Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers: Another World

” Jessica look-up at the windmill,” Caleb yelled pointing above their house.

“I’m looking, where is it?” Jessica said seeing nothing.

“How can you not see it?” Caleb asked. “The windmills gigantic.”

Caleb grabbed his big-sister’s hand: “We’re going to go inside the windmill Jessica, then you’ll see it’s real.” Jessica gave Caleb a baffled look as he appeared to be miming opening a heavy door. 

Then something strange happened, Jessica was able to see what was behind the door. To both siblings delight, the windmill contained another world. There were shops selling odd wares and clothing, apothecaries selling elixirs, and coffee shops filled with human-like creatures. These human-like creatures had eyes and hair in every colour of the rainbow.

A woman with purple eyes peered at Jessica and Caleb. She smiled at the children.”Welcome, I’m Viola, you must be the new children –the humans gifted with magic. Come I will take you to your new home. Your education has begun.” 

Jessica and Caleb followed Viola; they never looked back.



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Sunday Photo Fiction: Everything He Dreams Of 

Mallory looked at the tall cone shaped glass container before him. There was a purple liquid in the bottom and in the middle of the vial small purple droplets were sucked up into the air. 

“Are you sure a few drops is all I need?” Mallory asked Belinda the owner of the magic shop. She had the most gorgeous purple eyes that matched her gray-purple hair. Belinda carried a thin glass wand with her which was beautifully lit from within. 

“Not exactly” Belinda said, “your dreams will come true the way they are meant to come true. Not necessarily in the way you want them to come true. Nobody receives exactly what they want,  if they did there would be many sorry people in life.”

Mallory looked angry. ” I need these specific dreams to come true. It’s the only way Melonie will love me.”

Belinda shook her head at Mallory. ” I can’t make the magic work that way. Besides you don’t know that that is the only way Melonie will love you. You only think so.”

 “Alright, give me five drops of that purple stuff.” Mallory gave Belinda a menacing look. 

So Belinda with her wand siphoned off five drops of purple from the cone shaped beaker and put them into a tiny cup. She told Mallory to drink it carefully and waved her wand over him as she chanted a spell. 

When Belinda looked again there was a hairless ugly cat sitting on her counter meowing. He looked up at her with Mallory’s green eyes. “Did I mention,” Belinda said “that you need a good heart to have your dreams come true. Your’s is the heart of a scaredy-cat and not a pretty one. I guess I’ll have to adopt you out.”

Belinda smiled and put Mallory in the back with the other cats while she helped her next customer. 

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Flash Fiction For Aspiring Writers – The Kiss

Pearl swam up to the boat with a flick of her tail. She leaned over the side of the boat and stared deeply into the eyes of a bewildered young man.

Pearl was gorgeous and she knew the effect she had on the lovely young man with deep brown eyes. She began to sing him a tune in the human tongue. ” I love to swim in the ocean, I love to swim in the sea. Don’t be afraid now. I am here to see only you …” Pearl flung her luxurious dark brown hair back and fluttered the long lashes of her purple eyes. Her ruby red lips opened in a smile as she rose out of the water more, her naked breasts bounced enticingly.

Pearl set her sights on the handsome young man again and his deep set brown eyes, she brought herself to kiss him and he trembled in her arms. Then she pulled him hard and fast underneath the water breathing into his mouth. And she carried him away to the land of the merpeople never to be seen again.

Word Count: 164 

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