Poem: Still Stuck

I think the words I said to you, we’re not clear enough; now I’ll be crystal clear, we’re over dear, no new beginnings again.

The time we spent was meaningful, I will cherish it. I’ll remember it with fondness.

And I miss the nights we spent together, the dinners, the coffees, and just that sense of being together.

But the love is all gone and I can’t go back; the memories are good but our beliefs don’t match.

Sometimes I’m lonely, but that’s okay. It’s a step in moving forward. Finding new love again. 

But now I’m just being me and dealing with my life until I can find a way to find another somebody.

And I won’t see you, if you think it means, I’ll go back to you. Let’s just be friends and forget. We came close but you’re not the one.