3Line Tales – The Luxury of Colour

Thanks to Sonya from Only 100 Words for hosting the 3LineTales Challenge.



Liam Desic

1.Flags fluttering multicolour and multicultural in the breeze; there is a feeling of hope in the air for refugees coming to this country to escape terrorism and a terrible life in their home countries; so many have come seeking a new life and to escape the horror that was life back where they were from; many people wonder at the luxuries afforded in the western world, even the multicoloured flags seem extravagent, yet strangely exciting.

2. Jas looks at all the colourful bright flags with ecstatic joy; wearing bright colours where he lives means you are more likely to get shot; Jas feels the warm fleece of his red sweatshirt and grins, he loves the colour red, the colour of hope, life, and love; Jas loves all the colours of the flags, he wants clothing in every colour because in this country he is free — no one will kill him for his love of freedom and vibrancy.

3. A woman with a hijab stares up at the flags, all in primary and secondary colours. Where she is from the women wear black, the coloured flags are bright for her eyes but she is quickly growing used to their beautiful rainbow look as they flap like clothing on a clothes line; the woman fingers her hijab wondering if Allah would be upset if she wore a hijab in a jewel blue, or lapis luzia blue; she doesn’t say her thought aloud but the amount  of colour in this new country is making her dream and hope, if only for the luxury to wear blue.


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Photography – Day 11 – A Pop of Color – Watermelon

Colour makes us see the world in a visibly vibrant and outstanding way. Like the Wizard of Oz, when Dorothy wakes up in munchkin land. color wakes us up and makes us realize what we are truly not seeing,

These watermelon pieces are bright and have vivacious color in comparison to the dull background. They stand out because they are luscious, edible, and such a bright pink/red. The missing vibrancy in a dull world.

Bright, Lush Pink Watermelon
Bright, Lush Pink Watermelon

Writing 101 – Loving Las Vegas

Vegas 2Some people may not agree with me when I say I love Las Vegas. They will point out the “fakeness” of the large hotels and the smoke in the casinos but I have many memories in Las Vegas and I do not think of these minuet details when I think of it.

When I think, of Las Vegas I think of majesty of these huge impressive and monumental hotels that can hold thousands of people enthused  to have a good time. I think of the warm spring temperatures and the dry heat that sweeps through my bones and makes me want to lie outside on a lounging chair for as long as my pale skin will allow, and enjoy the splash of the water in the pool. I think of the way palm trees and beautiful foliage surrounds me and captivates me in this desert paradise.I don’t think of the fakeness, rather I think of all the work and all the effort needed to create such massive and beautiful places for people to vacation in, the classy rooms in each hotel each with a unique yet concrete style, the shows, and the shopping.

My favorite place I ever stayed in Vegas was in the Venatian and anyone whose ever been in the Venatian knows the beauty of Las Vegas hotels, the frescos and paintings of italian masterpieces adorning the roof and walls of the hotel, the canal going through the hotel with bright blue water ways where tourists can take a gondola ride through the shopping and restaurants leading outside into the Vegas heat and sunshine. When I went to the Venatian our room was gaudy and fantastic, so luxurious. Beds with gold curtains, and massive red head boards; a sunken living room with a couch and chair that looked out on the balcony on the Vegas sites below; a large bathroom with a water closet, makeup table, double sink, large glass shower, and a big tub where one could sit back and relax after a taking in a show at a hotel.

You see, for me Vegas is a place that crackles with electricity, with energy, and vibrancy. It is a place that has become a part of me, an affordable getaway where as they say  ‘ what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.’

The first time I ever visited Las Vegas I was 22-years-old and Vegas was freedom for me after a long and difficult journey through my universityVegas 6 studies. It was a place I found independence. I went to Las Vegas with 6 friends, 5 girls and 1 guy. We went to Tony and Tina’s Wedding and since we were the only people all dressed up as if we were actually going to a wedding, we became part of the show, our entire table. We took pictures of everywhere and everything especially on a 1 day and 10 hour tour of the Grand Canyon a truly magnificent experience in itself.

