November Notes: Poem – Day 20 – San San – “Friends With Pain” #amwriting #novembernotes #poetry #writing

Today’s prompt song is “Pain Told By Love” by Tribe Society.


“Pain Told By Love” – Tribe Society 



Credit: Alyssa Monks – Combustus

She said she’d learned, it was okay to cry, though she hurt,

More than rain commingled on her window, love and pain

Two sides of a coin, commingled; both were needed.

That’s why she made a friend of pain, she’d learned, it’s worth.

Built world surrounding misery, love and pain, 

Realized that hurricanes commingled her feelings.

She would always need both love and pain to succeed,

Hurricanes made flowers grow, she learned, don’t hide — feel.


©Mandibelle16. (2016) All Rights Reserved.