Flash Fiction for the Aspiring Writer: Italian Sonnet – “Sonnet of the Milk Cow” #poetry #amwriting #flashfiction #fiction 

Thanks to Priceless Joy for hosting FFftAW.


Credit: majesticgoldenrose


I am a cow, a cow I am; don’t think —

I don’t know you’re using me for my milk.

My friends out their in the pasture they think,

They’ll never be rendered into meat.

But the older cows who you milk don’t blink,

They know where fattened cows go too soon.

I’m told not to worry, with a wink,

I am a milk cow, that isn’t my fate.

I’ll live a long life as long as I give,

Thick liquid to use in many foods ate.

As long as there’s butter, yogurt I live.

As long as there’s cream, cheeses galore.

I’m a free cow until old age arrives,

Then I’m certain I just might be beef.


©Mandibelle16. (2017) All Rights Reserved.

Poem: Free Verse – “Worth More”



I’m tired, frustrated out of my mind;

To some men, I’m only worth sex.

Someone they’ll mate with in the haze of wine.

Not valuable enough to make a date with,

You say: “come to my place and will talk my skin to yours —

I’ll make it good for you,” but you couldn’t if you tried.

You have no clue how to give me what I want.

You only want to sweat on me,

I can see the cut on your face where you nicked yourself shaving,

But you don’t look into my eyes,

Your foreplay is weak,

Even worse, your fore- foreplay needs work,

One coffee doesn’t establish a connection,

One lay with you will turns me to tears.

I’m the girl with issues, who doesn’t trust men, 

All they do is hurt me, and I’m tired of that pain.

Giving my love in a heart shaped box,

Realizing you don’t give a damn about me.

I’m your midnight call when your body needs release.

Trying to explain, I need what you need too, 

I merely have conditions:

You need to love me and be trustworthy,

Before I let you have me.

I need to be attracted to your brains, your heart, your honesty; 

And yes your looks too.

Look around you, they’re are many woman,

They may let men like you hurt them,

I don’t; I don’t believe in your kind of —

Magic of a far off land.

Love that doesn’t exist,

It’s fine; I’m happy, it radiates inside me,

Only, two would be so cozy with a dog,

And sweat and skin and kissing hungry lips —

I could be attracted to the ‘right’ someone,

If fortune favours the brave,

If fortune favours those with broken wings. 

Fire sizzles; but love abides first.

Don’t tell me how “we’ll sleep with each other first.”

You won’t receive anything, 

From my life, you’ll be promptly erased.


©Mandibelle16. (2016) All Rights Reserved.