Sunday Photo Fiction: The Sacrifice #amwriting #flashfiction #fiction 

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Credit: A Mixed Bag


Ellie stared at her teddy bears. She collected them and these three were her favourite. She didn’t much play with them, but they had a place of pride on her daybed. 
Truthfully, Ellie played with other stuffed animals, she didn’t care if she wrecked or ripped them a part. Sometimes she even gave a stuffed animal to her family’s dog dog Artic.

But Mom said she had too many teddy bears and because she didn’t play with these three teddy bears on her bed, she could only keep one of them. 

“But I snuggle with them at night, they keep me safe from the monsters. Even a monster can’t defend himself against three bears, ” Ellie told her Mom who laughed and ran her fingers through Ellie’s curly brown hair.

 Ellie stared at her three soft bears, unable to choose who would go. 

Suddenly, the solution came upon her. If Ellie couldn’t have all three bears, the only solution was to get rid of her Mom. She really loved her Mom a whole bunch, but she thought if she sacrificed Mom to the monsters, she would both be able to keep all three teddy bears and the monsters would leave forever too. 

It was a scary thing to give up her mother, but Ellie thought it was for the best. 


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#OctPoWriMo – Day 26 – Lento – “Don’t Abandon Them”

Prompt Day 26: Abandonment:

“What does abandonment mean to you? I deal with abandonment issues all the time. However, there are ways to view this word in a positive way.”


Justification, they aren’t one of us;

Illustration, cold abandonment.

Illumination, we’re one –so be just;

Inspiration, we’re at heart as them.

Transformation, provide helping hand.

Desperation, suffering is mad.

Divination, we don’t know future.

Desperation, many abandoned.

Consideration for people in life,

Participation, together win fight.

Illumination, truths revealed about strife.

Justification, nothing about it right.

Diversification, different skills aid.

Inspiration, create solution.

Mystification, make it more clear.

Inspiration: restitution.

©Mandibelle16. (2016) All Rights Reserved.

Flash Fiction for the Aspiring Writer: A Sparse Pantry and Fridge #amwriting #flashfiction

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Maria – Doodles and Scribbles.


“Kat, are you sure you went grocery shopping? The fridge is nearly bare and there’s no meat; even the pantry is half-empty?”
Kat looked away from Jan, flipping through movies to watch on Netflix but Jan wouldn’t be ignored. 

“Well, I did go grocery shopping. I know it was my turn, but do we need all that food?” Kat said. 

“What do you mean do we need it?” Jan asked. “Our bodies need fruits, vegetables, and healthy protein. We need whole grains and items to bring for lunch and snacks. You didn’t even buy dark chocolate,” Jan remarked. “Did something happen? Did you run out of money?” 

Kat sighed, her face ashamed, “Yeah, I overspent shopping for clothes for work clothes for my internship. I didn’t mean to but it’s been a long time since I’ve been able to shop for any new clothes.” 

Jan considered her friend’s admission.They were both students in the last year of their business degrees and money was tight, but she decided to forgive Kat. 

“Okay Kat. I wish you’d had more self-control, but I know you require professional clothes for work. I also realize we both need both to replace some of our worn-out clothes soon. I’ll forgive you this month and pay for the rest of the groceries.” 

“Oh thank you Jan.”

“But I have conditions: You need to buy most of the groceries for the next two months so I can do some shopping for my self for next semester. You’ll have to help me, I’ve no sense of style when it comes to professional attire.” 

Kat laughed, “Agreed I’ll pay for our groceries for two-months, after this month; the fashion advice is free.” 

Jan hugged Kat and they watched a new movie together, content with their solution. 


©Mandibelle16. (2016) All Rights Reserved.

I’m Not Talking to You – But You Should. Here’s Why:

Some of the most passive – aggressive behaviour to deal with is when someone who is angry at you has decided not to talk to you. Something was said by one or both parties, possibly in the context of a fight, now one person decided not to communicate but to cut off communication altogether.

I used to be guilty of this type of behaviour where you ignore another person in a fight or simply when you cannot deal with their baffling behaviour. One of the things that I’ve learned being in a relationship for three and a half years and having many long lasting friendships, is that it is important to talk disagreements out and never go to bed when you’re angry at someone. These perhaps cliche ways of acting are extremely vital to building and supporting relationships.

You and the person you are fighting with need to know that it’s okay to fight with one another because everyone has varied points of view. Sometimes issues just evolve to the point that there is no other way we can make our particular views known except through a fight. Not to mention, to last, relationships need to be able to withstand fighting. Not everyone is going to agree with everyone else especially in close relationships. If two people are able to compromise or accept each other’s habits, that says a lot about the strength of their relationship — that they can withstand bad and uncomfortable times. Other times in relationships compromise is not possible so partners and friends must learn to change their own habits and attempt to adapt to the other person’s seemingly odd habit.

But not talking to someone at all and not getting to the root of the problem is counter – intuitive because nothing becomes dealt with between two persons using this method. If I refuse to talk or both of us refuse refuse to talk about our issues we are no better then two little kids sitting there sticking our tongues out at each other. Sometimes problems can be forgotten and just left if they are not that important to the health of the relationship to begin with but in many cases this just isn’t true.

In many situations it feels better and relieves pressure on both individuals to just sit down or even write each other about the problem between them and put everything, all issues and feelings, out in the open so they can be examined and resolved. It’s not always the funnest or most happy option but it is the best option because it is the fastest method to a solution.

Everyone gets angry and upset once and awhile at least. Some people seem like they are upset all the time. So it is important to be calm and vital to acknowledge another person’s anger on certain issues and pay attention to them, make them feel validated, and explain your view in a helpful manner. And nine times out of ten if you make someone feel validated they are going to be a great deal more helpful to you in solving the problem and finding a resolution. Most importantly, forgive each other and don’t hold a grudge for the things that made you angry. This is why passive-aggressive behaviour such as ignoring others is not useful at all but counter-intuitive and anti-solution making.