Sunday Photo Fiction: Alphas Are Fearless.

A Mixed Bag 2014


” I’m not crawling in there Julia,”  Kristen stammered.

“Well Kristen, it’s your final challenge as a pledge and you will become a member of the Alpha Sorority House if you stay in that sewer pipe five-minutes.” Julia said snidely.

“If you don’t want to be an Alpha, that’s cool too. Maybe, I was wrong when I thought you’d be a good fit. Alpha’s aren’t afraid. We’re fearless! So are you going to climb into that pipe or not Kristen?” 

Kristen bit her lower lip. She knew she looked nervous and didn’t want to appear weak infront of Julia.”It’s just that it’s a sewage pipe Julia. I don’t want fecal matter all over me.” 

Julia was exasperated. ” You can have a hot shower when we get back to the house. When I was a pledge it was much harder to get into Alpha. I had to stay blindfolded in the woods all night with duck tape over my mouth. Do you want to do that? Or do you want to crawl in a sewer pipe for five-minutes and be done with these silly initiation rituals?”

Kristen looked at Julia who was smiling at her with malice. Was this worth the hazing for her to fulfill her teenage dream of becoming part of the Alpha Sorority House at her university? Kristen wasn’t so sure.


Thanks to Alistair Forbes for hosting SPF.


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