Flash Fiction for The Purposeful Practitioner: Fiction – Her One #fiction #amwriting 

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(I truly meant for this to be Flash Fiction, but the story just developed. Sorry about the way – over word count.) 

Grandma June huffed at Natalie, her granddaughter visiting her at home.”You’re not getting any younger, you’re thirty-eight. You can’t barely have babies anymore!” 

Natalie rolled her eyes at Grandma June,”Gran, I’m an elementary school teacher. I like going home and not having to worry about kids.” 

June sighed,”It was that man, you were supposed to marry. He’s a thief and stole your heart; I’m right aren’t I?” 

Natalie ignored June’s question. She hated when her Grandma or anyone, talked about Christopher. She’d never admit he was her one. 

He had been since she was in grade ten and Christopher an attractive senior in high school. It was when he had first asked Natalie out. They’d broken-up, having had incompatible lives with Christopher away at university soon after. 

Then, seven-years-ago, they’d ran into each other and started talking and dating again. Natalie had convinced herself this was finally it. Sadly, a few weeks before the wedding, Christopher had disappeared; the memories were agony for her. 


Two-week’s later, Grandma June called Natalie up to invite her to a wine and cheese night she was hosting for her neighbours. She had tried to decline but June was adamant Natalie attend. 

She arrived at her Grandma June’s surprisingly lively wine party, in jeans and a white t-shirt. She had barely bothered to apply makeup as Natalie had come from the gym and was worn out. 

“Oh you came,” Grandma June said excitedly, approaching Natalie as she let herself inside. She hugged June and kissed her cheek, as June poured Natalie a large glass of red wine and filled her plate with bread and cheese. She winked at Natalie and left her alone in a small sitting room to rest before joining the other guests. 

“Natalie?” A deep voice said. She turned on the sofa towards the sitting room door. Christopher’s voice shocked her, she had almost doused herself in red wine. His familiar timber filled Natalie with great pain. She peered up at him feeling raw, as if he’d only left her yesterday without explanation. 

Tears began dripping down Natalie’s cheeks; she was crying and couldn’t stop herself. Christopher immediately sat down on the sofa beside Natalie and pulled her close; he wiped her tears away with his thumb. She tried to jerk out of his arms, but he wouldn’t let her move. 

“I’m not letting you go, ever again,” Christopher swore.”I can’t explain much about why I had to leave you, only that I didn’t have a choice.” 

Natalie shoved him hard, “You have nothing more to say, nothing at all?” 

Christopher was noticeably upset, “I told you I worked as an IT consultant. But I could never tell you or anyone who I worked for until recently. I worked for Special Forces in the army and I was called out to a job. It’s the only thing I can’t about. The job lasted years, and I wasn’t allowed to contact anyone. We saved countless lives, but it was awful what I did to you and being without you. I’m sorry.” 

Natalie rubbed her swollen eyes, “You’re a liar Christopher. You could’ve mentioned something, anything. What do you want now? To stay for a while and then leave?To rip me apart again?” 

Christopher buried his face in his hand, before gazing up at her: “I’m out now Natalie. I swear to you I work for regular businesses now, nothing to do with Special Forces or the army. I’ve no more secrets other than experiences of war and blood. I came back here for you, I even moved into a house on your Grandma June’s street. I hoped somehow, you and I could be together again. I love you.” 

Natalie made a sound of frustration. Emotions of both anger and feeling relieved assaulted her. Despite her anger at Christopher, Natalie knew inside, there would never be another man for her but him. 

To Christopher’ surprise, Natalie moved to sit in Christopher’s lap and be closer to him, to breathe in how delicious he smelt. 

“Marry me now and we can do whatever celebration our families want later. I’m still mad at you Christopher but you’re it for me. I’ve always loved you and always will. If you can be with me and never leave me like that again, I can forgive you.” 

Christopher nodded at Natalie, saying: “I promise.” He held Natalie tightly and kissed her lips hungrily

Suddenly, there was a loud knock on the sitting room door and Grandma June walked in, a smile on her face. June’s boyfriend Nigel was with her and so was the local United Church minister. 

Natalie looked at Christopher, “Did you do all this?” 

Christopher shook his head, squeezing Natalie tight and kissing her cheek. He pulled out a beautiful sapphire and diamond ring set from his pocket. He slid the engagement ring on Natalie’s finger, and Grandma June handed Natalie a ring which had been her Grandfather’s wedding ring. 

June smiled at Natalie and Christopher, a gleam in her clever blue-eyes. All was at it should be, she thought as her and Nigel witnessed her granddaughter’s wedding ceremony. 


©Mandibelle16. (2017) All Rights Reserved. 


