#NovemberNotes Day 21/Sunday Photo Fiction: The End of the Affair #amwriting #flashfiction

Thanks to Alistair Forbes for hosting SPF. I’m combining SPF with November Notes Prompt Day 21 “Great Escape” by Gavin James.

Credit: Alistair Forbes — A Mixed Bag

“Great Escape” by Gavin James

Giiselle shivered, slipping out of bed. It was 7:00 a.m. and Jimmy had been knocking on her front door for a half-an- hour. The knocking continued as she made a strong cup of Irish Breakfast tea. Stop! Just stop knocking, leave me alone!

The knocking ended and the long loud ringing of her doorbell commenced. Giselle swore, unlocking her front door and throwing the screen door open. “What the hell do you want? It’s 7:00 a.m. on a Saturday.”

Jimmy rolled his eyes. “You’re being rude. We need to talk about us, the way we were. Until we talk I can’t sleep, so why should I let you?”

Giselle grabbed her down coat and stepped outside. She zipped it up, burying her hands in her pockets. ” The good old days are gone, Jimmy. We’re not together. I don’t care if you can’t sleep.”

“Gigi, listen. What’s between us is more than attraction. I love you for real, always have.”

“We haven’t been together for a year. This isn’t some mistake we made that we can just laugh about someday. I was the other woman and you had a wife.”

Giselle polked Jimmy’s chest. “You decided to try to work things out with her; you chose Jasmine over me. Our affair was always a delicate game and now it’s over.”

Jimmy groaned, “You were my great escape at a dark time in my life. Jasmine divorced me months ago, I’m not married. We can start again.”

“We’ve been down this road before and I’m done. I forgive you but I can’t forget how much you hurt me.” He laid his hand on Giselle’s shoulder.

She turned gazing into his red-rimmed gray eyes. “You’re not the one for me, Jimmy. I was naive to think a married man like you ever was. It doesn’t matter that you’re divorced now.”

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Flash Fiction for the Aspiring Writer: Nasty Courtyard Neighbours #amwriting #flashfiction 

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Credit: Yarnspinner 


Our condo building has many square courtyards that can be purchased with a high rise condo so that a family can have their own place to garden and have barbecues. Parallel to us was another courtyard, higher up, and we detested the people who used it as they were loud, obnoxious, and cooked a great deal of smelly seafood. 

You cannot exactly complain to the landlord about this, although, I tried unsuccessfully. The garbage and beer bottles they threw on our courtyard when we weren’t there proved they had to be breaking some bylaws as did their noise pollution extending beyond 10:00 p.m. 

Nevertheless, our twelve-year old daughter, Jeseme, up late on a Saturday and gabbing in the courtyard with her friend, finally had enough of these neighbours and as I am told, screamed bloody murder and more to them in a way as adults, we only wished we could have done earlier. Apparently Jeseme was so frightening the nasty neighbours sold their courtyard and a lovely retired couple purchased the ill kept space. They also have a granddaughter who is the same age as Jeseme and her and April have become fantastic friends. A win win situation from my perspective. 


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Flash Fiction for the Purposeful Practitioner: Grandpa’s Fish Pond #amwriting #flashfiction #fiction 

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Credit: Sora Sangano – http://www.unsplash.com


Phallon watched the fish swim in the pond his Grandpa had installed in his backyard. He enjoyed visiting his Grandpa each Saturday. Grandpa had put the pond in because young Phallon loved the fish so much as a toddler; ‘fishes’ had been his first word. 

Now he sat with Grandpa who asked him about school and of course the girls in his school. Uncomfortable, Phallon wished Grandpa didn’t ask him about that. 

Grandpa simply laughed,”Phallon, I’m only teasing you. It’s good you have friends who are girls and that there are girls you like. This Jennifer, have you asked her out?”

Phallon’s face turned red, “Yeah we’ve gone to a movie together and bowling. I want her to be my girlfriend but her parents say she’s too young to have a boyfriend.” 

Grandpa nodded a smile on his face, “You’ll find the right one when you’re older. When I saw your Grandma the first time, my heart lept out of my chest. I wonder if I will ever meet that right girl of yours and see you marry her?” 

Phallon felt uncomfortable again, “Why wouldn’t you be there Grandpa? You’re only eighty-one?” 

