMCA of Edmonton believes that violence in any relationship is unacceptable and that everyone exposed to family violence is impacted including unborn babies, children, youth and adults. We also believe that everyone has the capacity for change and growth and we will support anyone in an abusive relationship to get the help they are looking for.

(YMCA 2).

But I think individuals have mission statements of their own as well; things that they “stand for” and what they want to achieve in life; things such as goals, where they want to be 5 years from now, ways they can better themselves, morals, responsibilities, and personal beliefs.And I do not know about you but I feel very lost in life without some purpose.I also feel that a mission statement is something that you can look at to  give you purpose and keep you on track, such as it does in the business world. But people change, companies change, so I also believe that a mission statement can change with you. Certainly 10 years down the road from now you might care for different things in your life then you did before. Then again somethings may never change such as religious beliefs, the importance of family, or the desire to help people.


If I think about my own personal mission statement – or my set of values that make up that mission statement I think of :


– the importance of family


– being a Godly person


– being someone who can help and share her life with others


– being someone who is open to new ideas and has a thirst for learning


– to not hurt other people whenever possible


– to share God with other people


– to be accepting of other people, because you cannot even imagine how differently each person thinks; we always think people are like us; but really few are.


– to be creative with writing and drawing and in other areas of my life


– to take care of my dog and other pets


– to take care with my appearance as you only ever have one first impression with other people


-physically care for myself with exercise, watching what I eat etc.


– to get back to working part time


– to be a certified interior decorator


So this would be my personal mission statement and you could then write that into a paragraph, stick it on your wall and see what guidance it gives you in life. I encourage you to try it. As important as it is where you come from, life is also what you make of it, what your future will be.




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The Fashion Obsession – The Body Image Makeover – What is too much Information?

summer is finally here
summer is finally here (Photo credit: ShedBOy^)

I have a lot on my mind as you can see from my title. My title could be three separate blogs, but I think each title ties in with each other in some way or another. So to begin with ” The Fashion Obsession:” all of you know from my past blogs, that I love to shop and that sometimes I have shown you some of my favorite fashion and beauty items. You also know that maybe I love to shop a little too much, at least this past spring/summer anyways. What can I defend myself with except with the truth, that I love the color in spring and summer clothes and the way you can wear only a nice little mint sundress with sandals without coat, sweater, tights, boots, and a perhaps, a whole load of other clothing. I love living in my lululemon tank tops of various cuts and styles and nice little crops without having to worry about the snow and cold at the door. There is something about the freedom of clothing in summer that makes me happy. In a warmer climate than Edmonton you could wear spring/summer’s breezy clothing all year round but in Edmonton, things change with the coming of Fall. Suddenly, I feel my fashion obsession waning. Out in the cold and snow its back to mostly black or tan boots of different heights. Gone are the impractical pumps of different colors (except maybe if you work in that kind of office or have a special occasion), gone are the comfortable little flats with no grip, gone are the colorful and metallic sandals in varying heights; gone are the impractical little dresses and tank tops, and lululemon’s are decidedly only for yoga class and the gym – when the cold weather arrives. Shopping on Sunday at WEM I see the the color and freedom of spring/summer clothing has seeped out of the mall. I have tried to hide some of it away for fall – the odd colorful sweater or dress that no one was interested in summer because of its more skin covering qualities but fall is here and that means a new beginning and perhaps, I will not be the spring/summer shopaholic I once was. I can already feel the black, grey, and dark plum from the stores taking over the color and freedom that once was. I feel my interest in fashion dwindle and think well it was a fun ride but back to practicality now. There are RRSP‘s to save for and a Savings account to build, school to pay for, Christmas to save for. Really it is a good thing. But I am already mourning those summer days drinking sangria on the patio, sitting outside reading in the sun and all of that brings to my second title ‘The Body Image Makeover.”

Many people find summer a great time to be healthy and be outside and lose weight, improve yourself physically. I have found it to be the opposite for me this year. I have spent too many days watching Madmen seasons and not out walking my dog and too many days over indulging in summer food and drink. Why I am not so sure but I did. So I am seeing some weight in places I have not seen it before. As before, I am not quite sure how to approach this as working out is a very difficult thing for me to do due to health reasons. I can do a little bit it seems but never enough. So I have launched my own ‘Body Image Makeover’, as much cardiovascular as I can handle, yoga class at the YMCA once a week, giving up Pepsi, and watching my portions. One has to watch herself so carefully it seems sometimes to maintain a healthy weight, while for some, it’s just so easy; doesn’t make sense to me. But when I was trying on fall clothes on the weekend I was spurred into action. Understand I am comfortable at my current weight, but I know according to my BMI, waist measurement, and well I can just tell, its time for a little work. Maybe everyone else does not see but for me I need to regain some control in this area. So my next title, and my next question. Was that too much information for you?

