MayDays: Nonfiction – A Visit From Cooper #Maydays


Thanks to K.L. Caley from new2writing for hosting #Maydays prompts. Today’s prompt is man’s bestfriend. We’re to write about dogs.


I found it quite funny, dogs were today’s #Maydays topic. I love dogs and if you have followed me for a while you know I had a dog named Nikki who passed away about two-years-ago. She was a Miniature American-Eskimo – Terrier Cross with a  great deal of personality. Nikki was a pack dog and loved her family but was not so friendly around strangers.

It’s funny with pets, you never realize what an impact and presence they are in your life until they pass away. Nikki became ill and in about three-months she was gone. She is my favourite dog ever and lived about twelve-years. She loved to run, I think running so far was hard on her body as well as some other problems, we never were able to find out.

But today was an excellent day to have this prompt because my brother J visited with his room mate’s dog Cooper. Cooper is one of those fluffy dogs with hair that needs trimming  often. Unlike Nikki, Cooper doesn’t lose his hair. And there’s something to be said for that.

Apparently, Cooper doesn’t give kisses but he gave me a few; he must have been feeling generous. It is hilarious when you hear how people sound when they talk to a dog. Their voice pitch goes high and they talk cutesy. Dogs such as Cooper, love it when your voice does this, they get excited because they hear high-pitched sounds as something good; I read that somewhere.

Down in the basement, Cooper visited my Mom and I came down and we played “go-go” or “zoomies” as Jodi from Life Inbetween calls them with her dog Charlie. We were trying to wear Cooper out and we did. Eventually, he went home with my brother. J sent me a photo of Cooper lying on the couch, not moving a muscle. He texted me: ” [Cooper] hasn’t moved since getting home.”

I don’t know who was more excited by Cooper’s visit, my family and I, or Cooper. But I think my Mom is coming around about not having another dog and would be in favour of getting a small dog such as Cooper. I’m crossing my fingers.

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When She Dissappeared
I had a chihuahua-terrier named Spunky when I was a girl. My family spent hours walking the neighbourhood searching for Spunky when she snuck out at times. Until the day we didn’t find her. 

But an old homeless man, who was standing in the fiolage of Floaden park cried the day she came home to us months later.

He wondered where the dog he had befriended and fed went. He sighed as he lured another dog to his tent. The little black dog, he had liked had no meat on her anyway. She was no substantial supper. 


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Say Something Beautiful

Say something beautiful . . . sometimes I think I have been ruined by Romance books because real men don’t talk beautiful, at least the ones I know. Ask them to explain why they like you and its simple words such as your pretty, your patient, your sexy, and there is nothing wrong with these words. But I just don’t think men talk as Christian Grey when he describes his Anastasia and her beauty or even how singers sing about women in songs. In fact, most of us don’t seem to have much poetry in us when it comes to love. But I think that the simple words are good enough because it is the simple words and simple actions that men and women say and do for each other that make us the happiest.

Case in point, My boyfriend A took me on ” a date” a couple of weeks ago and it was special just because he called it “a date, ” he picked me up, and he was interested to hear what I had to say. He wasn’t on the couch looking at Kijiji going “uh huh” but he took the time to actually focus on us and what we were both up to, it was wonderful. We ate dinner and shopped around West Edmonton Mall a bit and I really appreciated the evening.

Everything was going fantastic until he received a bad haircut from some hairstylist at Spasation. I felt bad because I had suggested the salon because I have a membership card that gets me 10% off of products and services at Spasation. Plus, I like the Spasation downtown a lot. They give good massages, and decent haircuts, and wonderful pedicures. But if I’m honest, I go to a place called Chrome to get my hair cut and hilighted because they just do a better job, so I guess it’s my fault and I shouldn’t have sent my boyfriend to the West Edmonton Mall Spasation. I should have said, “Go to Eveline Charles because at least your guaranteed to receive a decent haircut at that salon even though it costs more.” But other than that, it was a good evening and it is a lucky break that men’s hair seems to grow fast because it is so short.

My boyfriend also became a Canadian citizen yesterday. I was proud but sorry I couldn’t be there to see him receive his certificate. He is excited to receive his passport and travel somewhere outside of Canada and Morocco where he is from.  I am hoping I can go with him on vacation but I will have to see. I’m still on a budget, especially at this time of year after Christmas and Boxing Week.

I felt awful for my poor dog Nikki who is an American – Eskimo Terrier. She is 12-years old and we thought she just had arthritis because she ran great distances with family members when she was younger and faster. Then, her paws underneath her elbows and knees (I don’t know what you call them in dogs) began to swell up enormously. She had trouble walking and spent so much time just sleeping downstairs and not even touching her food. The swelling didn’t go away and finally we brought her to the vet and the vet said it could be arthritis or Lyme disease. We got blood tests and it turns out it is not Lyme disease or something with her kidneys (etc.) but she has Rheumatoid Arthritis.

This is a relief because it means my family did not over-run her but it is also upsetting because it is an auto-immune disease, so her immune system is attacking her joints and causing them to inflame. She has to be on steroids when her arthritis acts up, painkillers, and a vet is going to teach us how to do doggy physiotherapy for her. I imagine I will be doing this physiotherapy in the day because she lets me touch her paws and she doesn’t let a lot of other people, even her pack (the rest of the family), touch all of her. But at least we know what she has and can manage it appropriately. I hope that she doesn’t get too arthritic. She comes from dog breeds who both are long living breeds so she could have this for 6 to 8 more years unfortunately.

I am using a new sleep medication called Gabapentine. It works well once you get use to it. I was taking too much melatonin to fall asleep because that was the only medicinal product that worked but now after getting used to Gabapentine and getting over the initial day time tiredness, I love it. I had forgotten how good it is to sleep so deeply and well. Commonly, Gabapentine is used for patients who have seizures to help them sleep deeper but it is more for the drowsy side effect that I am using it. And so far so good. But I haven’t heard anything from my family doctor about the Chronic Fatigue medication yet so hopefully I hear back from him soon, when he gets back from vacation next week.

I want to deal with side effects of the Chronic Fatigue medication you see because I have just received all but my text-book for my Editing 110 course. So far the course looks great! It won’t be to hard but if I finish early, I will start another course. I mailed in the first assignment that is worth 10 % and I have 3 more assignment worth 30 % and a great deal of reading to do in my Study Guide and textbook eventually. The assignments don’t look too hard, but it is only a 100 level course. However, I better not say too much about it being an easy course because I do not want to jinx myself and then not be careful when I am doing my assignments. I need a B- in all of these editing courses I will be doing because that is the requirement to get the certificate. I will take a few courses before I apply to the program, maybe even most of the courses because you can apply anytime for the certificate.

But editing seems quite interesting and I was already learning a lot of material I’d forgotten looking up why certain sentences were grammatically and otherwise incorrect. I have a good deal of experience proofreading and I think it will just be a matter of watching that I am careful to be detailed and learning all those interesting facts about the editing process which will maybe help me publish a book one day, or some articles, or a story or two.

This weekend, I am looking forward to going to lunch with my friend and giving her her Birthday/Christmas present. I saw her lots in the summer but not often since then. We are going to the new Cactus Club downtown. I must make sure to eat healthy as my new sleep medication made me put weight on as I suspected. So it’s back to measuring food and living off of salad. But I will be much more comfortable in my skin when I am 10 lbs down again, so will my clothes lol. I also have to see my boyfriend again as he is up and bring him his new stuff for his apartment. I ordered him some towels (etc.) and items that he needed. And I’m looking forward to receiving my ” New Year’s Present,” but I don’t know what that is so I’m waiting in anticipation.

Take care, that’s all for now!