NaPoWriMo: Poem – Mirrored Refrain – “Priceless Worth” 

And last, but not least, our prompt (optional, as always). Today, I’d like to challenge you to write a poem that incorporates a call and response. Calls-and-responses are used in many sermons and hymns (and also in sea chanties!), in which the preacher or singer asks a question or makes an exclamation, and the audience responds with a specific, pre-determined response. (Think: Can I get an amen?, to which the response is AMEN!.). You might think of the response as a sort of refrain or chorus that comes up repeatedly, while the call can vary slightly each time it is used. Here’s a sea chanty example:

Please see NaPoWriMo for more information. 


The Mirrored Refrain is rhyming verse form constructed by Stephanie Repnyek. The poem is formed by three or more quatrains where two lines within the quatrain are the “mirrored refrain” or alternating refrain.The rhyme scheme is as follows: xaBA, xbAB, xaBA, xbAB, etc.. x represents the only lines that do not rhyme within the poem. A and B represent the refrain. The first four stanzas of the example poem are labeled for better understanding.

Please see Shadow Poetry for more information on this poetry type.




Jewels worth immeasurable value.

Diamonds, Rubies, Emeralds, Sapphire.

Of things attained in this wide world,

Your love is precious, priceless worth.


When life is tough, nothing works out.

Smoke is choking, the world’s a trial.

Your love is precious, priceless worth.

Of things attained in this wide world.


Tiredness, fatigue, creeping in —

Resting, let yourself sleep, respire.

Of things attained in this wide world.

Your love is precious, priceless worth.


People are worth the effort to see,

Memories are lived, life’s fragile.

Your love is precious, priceless worth,

Of things attained in this wide  world.


You can’t take it with you when time ends,

Use your life to reach out and inspire,

Of things attained in this wide world,

Your love is precious, priceless worth.


©Mandibelle16. (2016) All Rights Reserved.

Poem: Ninefold Poem: “Blessed Be”

A “ninefold poem” has three stanzas each with three lines and nine syllables. The first stanza represents the aspect of body; it can be visceral and evoke the five senses. The second stanza represents the aspect of mind; it can be about thoughts and perceptions. The final stanza represents the aspect of spirit; it should evoke emotion or some concept of the supernatural realm.

Thanks to Annie from What the Woman Wrote for information on this poetry form. Check-out Annie’s poem if this form at the link given; she does an amazing job!


Crystal truth, peering into baby blues, 

Eyes see through my core, into broken soul.

Looking at me far within, sapphire sees.


There’s a name for people attracted,

As we are to each other, attached —

Hearts bleed intellectually bound. 


Beyond our heads and hearts connected,

To our cores, our spiritually sound souls,

Knowing before God, we’re blessed be.


©Mandibelle16. (2016) All Rights Reserved.

Two Different Eyes


You can singlehandedly create a causal relation between two things that are currently unconnected — a word and an emotion, a song and an extreme weather event, wearing a certain color and winning the lottery. What cause would you link to what effect, and why?

Jenny had two different coloured eyes. One was the deepest sapphire blue and the other a magnificent oaky brown with just a hint of olive green stretching out from the pupil. The story goes that when you have two beautiful but varied eyes as Jenny did one can see into the next world, into the future.

From the time she was a toddler, Jenny’s mom, a single parent named Marlene, would bring Jenny to where ever or whom ever she was visiting and Jenny was supposed to say something to her mother’s hosts about some lost loved one or say something about the their future.

Truth be told, Jenny didn’t have to say to much and people would assume she was talking about some dead relative or dog that was trying to reach them through the after life and tell the people that they were okay. Or people might assume whatever they want. Jenny became very gifted at reading people, their emotions, what they wanted to hear, what they liked to hear, and she was a very good listener who picked up on details in conversations and looked at physical details around homes.

Jenny knew none of it was true and by this time she was only 5 years old. But she knew mommy and her needed money to eat and she had to often gone to sleep on an empty tummy. As she became older and went to school she could read her classmates and teachers all who commented on the piercing blue of her one eye and the darkness that overtook the other as she used her talents of perception to tell high school student’s that they might pass or fail if they did this or that. Or that this cheerleader would no longer be a virgin after visiting her boyfriend from another school that week. Student’s held her in reverence because what Jenny told you seemed to always come true even though the simple truth of it was, Jenny could not see into the other world anymore then you or I can.

But there was this one time Jenny was asked a question by a guy. He was a senior and bit like her quiet and kept to himself. The strangest thing about him was that he had one purply-blue eye like a bruise, and the other eye was solid black. No one in the school knew if he was like Jenny. His name was Dex and Dex was in and out of school as he pleased. Although he looked more like a James Dean type, he was extremely smart and passed his classes with barely a scribble. Most of the girls secretly adored him but he never showed any interest, but he liked Jenny.

Corning her in a deserted hallway at the high school one day he tapped Jenny on the shoulder. Her blond hair with pink highlights swung in his direction. ” What would you like?” Jenny muttered in a hurry.

