Tale Weavers: Poem – The Blitz – “The Maiden and The Dragon” #amwriting #taleweavers #poetry

Thanks to MindLoveMisery’s Menagerie for hosting this week’s Tale Weaver’s prompt about a quest, such as the ones JRR Tolkien writes about in his famous books. 


Credit: MindLoveMisery’s Menagerie


Dragons are here, I know it

Dragons beware, my sword is sharp

Sharp as the knives hid on my body

Sharp as the tongue of my wife

Wife said, “Do not go” 

Wife begged, yet I went 

Went through the haunted forest dark 

Went through the storms, muck, and mire

Mire as quicksand, sucked in my body

Mire that almost swallowed my life

Life burnt a flaming hole so wide

Life’s flame would not flicker out

Out of the muck and mire pulled

Out of certain death to rescue a princess

Locked in a tower for my Lord, my King 

Locked in a tower and languishing

Languished she did for centuries

Languished as a spell had been cast

Cast, so she would always sleep

Cast, because evil always hates

Hates beauty and goodness

Hates who this princess is said to be 

Be afraid though, I warn you, friend 

Be vigilant in your task to save 

Saving the princess isn’t the challenge

Saving her, I wondered, where is the dragon? 

Dragon she rose from the depths of beauty 

Dragon was the the princess herself 

Herself screaming, “I am the dragon”

Herself shouting, “I will eat you whole” 

Wholly she transformed in that fiery beast

Wholly she was a scaled, sulphereous demon

Demon who cried, “I am no damsal in distress”

Demon who seethed, “I protect me” 

Me, I gazed upon the languishing beauty 

Me, my eyes met the dragons yellow-eyed stare

Stared into my soul, saw I was a ruin 

Stared into my heart, saw I was wretched

Wretched cursed princess, the dragon? 

Wretched as the princess waiting 

Waiting and no one came so she grew tired

Waiting as she wrecks her vengeance 

Vengeance because no hero is true 

Vengeance, she can depend only on herself, no heroes 

Hereo, the archetypal kind who abuse poor maidens

Heroe, is there such a man who ever existed? 

Existed a hero she once did love 

Existed her hero but he never came — she remains cursed 

Cursed though she be, I could not destroy the beast

Cursed, she knows not why she is punished, cursed. 

Beast but still a girl, so I left, ashamed I could not save her. 

Cursed, she lingers on my mind, the maiden, the dragon as one


©Mandibelle16. (2017) All Rights Reserved. 


Sunday Photo Fiction: Everything He Dreams Of 

Mallory looked at the tall cone shaped glass container before him. There was a purple liquid in the bottom and in the middle of the vial small purple droplets were sucked up into the air. 

“Are you sure a few drops is all I need?” Mallory asked Belinda the owner of the magic shop. She had the most gorgeous purple eyes that matched her gray-purple hair. Belinda carried a thin glass wand with her which was beautifully lit from within. 

“Not exactly” Belinda said, “your dreams will come true the way they are meant to come true. Not necessarily in the way you want them to come true. Nobody receives exactly what they want,  if they did there would be many sorry people in life.”

Mallory looked angry. ” I need these specific dreams to come true. It’s the only way Melonie will love me.”

Belinda shook her head at Mallory. ” I can’t make the magic work that way. Besides you don’t know that that is the only way Melonie will love you. You only think so.”

 “Alright, give me five drops of that purple stuff.” Mallory gave Belinda a menacing look. 

So Belinda with her wand siphoned off five drops of purple from the cone shaped beaker and put them into a tiny cup. She told Mallory to drink it carefully and waved her wand over him as she chanted a spell. 

When Belinda looked again there was a hairless ugly cat sitting on her counter meowing. He looked up at her with Mallory’s green eyes. “Did I mention,” Belinda said “that you need a good heart to have your dreams come true. Your’s is the heart of a scaredy-cat and not a pretty one. I guess I’ll have to adopt you out.”

Belinda smiled and put Mallory in the back with the other cats while she helped her next customer. 

Thanks to Alastair Forbes for hosting and providing the prompt picture.


©Mandibelle16. All Rights Reserved.