NaPoWriMo: Poem – Free Verse – ” A Day in the City”


And now for our (optional) prompt. Today, I challenge you to fill out, in no more than five minutes, the following “Almanac Questionnaire,” which solicits concrete details about a specific place (real or imagined). Then write a poem incorporating or based on one or more of your answers. Happy writing!





Edmonton at Night
Edmonton at Night (

Warm Spring Day at fifteen degrees,

In our pretty bungalow near the River Valley,

Gerber Daisies on the table, warm colours please,

Resting on a tablecloth, Easter pastels gladly.


The dog lies under the table in my art studio,

I’ve tried to paint her, but she never sits still long.

Driving downtown to immerse myself, with dog go.

Bask in the presence of the farmer’s market’s throngs.


Dog walking beside me, enjoying all her doggy friends.

Conversation with some guy about Hockey playoffs,

Not many Canadian teams made it, no matter in the end.

Many Canadian players, play for American teams, so layoff.


Walking down the street past ancient buildings,

Observing the walls speckled, thoughtless youth wrote graffiti.

Some call it ‘art’ while others would say ‘you’re dreaming.’

Obscenity scrawled haphazardly, done messily.


“Where’s your boyfriend?” Asks the aged vendor selling peaches.

I give him a smile, saying: “I’m happy to be single right now.”

Subject change, “Have you seen my new puppy?” Subject now out of reach.

Old guy is comfortable, complains of gas prices and frowns.


Oil prices particularly  bad, so I let him know gas prices are low.

He doesn’t understand; when he was young gas cost barely anything.

Ready to move on, I don’t want to be rude; dog barks, “time to go.”

He talks more, the Terwilliger Park Foot Bridge opening this spring.


The new bridge has an amazing minimalist design,

I tell the vendor about biking there with my Dad,

When my brothers and I were younger, biking was fine.

Following closely, didn’t want to get spanked as we had.


Then slipping away I wander to other booths,

Comfortable in leggings and thin white sweater,

The dog wants to run, I can tell; We leave, dog approves.

Down to the river valley on the off leash trails is better.


We have to watch out for the Beavertaur — a mythical animal,

But some say they have seen it on the prowl.

Both beaver and minotaur; a creature quite unimaginable.

For those walking river valley trails, the situation could be foul.


My friend has sworn upon Wayne Gretzky’s statue,

That he barely escaped the Beavertaur with his life.

Made me laugh; today the dog and I are fine, no snafu.

We went on home and we had a nap, long day but no strife.


Gazing out my window, to the brick patio below,

Think we need outdoor furniture, to enjoy in the sun.

Remembering family friend, left life’s flow.

Gone for five-years already, in heaven’s quiet hum.


She babysat me when I was small, thirteen years my senior,

Reading Appley Dapply Nursery Rhymes; beloved childhood book,

Then settling in bed I sleep for a moment, no dreams either.

Hearing cats screeching, the dog barking, awake I’m shook.


In alley, a neighbour’s trash bin — scattered garbage,

You can’t leave your trash out, the cats will make a meal of it,

Neighbours leave their bags in the open always unguarded,

I’m annoyed, but I roll my eyes and think, ‘forget about it.’


Vacation thoughts stir my mind in other directions,

A trip in Canada, much easier then going through US border.

Maybe, Quebec City or Montreal, thoughts and reflections.

Killing a large spider with a block of wood; restored order.


It’s good luck to kill a spider, he won’t end up in your house.

Dog is whining; she wasn’t outside with me,

That’s just life I tell her; TV on, channel browse,

The debate: aren’t we the City of Champions? Can’t you see?


Or does the Oiler’s last ten-seasons make us champions not?

It’s more than merely about playing hockey,

It’s a way of acting, some people don’t understand that talk.

Being a champion in the heart, it’s  Edmonton’s image worthy.


©Mandibelle16. (2016) All Rights Reserved.





English: A black kitten at full sun against a ...
English: A black kitten at full sun against a white background. Porto Covo, Portugal (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

All around my house are wild cats. Cats with bushy tangled fur and some with one eyelid completely closed and covering their one eye. They come in all shapes and sizes, all colors of fur – tawny, black, grey, blond, mixed – , and they all have kittens throughout the year. Now this is not a problem when the weather is warm and sunny like today. The cats and their kittens hide in the bushes, strut about ours and our neighbors yards mingling with the domestic cats with collars. They play and hunt for mice running occasionally from my dog who will never catch them. When our cat infestation does present a problem is when the weather turns cold.

Coyotes start to pick off the smaller cats. Once healthy and fat cats become so thin you can see their ribs. Worst of all cat mothers who do not mother their kittens well enough leave us humans to peel their kittens from the frozen ground. I was particularly horrified to find one such kitten this past winter. So thin and so cold I could feel his tail unstick from our patio as I picked him up. We brought the kitten inside fed him milk from a dropper and watched him just try to stay warm, watched him be grateful to be inside a nice room temperature kitchen. We took this kitten to the Humane Society but I do not think he made it.

This is when wild cats running around becomes a problem. When they run around leaving their poor dying young to fend for themselves, because they have kittens in fall and winter, and when they use the neighbour’s flower beds as bathrooms. For this reason, our neighbour Linda started to take kittens and sometimes their mother’s into a place who will adopt these kitten’s out. The city will not do anything about the plague of cats so we are left to take care of them. Linda waits until the kittens are old enough to be weaned off their mother, then they go hopefully to their happily forever homes. If you have a similar problem in your neighborhood you can contact the Edmonton Humane Society and take kitten’s there as my dad and I have done: at 780.471.1774 or you can research on the Internet places such as my neighbour Linda goes, to take wild pets and have them adopted out.