The Disturber of Steps

I can’t find a place to put my feet, there’s no stepping stones.
And I am remembering where I ran aground a plea to God.
And I can’t understand all this misery, give me stepping stones.
And I can’t find a way to go, does anyone know?

I’m just trying to place my hands along the wall,
And I’m blind to the ways I go, oh no one knows,
cause your supposed to be a sinner a grevious lie or a saintly saint.
But I can’t be a saint or a devil may care, I’m just me in the twilight at the dark.

You’ve got no right to make me do what I don’t want to do when I don’t want to,
Your the heaviness beneath my feet, those cinder blocks.
Cause you don’t understand when I say no, I’m not judging you.
And you can’t judge me back cause I’m, just as lost as you.

You can’t see the look in my eyes, Im glaring at you.
Because you can’t answer my questions, the hard ones that are vital me.
You dig and delve, say you know better, but you don’t know me.
If I decide to do something it’s going to be on my terms, yours are just guidelines.

You pass me along, like I don’t mean thing, you give me cause to be rude.
But I try not to judge and I try to be nice, but don’t ever force me along that road.
I walk and wander where I please, the deal was with you, so just keep your word.
Don’t tell me to respect my religion, when you don’t respect the increment called yours.

Don’t tell me to love, when I am already broken, and the good ones scarce exist.
They bad cling to you like static, so you cannot breathe, and they take away,
Your will to try, your will to strive, I am alive don’t force me to be dead.
Feel sorry him, but you’ve no idea what I’ve gone through with him.

Find me shoes so I can walk, take my feet far from this frost.
Find me a stepping stone, a crack in the pavement to follow down to Oz.
Yellow stones greet me and I have no way of knowing, why you couldn’t,
Provide relief for only a moment, you are my conscience and my tempter.

Oh, God find me some answers.