Poem: The Symphony

It’s easy enough to put your head down,

To not look where your going.

To bury your nose in a book.

It’s easy to live vicariously through a story,

But it’s certainly harder to form your own.

To look up and see the sun through the drapes,

As it brightens a path where the world is calling,

To  wake up and feel the wind in your hair,

To feel the heat, sit on the grass, and smell possibility.

But it’s hard to get up and awake from a slumber,

The kind where you wish to flip over and  go back to bed.

But life keeps on calling, while we are stalling,

Wake up and make some decisions.

Don’t live your life with vacant eyes and heart.

Breathe in the certainty that life has a meaning and it’s going somewhere.

So, put on some shoes and walk with determination.

It’s time to listen to the music and become part of the symphony.