Photo Challenge:  Fiction – That Could Still Be Us #amwriting #fiction #relationship 

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Twilight fades and darkness overtakes the sun. It’s difficult to see at night in the winter when there isn’t much snow. Those glistening piles such as frozen clouds, usually manage to catch the moon’s radiant glow. But tonight the only light outside is a crescent moon and far above, the glimmering stars. 

The lights on the dashboard flicker on and I gaze at you behind the wheel, humming softly to yourself as you continue our drive in an ink dark night. I can see from your face you’re exhausted.

“Please let me drive for you? At least a couple of hours so you can sleep, Tye?” 

You roll your eyes at me in the relative darkness in the inside of our car, “You don’t drive well enough. You only drive to the grocery store and a short distance to work. You don’t have experience driving on icy highways at night, Cara” Tye looks at me waiting for me to respond. 

Finally I peep, “When I took my drivers lessons, we drove on icy snowy highways. I drive all around the city,” I inform him. “Highways aren’t my favorite but you’re falling asleep at the wheel and I can handle driving until we reach Red Deer. The roads are deserted and I’m going to be driving straight and making sure I stay a good distance behind any other vehicle I come across.” 

Tye nods and bites his lip. I can tell he has no energy to argue with me. “I do need the sleep badly. When we get to Red Deer let’s stop and stay at a hotel for the night, okay Cara?” I smile at Tye in agreement and watch him pull the car over to the side of the highway to trade seats wih me.

I start to drive and at first I can see he’s a bit frightened for me and frankly so am I. But eventually Tye realizes I can keep up the speed on the highway and that I’m driving well, keeping my eyes on the road. 

At one moment I feel the car wiggle and slide over an ice patch but I pump the breaks and I drive the car without incident again. I wonder if he noticed my dangerous slip, but peering to my side I see Tye is sound asleep.

My poor guy, I think running my one hand through his hair as we reach Red Deer. I park the car near a decent hotel. The Best Western appears newer and well taken care of. Tye rubs his eyes when I gently shake him awake. 

When we are finally in our room I shower and I’m surprised when he joins me. “So, we’re talking again I guess? You’re not mad at me anymore?” I ask Tye. 

He holds me from behind, curving his body into mine and sighing in my wet hair. He kisses my cheek, “I don’t want to fight with you Cara. I want us to us again. I don’t like that your ex kissed you, but I thought about it the entire time we’ve been driving home from the mountains. You didn’t initiate the kiss and your friends said the same thing. My buddies agreed with them too. The whole situation made me so angry, I can’t even explain it.”

I nod and rest my head back on Tye’s bare shoulder, “I would never, you know that? But I can’t explain things to you if you won’t communicate with me. We could’ve solved this back in the mountains and skipped the tense ride home. I didn’t mean to make you jealous. I punched my ex for hitting on me after you went back to the hotel still foaming at the mouth,” I say with a proud smirk. 

Tye strokes my cheek and kisses my lips, “Punched him, hey? I’m so happy to hear you did. I wanted to more than punch him before I cooled down. It’s all forgotten, Cara. But I think we could both use some extra distractions just in case.” 

I giggle and turn around so I’m flush against Tye, “Okay, let’s completely wipe our minds clear of the past couple of days.” 

The night became one of our most memorable nights together. 


“That Could Still Be Us” – Keith Urban 


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Photo Challenge: Poem – Licentia – “Without A Sound” #amwriting #poetry #love

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Credit: Rich Howman

Laughter in the moment, golden hour found

Hearts beat as one, time stops, without a sound

Swing her up into your arms, because it —

Felt like the thing to do, she’s dear and swift;

Her punch on your arm, painful kind of bliss

All to happy to meet with a wet kiss. 

Perserved in time the clock keeps ticking fast, 

Moments gone, looking back, it never lasts. 

Years slide forward, what can you do but, 

Move forward too, memories cause a rut. 

Laughter in the moment, golden hour found, 

Hearts beat as one, time stops, without a sound


Swept her up into your arms, because it —

Felt like the thing to do, she’s dear and swift. 

Wiggling and giggling in your —

Arms; begging to have legs on ground restored

She thought she was too heavy for your back, 

You just laughed and kept her close, said “Relax.” 

You were walking barefoot on the cool —

Wet ground, the grass made you slip, such glad fools. 

Drop of joy harnessed in a crystal glass

Kept to hold, make the precious moments last. 

Laughter in the moment, golden hour found,

Hearts beat as one, time stops, without a sound.

Her punch on your arm, painful kind of bliss

All too happy to meet with a wet kiss. 

Lovers as close as lovers can be, rolling —

On the blanket, on grass, after strolling.

Gleam in her eyes promising heaven, 

Twist of her smile taking you to Never —

-land of pirates, lost boys, and she, Wendy, 

Picking up a sword, fighting for her when —

Pirates attacked; shoeless running in real

Life; time ceasing again, treasures for feels. 

Laughter in the moment, golden hour found

Hearts beat as one, time stops, without a sound


Perserved in time, clock keeps ticking fast, 

Moments gone, looking back, it never lasts. 

The truth is hard to swallow, to remember

Years pass, euphoria is dismembered

Harsh realities, sickness, health; sickness wins, 

She flew away my sparrow with the wind.

Such disease sucks the life from a body, 

Hope, a religious dream from pain prodded. 

A new eternity to love, swing round with —

Dirty bare feet and love despite death’s grip. 