Grandpa patted Phallon’s hand then squeezed it, “You know, my boy, I’ve been sick a long time. It’s a battle I’ve mostly conquered, but my strength is waning these days.When you get married someday, think of your old Grandpa, okay?” Phallon nodded feeling a lump in his throat.

Two-years later Grandpa succumbed. Phallon was sixteen and felt raw inside. He returned to the fish pond in Grandpa’s  back yard. He noticed the fishes were floating and the reality of life made tears wet his cheeks. In the mess of the last two weeks including Grandpa’s funeral, no one had remembered to feed the fish. 


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Friday Fictioneer: When We Are Eighty #amwriting #flashfiction #fiction

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Credit: Roger Bultot


Patriots was a genuine fifty-style’s diner. Darla a new waitress, was thrilled to have her first job part-time there. Off to the side of the diner was a jukebox near a small dance floor. 

On Friday and Saturday nights, elderly couples could be found dancing here to their favourite fifties tunes. But Christmas Eve was the ‘big ticket’ event. Tables were cleared for a larger dance floor and a diner-style feast was served.

Darla watched once WWII-era toddlers, dancing in fifties garb with pep. She was only fifteen, but as she waitressed throughout high school, Christmas Eve would become by her favourite night at Patriots. She hoped one day she would meet a guy she could still dance with when they were eighty. 


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27.How Was Last Night For You: A Stranger on an Unknown Beach

Please read Chapter 26 here.

Chapter 27. A Stranger on an Unknown Beach.

He was happy and content, floating amidst graduations of colour. He had never felt such tranquility in life.

He was awake suddenly and strolling on a picturesque beach. White sand almost burned his feet but he buried his toes down into the sand, and his feet cooled.

Gazing down at himself he saw he was only wearing swim trunks and a white T-Shirt. Sunglasses adorned his eyes and he knew it was his favourite pair of sunglasses. The sunglasses he broke some time ago he remembered. How odd they were in one piece now.

He languidly walked through the surf on the beach. Was he on vacation? He couldn’t recall. He didn’t even know what he was named. It was slipping his mind. How could he not know his own identity?

Sleep had held him in her vivid colours and luminescence for ages. His mind was foggy and he had forgotten details of his life he thought he should know.

In his mind, he kept seeing her . . . Nina. His beautiful blond haired girl smiling with pretty pink lips. He knew Nina had helped him break his curse because he loved her. He hadn’t loved anyone as much he loved her, ever.

Wait, he had been cursed? He couldn’t recall why.

But he pictured beautiful Nina in a pink bikini and grinned. He wished she was here so they could be alone and he could sip Corona and talk with her.

He’d convince her to go into one of the two cabanas where he could touch her smooth creamy skin. He’d remove the pink bikini that was the same shade of pink of the heels she worn when they first met… How had they met?

He sighed, lonely at the thought of not being able to be with Nina. He was by himself here on a fabulous beach which stretched for miles either way.

There was a cottage up some stone steps where he had been living,  but other than this cottage, and the cabanas, there were no other dwellings as far as he could see.

Fully awake and lucid (he believed), he thought of Nina. He knew had a family besides her too. Their faces were blurred images in his mind.

He recalled two rambunctious little boys laughing with him as he played with them and their construction trucks in the sand. His nephews . . .and that led him to who they looked like — Jasper his older brother. He had a younger brother too — Jordan.

She had given Jordan her soul.MHe didn’t know why she had done it or how he knew since he had been lost in colour and light then. But he could feel a darkness, a shadow when he thought of her.

Yes, she had cursed him. She had separated him from Nina. He hated her.

He knew in the end, the lake had swallowed her corpse and dying she hadn’t been darkness or light. She had been both.

So much did not make sense to him he thought struggling to think. Sitting down on a stained Adirondack chair, he leaned back, squinting into the sunlight in his sunglasses. The sun was incredibly bright. He was sweating in the heat. Could this be Mexico? The Carribean?

Not too far away from him he noticed an older man walking barefoot through the sand towards him. The man had a grey straggly beard and the man’s gate was self-assured.

How how had he not seen the man coming in the distance? He stood, a tad frightened at the thought of someone else being here where it felt he had been alone a long time.