Would you rather not read a blog on personal things like deciding to lose weight or too much shopping? What is the line you cross in writing between too much information and a helpful or interesting amount of information. I recently, realized you have to be very careful what you say online, I mean I knew, but I did not realize that you cannot give direct name associations (like my uncle aunt etc. did this…) and you need to be really careful because even if you are okay sharing personal information, someone else may not be if it affects them. Maybe this is generational too I think. To me it seems younger people are more interested in sharing information about themselves online then their parents. It’s a thin line to walk. And what would the audience, or readers like to hear? What is safe to share and what is legal? Well those are other questions too. How much is right amount of information to give and what is too much? Maybe you can tell me? I would love to hear some opinions.

Summer Is Before Me

(My mother and I in Las Vegas, two years ago at the Mirage).

I feel my shoulders relax, my neck untense, my eyes close briefly; my last project for Interior Design Studies this year, is done. No more drawing little tables and chairs, elevating windows, researching flooring options, or any of that, atleast not until September. Since I am unable to work right now, and only go to Interior Design school, this means that a free wide open summer is before me. I will soon have all this time before me to spend however, I want. Having this kind of freedom is a good thing and bad thing.

First, of all I am a bit worried not to have a routine of school and homework to keep me grounded. Since I am on disability really I have a lot of time that some people would consider ‘open’ or ‘free’ time but I have found that it is  important  for me to maintain a routine (as I have stated before in past blogs). Going to school and doing homework serves as my job, what I am able to do as a job, usually so now what? Now what do I do? You know how it feels after a certain amount of time where you are no longer enjoying free time but ‘killing’ it? Finding anything, whatever you can think of to fill time, well that can happen to me and has happened before. The other challenge I have before me as has been the case since I had my depressive episode three years ago, I simply do not have the energy to do all that I want to do or could do. This is a difficult thing to explain to people who go go go until they sleep but for me it feels sometimes that I am I am both mentally and physically fatigued even before I get and do anything. I am able to push myself and sometimes just go for maybe 4 or 5 hours on a good day and then whatever it is anyone else has that just allows them to keep doing what they have to do, well that just runs out in me. I become sleepy, my mind becomes foggy, I physically slow down, and if I have left it to long I may not be able to make it home. At this point, I just need to lay down, zone out, and watch TV or listen to music and recover. I don’t know why this happens and I hope all the fine doctors helping me out will be able to help me get past this, but I don’t know.It is a physical thing as much as it is a mental thing. Getting back to my main point, however, what I am saying is not having energy prevents me from having a productive day sometimes.

So what I endevor to do this summer, is as always to create a routein but with options. I have improved my yoga skills over the years and am going to be going twice a week to the YMCA for a yoga class at lunch and if I am not too tired out after the Yoga class I will go on the elliptical for 10-20 minutes. My goal is to get into better shape, to strengthen my body and lose some of the weight that medications associated with depression often cause. That will be my routein, but what I am most excited about is the free time I wil have to go to summer events and work on projects around the house.

My mom has a great many ideas on how to redecorate and reorganize the house. We are looking at doing our living room, kitchen, and downstairs TV area. Now we will see which projects actually get done but I am really hoping to start using some of my interior design skills to help plan and see through some of these mini residential designs. If nothing else I am excited to work on my own room which I have been slowly redecorating as budget and time allows. My main summer project is to repaint my dressers, mirror,  and side table a slightly brown but more grey color called seal, it’s really quite nice and since the rest of my room is soft blue and white I think these pieces will really make a statement. Plus, I have to go searching for some nice handles maybe at Restoration Hardware or Home Depot if nothing else. I also need to find a bit more fabric to do some scarves for my dressers. So this will fill my time for awhile.

Secondly, I am an avid scrapbooker. I have plenty of pictures from past vacations and good times with friends that I need to geet printed up or have printed up and will cut paper, add doodads, sparkles, ribbon, whatever to make photo albums that are interesting and beautiful to look back on. I would also like to make some home made cards. We have so much stamping and card making supplies that we have hardly used in my house, and having nice home made cards (just as pretty as the one’s you can find at the store) are always a good thing to have on hand. So this will get me through July.

As for the rest of time I have friends and relatives to visit, books to read, blogs to write,  walks to take, wedding events, and I think I will get Netflix and watch Madmen from the beginning. I have just started to get into it this past season and have a lot of catching up to do. Not to mention, the regular doctors appointments and weeks dedicated to my boyfriend (since he is only here one week a month) because of work. Most excidetly, I will be taking my forth trip to Las Vegas this coming week in June and I dare anyone not to have fun in Vegas. There are so many things to do, places to go, and things to see.

So, there you have it, summer is before me, and I have not even begun to mention all the festivals that take place in Edmonton that I hope to be a part of. So I hope you all have a great summer and look forward to hearing about what you do in your vacation time in the summer? What’s your favorite way to relax or to stay busy?