Flash Fiction for the Purposeful Practitioner: Why Don’t You Love Me?

Dear Dad,

 “I know it’s only been three weeks” but Mom says she doesn’t know when you’re coming back. She tries not to cry in front of me but I know when she is crying because her mascara runs and her face turns red. Mom lays in bed and I don’t know what to do.

I tried laying beside her and rubbing her back. I tried making her soup (from the can) but I can’t make her eat. She doesn’t get up to make supper much or clean. I’m trying to help out but it’s hard, I have homework too and I’m only nine-years-old. I don’t get to play with my friends anymore, there is too much to do.

I had to ask Oma Jane and Opa Paul for your email. I phoned them and told them what happened. On the weekend I go to their house. Oma sends me home with food for the week that I can microwave. She yelled at Mom to ‘get up,’ but I got mad at Oma and I hit her. I told Oma Google said Mom is depressed. 

Before you left, I heard you fighting with Mom. You got mad at her and then she cried and you shouted at her loudly. Mom is trying her best like me. Oma isn’t sure if you’re ever coming back. Where are you Dad, how come you never answer my emails? You used to call me everyday from work. Don’t you love us? What did I do? Why don’t you love me?



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Too much or Too Little to Do

How do you fill all the hours in a day? For some people, this is a easy question to answer because there aren’t enough hours in the day to complete everything they need to get done. But for some people, the tedious hours of the day go on and on. There never seems to be enough to do and there is always time spent waiting with nothing to do to fill that time.
A lot of times it seems, the media and other people focus on the people in this world who are busy. These people don’t know how to slow down and don’t know how to take it easy, we are told. They go from one activity to the next hurriedly and always aware that there is a time limit for r every activity before they have to go on to the next item on their busy daily calender. You and I all know these people, some of us are these people, and some of us want to get out of being these people. Simply put, just because you are crazy busy does not mean you wouldn’t appreciate some free time.

I used to be this type of person. I panicked if I had free time and would try to fill it with any activity I could think of doing. When I wasn’t moving from place to place in life, I was filling my mind with books. I read as much as I could, but it seemed as time went on time to read was less often the more I had to do. When I became ill and was faced with inevitable days where I was too tired to do regular activities or my brain at that time was too injured to concentrate for long or stay awake, I became very aware of how long a day truly was and how much I had been filling my life with, so much that I finally broke down.

I think we need to take time in our busy lives to relax and breathe. Little routines such as having a cup of tea and taking 20 minutes to sit down and think can make all the difference. As much as I shunned it, I never knew how much 20 minutes of meditation could do for me, not to mention 40 minutes of yoga that would stretch out my kinked up limbs and make them longer, leaner, and stronger.

Some people like to take an hour a day and just write. This can be great because one can release a lot of ideas and hopes onto paper and plan and dream through these ideas. This can also be bad because as good as it is to release negative pent up energy, you can also just end up rehashing the bad things that have happened to you and never solve any of your issues. So whether writing works is up to the individual person and how they treat their writing. Personally, I find writing very therepeutic and idea inspiring but I have found myself in a trap of never facing problems I needed to look head on at because I kept going over them in my writing and in my head.

Another idea I found really helpful for relieving stress was exercise that was intense. This released endorphins and made me happier but also allowed me to clear my mind. Scheduling the odd vacation also helped. I would go on one grande vacation but because vacations can be stressful I also would go on a couple little trips such as to Las Vegas or to the Spa in Edmonton. I would make my own package up at a local spa or look for groupon or team buy deals and take a day to be pampered. You could also go up to the cabin or camping some weekends, stay a weekend in a B&B or nice hotel somewhere relaxing and warm, or go visit friends and/or relatives in near by cities or towns.

All in all, when faced with a never ending flux of activities the best idea is to take time to chill out and maybe say no to some of those activities and take some days off.

As for the other end of the spectrum, people like me this past semester who don’t have enough to do in your life, or if you are prevented from doing activities you would like for health reasons, developing a routine of activities you are able to do can fill your day. For instance, I spend the first hour and a half of my day getting myself ready – doing my hair and makeup, showering, etc. so I feel like I can accomplish some activities in my day because I feel prepared to work. I eat breakfast before that and after preparing myself for the day I study whatever class I’m taking for 2 to 3 hours. I work on projects in this time, read textbooks, and take notes. In the middle, I have lunch and after I have stopped my studying around 2 pm I attempt to exercise for 20 minutes. By this time I am tired and a bit fatigued so I sleep for an hour.

After, or during this time I do activities around the house such as putting away dishes, laundry, cleaning the bathroom, cleaning my room, walking the dog, and other chores. By 4 pm I’m ready to just relax and watch TV. Some of my medication wears off so I experience some withdrawal and rest. After resting, sometimes I prepare supper or if someone else makes supper, I clean up after supper. Then at night I read or watch prime time TV. During the day I also go out sometimes to appointments, to do errands, or to visit people. I can handle going out 1 to 3 times in the week depending on my energy levels, for half a day. Sometimes I do this at night and take it easier during the day.

Routine has helped me a lot. Not having class this semester really disrupted that routine. I have spent far to much time on the internet and doing nothing much. Also, I neglected to mention that on days I do not do homework I write for a couple hours just for the hell of it and for practice. Not to mention, in your daily schedule, one can always break routine, in fact, I recommend doing that sometimes. It helps if you have a lot of time on your hands that life does not become the same all the time. But it is nice to know that you have plans in the day and that having plans makes you feel much more balanced. Routine is key.