He faced the man as he stopped at the steps and the man said: “John? Is that you? You’ve haven’t been this healthy in years. You’re well rested and I believe you’re bored of paradise.”

“I’m John?”

“Yes, you should’ve remembered your own name by now Mr. Eric. You’ve remembered Nina.” John flushed unaware the man had been privy to his inner thoughts.

“I don’t know you,” John said, his name and identity rushing back to him in torrents of thought.

“I need to see if Nina is okay. I need to check on Jordan. She did something to him. Talise or Tia, whatever or whoever she is, she put a ring on Jordan, one he can’t take off.”

“It’s an emerald with a silver band, and the emerald colour matches Talise’s eyes. Beneath the emerald her soul floats. It’s dangerous, why did she put a ring, her soul on Jordan?” John asked afraid for his brother.

“Good questions John,” the man said walking up the steps. He came up to John and shook John’s hand which John shook back without thinking.

“You have a good hand shake,” John told the man. “It doesn’t fit with the rest of you . . . You look as if you’re . . .weathered. You’ve been through tough times I think. It appears as if you live on the streets because your clothes are dirty and worn.”

“No offence, they haven’t been washed in a long time, and you need… you need a shower man.” John peered guilty at the homeless man, ashamed of what he had said.

The homeless watched him closely, his face expressionless in creases and wrinkles of acquired wisdom. Suddenly, the man smiled and let out a boisterous laugh, his deep creases becoming more pronounced.

“Yes, John. My appearance of late has been a homeless man. And if you’re offering me a shower and clean clothes, I gladly accept.” John smiled grateful the man wasn’t offended by his words.

“Come into the cottage and make yourself comfortable,” John remarked easily becoming a host. He peered in the fridge, “There’s trays of fruit and another of vegetables. Some steaks I can grill if you’re interested? There is even craft beer, AlleyKat,” John said grinning.”I don’t know how this all got here? Was it was here before I woke up?”

The homeless man only smiled at John and headed for John’s bedroom, “Where’s your closet John? Ah there.”

John followed the man to the master bedroom into a walk-in closet full of beach clothes and clothes one didn’t wear to work. “This is wonderful,” the man said, “Can I stock up for the road?”

“Of course,” John said. “I’m not sure any of this –the clothes, the cottage, and the food –even belong to me.”

The man smiled again at John, a curious light in his brown eyes.”After my shower we can sit and eat. We can talk all you want. Chill a few beer for me in the freezer will you?”

John regarded the man thoughtfully, trying to remember him.”Who are you?” John asked.

“I’m here to help” the man remarked, peaking back at John before he shut the bathroom door with a bang. John heard the sound of water streaming.

He wasn’t sure what to do. Usually, John was head strong and sure of himself. He had had to be with the curse from Talise, the sea witch who’d been his girlfriend in the past.

John felt enraged with Talise. She had  separated him from his loved ones with her cruel curse. He was afraid for both Nina and Jordan.

Perhaps, the homeless man could return John to his family, especially Nina. He would also like to know where exactly he was?

His mind made up, John decided if this homeless man was here to help him, then John should be a good host, as his mother had taught him.

After all, John was filled with so many questions he needed answering. There was much he didn’t know about current events since he died.

The old man was keeping many secrets, John was sure. Not to mention, John wondered if the man might be benevolent magic of some kind? He could use some magic now.

John set out the fruit and vegetables on a large coffee table on the patio. He got out the steaks to Barbecue (they were already in marinade) and placed six beers in the freezer.

John went back on the patio to warm the Barbeque up, and he waited for homeless man to emerge.


A couple of hours later, John was sitting on the patio having finished his dinner and two icy   beers. The homeless man could really put his food away and he’d had four beers as well.

“Are you hungry still? There’s extra steaks in the fridge I could bring out to Barbecue if you like? And there’s some lemon cake?”

The homeless man patted his belly, “I think I’m full now John, but thank you. By the way, you can call me Norman.” John nodded teeming with questions.

“Alright, Norman. You told me you were here to help? I thought you might be able to answer my questions such as why I’m here when I’m supposed to be dead? And who are you?” John asked.

Norman peered at John curiously. “You don’t know then? You haven’t figured it out? You’re not dead John. You’re in-between life and death, between the spaces between spaces so to speak.” John was even more confused.

