Weekend Realizations

It’s 7 pm and I am sitting on the couch in my snazzy 3 ” leather knee high boots waiting for A to come pick me up for the weekend. The boots smell like wonderful buttery leather and I think with leggings and the tank top I’ve got on they will look wonderful at Hudson’s tonight.

But A has other ideas. We decide to go to WEM instead, our giant mall here in Edmonton, and A would like to do a little shopping for a coat. I agree to go along to spend time with A and because I require a couple of items at Sephora. When I don’t require items at Sephora who knows but I did actually really need the face wash. But these damn boots. Walking around WEM at a decent pace in 3″ heels is not my idea of fun. Now, I decide, I need flat good looking boots because who knew I couldn’t walk in my brand new boots. They actually are only for dress.

A doesn’t find his coat and even though I only look a bit I am fast waring out between my 10 pound purse and boots. Luckily, A is not a guy who is embarrassed to be carrying my purse. But my feet feel like they are teetering in my boots. I just need to build the right muscles up. But the next day I fall over beside A’s car, nearly underneath it between the boots and the ice. “They look sexy,” A tells me and they do look good. I just wish they felt good. These were expensive boots, shouldn’t there be more support on the bottom of my foot.

Somehow, I make it home and get back to A’s carrying my over night bag and 10 pound purse. The boots come off, nighty goes on. We’re vegging on the couch until 1 am when A suggests a snack. He has left overs from cooking class and he has the beef stew and shares some vegetables with me who has the roast beef. So good! And it hits 2 am. A has left briefly to pick up some friends at the bar. I decide to go to bed but find it is hard to sleep this late or early depending on your view, and I don’t sleep well. A does ,however, and we are both up by noon for breakfast which he cooks: eggs easy over, this tortilla looking thing that rises that I eat with cream cheese, green tea, and to top it all off, a chocolate croissant. Not the most healthy breakfast but so good just the same.

A has been super this weekend and he even drives me home taking me to the pharmacy first by my house. Those boots almost land me under the car then, thanks to the ice and I carefully teeter on them getting my stuff out of his car and survive getting to my house to take the now deemed special occasion non-walking boots off. I fall into bed at 4 pm and sleep until 8 pm. I get up have a shower and go to sleep again until 10:30 am the next day. My bed is just more snugly. Time to buy A a duvet and I think I have a brown cover that is in good condition or I’ll find him a cover that’s more manly. But at least we can do cozy at his place I think.

Today I somehow think Valentine’s Day is this weekend. Then I remember 50 Shades isn’t out until the next weekend so it can’t be Valentine’s Day. But I got A my present some yummy Valentine’s Day hedgehogs at Purdy’s and a pair of big lips in chocolate, kisses! But I order them online and send them to his apartment because as I discovered at Christmas for less than I can get to the mall I can order from Purdy’s with standard shipping and viola besides a card, Valentine’s done early.

Well gotta sleep getting my hair done tomorrow at some place called Fluid. I am excited to go there I have never been. It’s near Whyte Ave. Oh, and wearing my mini boots with the small heel. Thee boots can stay at home.


In this Little Life

I think that in these little lives we lead it is vital to immerse ourselves in culture, in society, and in varied points of view. It is difficult to leave our judgements of events and people behind but it is absolutely necessary for us as culture to do this to encourage ourselves and others to think and not just consider the first thing we hear to be the truth. Sometimes the truth is something easy to uncover and other times it is necessary to sift our understanding on a subject; then, we can truly see what is truthful and what is false. In short, it is so important that we use our minds to think and not to judge.

Another thing I have begun to believe is that it is not our business to care about the bad things people say about us in passing or in our face. Leave other people to their negativity and live your life the best you can. Each of us knows whose opinions in our lives are extremely important and when their opinions are important. But to all the randoms out their who judge people on how they look, on their weight or lack there of, on who they used to be, on who they are, or just who they think a person are or use to be, it doesn’t matter. Sometimes people are just making comments and talking and other times they are simply being inappropriate.

These I think are the most important things I have learned lately. Nobody knows your life like you do and no one can make you act a certain way, that’s up to you.


In other news, I am slowly starting to feel better from June and July. I think I would be fine but malaise is a major issue. I had a great time shopping at WEM on Saturday but once we hit about 2 pm it was overdoing it for me and I spent the rest of Saturday and all of Sunday sleeping and trying to recover. We went for lunch at Spaghetti Factory too they have this delicious mushroom stuffed Ravioli if that’s your type of food dish.

I’m hoping my ability to last improves or at least my ability to recover doesn’t take 2 days. But it is still good to be out, once the back to school crowd came, It was time for us to leave but it wasn’t to bad until about 2 pm. at WEM. I’m hoping to be able to go to Kingsway or Downtown at the end of this week or Friday to pick up some things at and just get out again for a bit besides short walks.

Additionally, I have a blog(s) on some great makeup I’ve been using called Tarte. I love it very much and it’s mineral so that’s pretty awesome. And maybe a fall fashion piece after seeing a bunch at the mall(s) and online.

Take care.