Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers: The Second American

 The buildings in Havana, Cuba are pastel coloured. The architecture uniquely from the sixteenth-century. I feel anticipation as I walk around the streets of old Havana. The people here are friendly.

It amazes me that Havana served as a stopping point for ships entering and leaving the New World such as “treasure-laden Spanish galleons.” It’s a different view then the view you receive of Havana after the Communist Revolution in 1959 and Cuban Missle Crisis in 1962.

No US President has been on Cuban soil for eighty-eight- years. But Obama was here today, attempting to lift all trade embargoes on Cuba. Despite Raol Castro having significantly varied opinions on human rights, change is coming to Cuba.

For now, I  visit a building called ‘Photo Centre,’a museum. I absorb the history of Havana. Outside the building, I take a selfie; I’m the second American in Havana today.




Thanks to Priceless Joy a gem of a lady who holds FFftAW each week.



Barrack Obama Ready to Bring Change to Cuba . . .

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