Laughter in the moment, golden hour found

Hearts beat as one, time stops, without a sound


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#OctPoWriMo – Day 29 – Acrostic – “A Bad Day” #poetry #amwriting

Day 29 Prompt: Upside Down
“Have you ever had one of those days where everything feels upside down? Tell us about your weirdest day.”



Upside down day, things haven’t gone my way; I keep trying —

Providing for my family and doing all I can, but today, I can do nothing right. 

Slid on the steps, took a tumble, I’m okay; but I’ve a a few painful bruises and —

I wasnt listening today in the meeting, and usually no one cares but today the boss was mad. 

Desiring for the day to end, but the clock kept ticking slower and slower, the more I watched. 

End of the day finally came and I went home, through traffic; for the first time ever, I crawled right into bed.

Dreaming was nice, I felt free at last; but as I slept, dreams turned to nightmares.

On my mind, was my bad day at work, the extra time I have to put in, to finish everything that needs doing.

Words fail me when I half-awake, my kids are loud and jumping on the bed –they’re hungry and Dad won’t make dinner. 

Nodding, drowsy, I reach for my purse and hand them forty-dollars for pizza and salad, before sliding back into my dreams; today I need sleep. 


©Mandibelle16. (2016) All Rights Reserved. 

Literary Lion: Limerick – Landslide


I sat down to write about a limerick last week and I wasn`t sure what kind of story I could tell that would involve a limerick. The limerick I came up with wasn`t cheeky or funny like limericks are supposed to be. The limerick is just about making it through life. I was having a terrible time last week. Just certain things in my life were conflicting and nothing seemed to be going my way. My limerick is just about making it through those bad times in life, being tough, and that eventually something will give and life will, after a catastrophe, go back to being manageable. I think a `landslide` is like when all doors close and you don`t see the window open on the otherside. It“s when you`ve hit rock bottom. It`s when you`re in the eye of the storm. But then after the storm comes the quiet and the peace and you`re stronger for having survived something awful.

Rhyme Scheme: aabba

a – 7-10 syllables

b – 5-7 syllables


Everybody has a season to make,

To blow past life, to reason, to fake.

That life is nothing but a game.

And we play it to our shame.

That we are never within reason, we ache.

And we toughen ourselves inside and see,

Life is not meant to hide, not for you or me.

Only to live within the space that,

We quickly feel our lives at.

Take heart, tragedy — a landslide, sets us

— free to breathe.
Thanks to I Smith Words for the Prompt limerick.

Weekend Realizations

It’s 7 pm and I am sitting on the couch in my snazzy 3 ” leather knee high boots waiting for A to come pick me up for the weekend. The boots smell like wonderful buttery leather and I think with leggings and the tank top I’ve got on they will look wonderful at Hudson’s tonight.

But A has other ideas. We decide to go to WEM instead, our giant mall here in Edmonton, and A would like to do a little shopping for a coat. I agree to go along to spend time with A and because I require a couple of items at Sephora. When I don’t require items at Sephora who knows but I did actually really need the face wash. But these damn boots. Walking around WEM at a decent pace in 3″ heels is not my idea of fun. Now, I decide, I need flat good looking boots because who knew I couldn’t walk in my brand new boots. They actually are only for dress.

A doesn’t find his coat and even though I only look a bit I am fast waring out between my 10 pound purse and boots. Luckily, A is not a guy who is embarrassed to be carrying my purse. But my feet feel like they are teetering in my boots. I just need to build the right muscles up. But the next day I fall over beside A’s car, nearly underneath it between the boots and the ice. “They look sexy,” A tells me and they do look good. I just wish they felt good. These were expensive boots, shouldn’t there be more support on the bottom of my foot.

Somehow, I make it home and get back to A’s carrying my over night bag and 10 pound purse. The boots come off, nighty goes on. We’re vegging on the couch until 1 am when A suggests a snack. He has left overs from cooking class and he has the beef stew and shares some vegetables with me who has the roast beef. So good! And it hits 2 am. A has left briefly to pick up some friends at the bar. I decide to go to bed but find it is hard to sleep this late or early depending on your view, and I don’t sleep well. A does ,however, and we are both up by noon for breakfast which he cooks: eggs easy over, this tortilla looking thing that rises that I eat with cream cheese, green tea, and to top it all off, a chocolate croissant. Not the most healthy breakfast but so good just the same.

A has been super this weekend and he even drives me home taking me to the pharmacy first by my house. Those boots almost land me under the car then, thanks to the ice and I carefully teeter on them getting my stuff out of his car and survive getting to my house to take the now deemed special occasion non-walking boots off. I fall into bed at 4 pm and sleep until 8 pm. I get up have a shower and go to sleep again until 10:30 am the next day. My bed is just more snugly. Time to buy A a duvet and I think I have a brown cover that is in good condition or I’ll find him a cover that’s more manly. But at least we can do cozy at his place I think.

Today I somehow think Valentine’s Day is this weekend. Then I remember 50 Shades isn’t out until the next weekend so it can’t be Valentine’s Day. But I got A my present some yummy Valentine’s Day hedgehogs at Purdy’s and a pair of big lips in chocolate, kisses! But I order them online and send them to his apartment because as I discovered at Christmas for less than I can get to the mall I can order from Purdy’s with standard shipping and viola besides a card, Valentine’s done early.

Well gotta sleep getting my hair done tomorrow at some place called Fluid. I am excited to go there I have never been. It’s near Whyte Ave. Oh, and wearing my mini boots with the small heel. Thee boots can stay at home.