“So, is the beach and cottage like purgatory? Where’s my body at if it’s not dead?”

“Your body is here and you’re not in purgatory. You’re not Catholic John, you’re Anglican,” laughed Norman.

“As for me, I’m here to help you and Nina. It’s my job, helping certain people in difficult situations. I know you want to go home, but there are some things we need to discuss first.”

“Rianne would know who I am,” Norman said.” She went to buy Chinese food and Talise’s bewitched boyfriend Malcolm, knocked her head against the wall and Rianne passed out. Which, is the reason Nina was alone when Talise kidnapped and bewitched her.” Norman explained.

“I woke Rianne up and made sure she was okay, so she could go back to Nina’s condo and call Jasper who called Jordan, to come help you and Nina.”

“They decided to bring your sailboat out at night, even though it’s impossible to see in the dark. It was windy at least. I helped them find you and they would have never seen you if I hadn’t been there.” Norman said.

“How could you help them on the Sirene at night?” John wondered and Norman smiled secretively.

“I whispered in Jordan’s ear as he sailed the boat. My form isn’t always a homeless man or a human. Sometimes I’m an extra push in someone’s mind to get them moving. Or a whisper their ear such as I was with Jordan.”

“You’re magic?” John asked, trying to understand Norman.

“Magic is as sufficient a word as any.”

“So what are you? A wizard?” John questioned and Norman laughed again.

“I’m here to help and I’m on your side,” Norman said.

John realized Norman was providing him with the only explanation he would receive. John changed his line of questioning. “I’m worried about Nina and my family. How long have I been gone?”

Norman appeared to be thinking. “You’ve been gone four-months now, nearly more. Nina she doesn’t give up hope. She convinced your family to hold the funeral off for months. She believes in her heart you’re out there somewhere. She’s right you’re here.”

“I need to get back to her. Has my family had my funeral?”

“You’re funeral is tomorrow, Saturday. Nina doesn’t think your dead, she’s only attending out of respect for your family.”

“Your nephews, Sam and Eric, don’t know you’re gone yet. You should probably get back there soon if you don’t want to break too many hearts more then you already have.” Norman said thoughtfully.

“Ok how?”

“In time,” Norman said giving John another secretive smile. His brown eyes glimmered with knowledge. “You wanted to know about Jordan and the ring Talise put on him with her soul inside?”

“Yes, absolutely. How do I help Jordan get rid of the ring?” John asked desperate.

“You can’t help Jordan, John.” Norman replied. “The ring and Talise’s soul is Jordan’s path to travel down. Just as you’ve have your pathway and responsibility regarding Nina, now Talise is Jordan’s responsibility.”

“But why?” John argued, “Isn’t Talise dead and gone. She’s evil! Just because she did the right thing by me and Nina in the end, doesn’t mean she isn’t still malovelent, does it?”

“Her soul was still in Jordan’s ring last time I checked. Talise chose Jordan. In the end, she saw something in him, she never saw in you. It was something like what she found in Ethan. But closer to what you and Nina had in each other when you first met.” Norman explained.

“She’s not gone?” John said afraid.

“No John. But Talise isn’t a sea witch anymore. A mermaid yes, but with no magical abilities. She gave them up. Talise is redeemable.”

“Are you kidding me?” John yelled.

“Don’t worry about it. You can advise your brother with her but Talise is his problem in the end. Let it go.” John was incensed but a feeling of calm washed over him as he regarded Norman. How did Norman do that?

“Why do you want to go home John. Beyond your family and being with Nina, why do you think you should be alive?”

John gasped. “I didn’t expect that question. I . . . It’s not fair. Curses are supposed to work out if you break them. They shouldn’t end in death. Talise cursed me, she told me I would have to sacrifice myself for the woman I loved, and I did.”

Norman nodded, urging John to continue. “Nina helped me, she loves me.Together we broke my curse so terrible events would stop occurring around me each day.”

” I should get to be with Nina, raise a family with her, be with my parents and brothers, and grow my business. If I die, it’s not fair. The curse was a lie because spells which are broken end happily,” John argued vehemently.