I will never forget those dusty red gradiated cliffs that when you looked down made you dizzy and overwhelmed by the glory of nature, that a giant glacier and river had carved a path through these cliffs and now we looked upon the layers of sediments and glorious desert color scheme as if it was a giant quilt in the burning Arizona desert. We spent the night before the Grand Canyon playing Sociables, a card and drinking game, so that we all arrive hung over and in desperate need of sleep on that 5 am tour bus. We all passed out on the way to Arizona and I never sleep on tour buses.

Vegas 4We spent days shopping, at the Fashion Show Mall, through the Venatian and Caesar’s Palace, through Planet Hollywood, and at the outlet mall downtown. Roland, the only guy with us, was sick of shopping by the time the trip was coming to an end. We lounged by the pool and ate succulent and delicious food at many restaurants and we took a limo ride through the strip all dressed up to the nines and visited Old Vegas. We saw a colorful and energetic light show and walked through the old casino’s as some country singer who is now famous, put on a lively performance. We walked so much and my friends went on the rides on the Stratosphere, careening near the edge of this freakishly tall building and spinning around over a part of the strip in mid air. We made friends and took pictures at the Stratosphere and with male strippers at the Rio. We wore carnival beads down the strip and drank gigantic drinks mostly full of tequila or vodka.

Later, my friends and I would return to Las Vegas and later I would go with my parents a couple of times and each time in Las Vegas I have discovered something new about the Vegas strip that blows my mind. A club with an indoor waterfall at the Wynn called Tryst, free champagne all night at another club, and M&M factory, The Phantom of the Opera done Vegas style, Cirque de Soleil to the songs of the Beatles, the Hoover Dam, Red Rock Canyon, the 25 cent slot machines at the Casino, how to play Black Jack, and so many memories of good times with friends and family it’s no wonder that this place is more real to me then the nature of many places. I don’t care what you say because baby, I love Las Vegas and if I could be somewhere now that is where I’d like to be.

Poetry – Time and Vibrant Color

Waiting, it drains me, I wish I could abstain from the anger I feel.
But illness changed me, and my patience left me at odd angles freely
Floating up into the sky, all I have is anxiety and no reply.
Commit to a time of day, and realize you can’t change those plans swiftly.
Because my life’s concentrated, generated so that I’m always looking forward, dancing in circles for events.
Not in these distended lines, that you might run your life into.
What’s the deal? I could have kept you company, wouldn’t that have been the worst idea?
Don’t try to separate me out such as eggs, yokes left in a tiny dish and only the whites suffice.
I’m not just for a date, I’m for everyday, but nothing changes, time flits away.
Don’t you know the daytime is the zenith of my rise?
And it’s hard to get my way when you only pick the dead of night to live.
A place I fade away twilight into coal, it’s not always a solution but a thick choking smoke.
I want to live in a chorus of sunspots and rays upon my back, shining in my eyes.
Don’t you understand when you get tired and when I become tired, it’s not the same weakness?
You’ll never understand how it feels to be me, wishing for an energy to cradle and use,
In beauty bold streams of light and the dark deep night.
I wish not to be forgotten as reels of film spun until age has stripped them of their former glory, it’s gory living this way.
Waiting for people to understand, knowing that wind whistles through their brains.
Understanding gone as trains passing overcoming the wale of the night time owl.
His eyes are wise, until the hawk gets a hold of his feathers, and whether you get the beat of my life,
I wander, too many nights I’ve squandered waiting for the time to hit a certain hour.
Only to be tricked and mercilessly a coward, trying to make you comprehend the pain gently,
That hits right about this time, when I have nothing left as 4:30 pm chimes and I collapse until 7.
You move at your own pace, I think I want someone to leave me out of this chase.
Because I am meek and nothing will make me less then hollow
And years in the future I believe, you’ll never know me inside out
Because you’re so focused, you’ll just forget past elegances and glance away
And leave me to solitude, confined to the room, giant habiscus waiting to flourish.
Someone few understand needs you to keep time, to make time tick past single dots on a clock – punctuality is not a crime.
Show respect and suddenly, learning happens if you let others help you engage.
Instead of living life alone, unto yourself, picture a life with pulsing color and vibrancy, picture this…
Just because we need live in the hour of the glass, doesn’t mean life will be boring.
Why just the opposite – red, and magenta, and turquoise blue all these colors I dream with you.