” I have a question” Dex told Jenny with confidence. Jenny held out her hand and Dex stuck $10.00 in it. ” It’s an important question” Dex smiled automatically putting Jenny’s unruly curls behind her ear. ” I want you to tell me where I might be going this weekend and with whom. I need to know if I’ll be as close to this person as I think I might be. I want you to tell me why she lies and why she won’t lie to me?”

” That’s a lot of questions” Jenny said holding out her hand and Dex placed another $10.00 in Jenny’s hand. Inside, Jenny was quaking. She knew you had to be careful of people like Dex, people who could see through lies. She didn’t know what she was going to tell him but when he placed the second $10.00 in her hand he didn’t let go of her hand. He held it tightly in his larger calloused hand and Jenny shivered.

Suddenly, she began to see things she never had before. In her mind she could see her and Dex in his rebuilt 1979 Mustang. They were talking animatedly and later she saw them playing in the water. Dex kissing her and leading her up the stairs to a giant light filled bedroom where he gently held her and became her first. She saw years from now, her and Dex, her belly ripe with child and another little one holding her hand. He had two different coloured eyes. She saw her and Dex holding hands as a middle aged couple, as an elderly couple.

Dex it turned out could actually see what Jenny claimed to and if you would have looked at her then you would have seen something strange happening to Jenny’s brown eye. Sapphire blue was mixing with the brown and shading out Jenny’s oaky eye so her brown eye now looked the same as her blue eye except for a little green near the pupil. ” You won’t lie anymore” will you, Dex asked Jenny. Jenny shook her head, she had seen the change of her eye in her mind as Dex still gripped her hand.

” Did you, can you, see all that?” She asked. Dex nodded letting go of her hand and pushing Jenny’s hair off her white forehead. ” Is it true?” Jenny clambered unsure of herself. Afraid, of being exposed for the first time ever.

” Yes, it’s true if we want it to be” Dex replied. “We always have choices Jenny.” Jenny breathed deeply and let the air out through her disbelieving lips. Dex leaned in and placed a kiss on Jenny’s cheek. ” This next week is Spring break my parents have a cabin? We could go swimming and whatever you like?”

The weekend came and Jenny found herself in the lake swimming with Dex. She laid her head on his shoulder and wrapped her arm around him. He tightened his grip on her. How strange she thought. People do actually see the future. She had always thought it was a lie, a game to make money. But now she knew better and was blessed despite her checkered past.

Poetry: Somethings Never Go Away

What makes me bleed a drop, every time I think of you,
Are all the moments I lost, the times with and without you I can’t undo.
What causes my fragile heart to scar, a little more, is not just that you never made much effort to talk to me and at least pretend you cared; it’s that I didn’t know how to deal with you, so I ignored you until the sight of you made my stomach sore.
Somethings never go away.

What plays over and over in my mind, that I didn’t want to be one of those girls who liked you too and called me Bitch behind my back; but I became one of those girls anyways and all I had to do was be a bitch myself.
What brings tears to my eyes, is the fact that I didn’t know you well, but I’ll never forget you despite the fact.
You are in my mind that ideal guy that I will never have because I was good enough but you still didn’t try.
Somethings Never Go Away

I built you up, and I knocked myself down, but you never stood up for me, you never cared about me how I cared about you; you liked the way I liked you but never tried to bring me inside your group of friends; despite the fact I was so shy, you didn’t know how to deal with shy people — you were so outgoing.
And it kills me now that I’m drudging up the past for the one thousandth time.
I just realized I’ll never have closure, until I meet someone who compares; because that’s the problem the swell of emotion I felt for you rivalled the tide as it goes up hundreds of feet high, rivals the waves in mid-ocean where one could be entirely alone and drown in anononimity.
Somethings Never Go Away

What I feel for him, it doesn’t compare — it’s a quiet kind of love and so much more reassuring. So much gentler and still I feel stunned.
Wondering why I don’t feel such emotion, wondering why I’m just safe and secure but wanting conversation; all I ever wanted was to know you and your conversation.
And your so imperfect it’s blinding.
But I don’t forget and I don’t want you, but I’ll never have you so I’m unhappy it doesn’t make sense.
Is the grass greener on the other side? Not Unless you’ve learned compassion or care for me at all.
But all signs point to otherwise, I’m a girl with broken butterfly wings just waiting to be crushed.
By a past she can’t forget because of the powerful attraction you stirred in her, the color that emerged in blinding sapphire blue.
Somethings Never Go Away.

And yet I wouldn’t trade a moment with him for you and I’m not even sure about him.
I’m a flitty floating cloud about to be stormed by the realization I can’t forgive myself for how I acted years ago. That there’s no okay ending makes me always wonder and will until the day I die.
Maybe when you marry I’ll finally get the picture.
But maybe I’m a tiny bird who wears all her love on her wing.
And wonders, what was your place really in my life?
Somethings Never Go Away

Carrie Dairies Episodes 5 and 6, Israel Immigrants Forced Birth Control

Hello everyone! Here are this last weeks posted Flurt articles. As ever, I am grateful for your readership. Happy Wednesday!

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