Norman peered at John from his seat around the patio table, the sun was beginning to set.”That’s not real life John, you know that. What you believe is some Disney fairytale and real life isn’t Disney believe me, I know. Do you think there would be homeless men in a world where everything was fair?” John starred at Norman confused.

“It’s not about life being fair. Or curses having a happy result.”

John stared at his hands at loss for words. “What’s life about then?” He asked feeling angry and betrayed.

“I’m glad you asked,” Norman said, brown eyes gleaming.

Please Read Chapter 28 here.


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When it’s Good it’s Good, When it’s bad it’s bad.

A sad face.
A sad face. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am trying to remember all that has happened in the last little while because I have not posted a blog in a bit. Last week was rather busy and this coming week I hope will be too, but what I wanted to talk to you about today (based on my life and hopefully yours in turn) are the good times of life versus the bad times.

When everything is good in life you feel like you are on top of the world. Nothing can happen that will ruin your day, you feel invincible; only to be thrown down from the pedestal you have placed your self upon to a dirty place in the pit of life clawing your way around just to make it through the day, if you can do that. Well such is life. Maybe, we forget to be thankful when things are good, I am not sure. I know when things are going well for me I forget to thank God that things so good. But I sure pray and beg when things get difficult, when I am not able to handle life. The thing with God is He always listens and He is always there so that I believe is something comforting in the bad times of life; when you can not deal with your worries you can place them in God’s hands and he will be your Rock, and help you deal with your problems. In the same way, I believe we have to remember to thank God when things are wonderful because things are wonderful because of God. He has given us our talents and achievements, so it is important to say not only ‘I’ did this, but that ‘through God I’ did this. Maybe prayer and giving thanks to God is a way we can deal with the good times and bad times in our life.

Last Sunday, I got to celebrate my birthday for the second time with my friends. I am spoiled! I got a Groupon to go bowling – 3 games and shoe rentals for 4 people for $25.00. I was pleased, thought it was a great deal and my three good friends and I had fun bowling. I am the worst bowler, I do not think I usually am but I like to aim for that last pin over, and over again – forget the rest. Then we checked out a new place on Whyte Avenue called Market. It used to be the old Iron Horse in my night clubbing days but it was condemned I think. Now it is revamped and looking good. You can try so many different kinds of beer there, almost anything: chocolate beer,  Frulie’s, raspberry beer, strawberries and cream beer, not to mention your regulars Heineken, Coors Light, etc. They also have drinks like Martini’s and Margarita’s; I found my new favorite Martini – a drink made with cranberry jucie, raspberries and a lots of other good stuff – called  Ambrosia. Truly, it was Ambrosia and my friends and I just had a fabulous night. Monday, I had a great day again spending it with a friend who had just returned from Europe. She was gone during my birthday as well, so I was spoiled again, she took me to lunch at Olive Garden ( Chicken Marsala every time!) and we did a bit of shopping at Southgate Mall where I had to take some boots back and she was looking for a purse. I had fun with her catching up on her life, and telling her all my news. I also got to go to an Olympic Wine Tasting on Thursday at DeVine Wines downtown and had a fantastic time there and came back with some pear cider to share with my mom, an Australian Shiraz for my dad, and some red Californian wine for me. All very tasty, and my top three picks. So there was so many good times this week, I was as I said ‘spoiled.’

In between though, it felt like one of the of the most difficult weeks because of my physical limitations – I get so physically and mentally tired after such a short amount of time. Also, I had bad stiffness this week, due to medications. So, I decided to paint my dressers, my one mirror, and bed side table. They all turned out good, there are a few little spots I have to get at with a small paint brush but my bedroom furniture is back in the house and things in my room look fantastic. Getting those dressers painted was surprisingly painful, tedious, and time consuming. I would work for 4 hours for three days plus 2 hours a 4th day and felt exhausted afterwards each day. I am so out of shape and stiff. I would have to sit with a microwaved wheat bag on my feet and shoulders for an hour afterward working. Working on painting and sanding my furniture became wearing, particularly, when I realized on Saturday I had errands to run and was exhausted. But I went out on Saturday anyways and even though I was tired and felt short with people, I did all that I had to do and managed to meet my brother (back from Europe also) for the new Dark Knight movie which was very exciting, but 3 hours long. I barely, made it home on the bus I was so fatigued; at night I knew I had pushed it too hard this week when I got yelled at for something and I started crying and did not stop all night. I just could not deal with being talked down to. I am 27 years old and when someone talks to you  like you are a 16 year old or worse a 10 year old, that does not feel so good.  And in the background, I thought I might have ‘man issues’. My boyfriend is gone 3 weeks a month, but sometimes it feels like we hardly talk and I just could not handle it anymore a couple days ago. Maybe, men are just like this, I do not know, I have not very much experience where this kind of thing is concerned. But women think, and think and over think things so that is how it has been for me. Then I found out he has been having issues with phone and I felt so silly. He is so good to me.

So in summary, this week has been really good when it has been good, and really bad, when it has been bad. I am limited by illness to deal with things sometimes, and sometimes I am just dealing with the usual things of life, and not dealing very well. So I pray, and I think this is all I can do.

Saturday Mornings With Mom – A Late Mother’s Day Post

English: Mom Sangwal Mahidol na Ayudhya with h...
English: Mom Sangwal Mahidol na Ayudhya with her only daughter, Mom Chao Galyani Vadhana (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A typical Saturday morning for me begins around 7:30 am. My mom and I, get up early, hurriedly get ourselves ready, and pack a bag full of things for my Baba who lives at a nursing home of sorts. We buy her apple sauce in different flavors, a certain kind of cookies she loves, some toilet paper, kleenex, and occasionally hygienic items or clothing items. My Baba likes everything to be the same and often complains that she has “too much stuff” when we bring her items, especially the clothing or hygienic items. So far she has not complained about the cookies 🙂

We drive to my Baba’s “home” in the West End stopping first at the Mayfield Common Second Cup for a couple of skinny hot chocolates and sometimes some breakfast, such as a muffin or a sausage roll. Sometimes we stop at the Save’On’Foods to pick up Baba a news paper to read and some of the items I mentioned earlier. After, 2nd Cup we visit Baba anywhere for an hour to two hours. My mom curls my Baba’s hair; Baba has nice hair for an 87-year-old – it’s still half brown. I sit and watch TV and my mom puts items away in my Baba’s room where Baba can keep track of those items. Sometimes mom has to hide a few things because Baba will not let her keep that many items there so something goes in the medicine cabinet or in the back of Baba’s closet. Later, we bring her coffee and a snack.

Baba’s memory is not good and she does not have much to talk about so she constantly asks what time her pills are at and what time lunch is at. We try to convince her to go on a walk to the kitchen or outside, but she never wants to go.

What is the point of me telling you this? The point, is that even though elderly people can be well, the way they often are, you still need to take care of them. To visit them as often as you can, bring them treats, and help them not to be so lonely. Most of the time it’s my Baba sitting in her room watching TV, napping, going to meals, phoning, and having the occasional visitors like my Aunt Betty. Taking care of my Baba is what my Mom and Aunt do for my Baba every week because they love my Baba and she is their mother. This is the kind of thing you do for your mother’s, even though sometimes it is not the easiest or most pleasant job; even though you might rather be out doing other things on certain days of the week, especially Saturday.

After, my mom and I visit my Baba we go for lunch or to do some kind of shopping. We go up to West Edmonton Mall, to home decor shopping at Mayfield Common, to my Mom’s quilting store, to the farmer’s market down town, or to some other different event. This is how I spend my time with my mom on Saturday, doing something hopefully, we both enjoy. Doing something, cause it’s nice to get out, especially in the Spring and Summer and to walk around and eat/shop and browse and spend time with each other. I do not know how my mom will be when she is 87, but I know I will take care of her too when she is like my Baba. I will spend time with her, and teach my kids to spend time with their elderly grandparents as well. Family is important and nobody should be forgotten. And as we each grow older, we teach the next generation the importance of family – no matter who they are and what they are like, that we are always there for each other, and that we need to take care of each other. That is the point of family, having people to depend on.

So I hope that even though it’s not Mother’s Day anymore, you are still all taking care of your mother’s, cause they took care of you, and they are your family. I hope you take care of her no matter what age she is. And I hope you take care of the rest of your family too.

How do you spend time with your mother, on Mother’s Day or otherwise? Do you spend time with your Grandmother‘s as well? Do you think it’s time well spent?