Moral Monday’s Flash Fiction: “Those Cats!” 

Thanks to Nortina S for hosting Moral Monday’s one-hundred word flash fiction. This week’s prompt is: ” Always Be On Your Best Behavior.” 



Melly lived in an apartment in a senior’s lodge which included a stone terrace. She potted flowers and made an effort to make her terrace pretty.

Melly told her friend Emily: “I can’t stand those boys biking; they unearth my plants at night, when I’m trying to sleep.” 

Their friend Brett asked Melly: “Do you think it might be cats? I see those boys on their bikes and they always politely say ‘Hello’ to me.”

 Melly made a point of ignoring Brett — whom she secretly liked. She was so obnoxious and rude, he left to go sit in his apartment alone.

Melly awoke that night when she heard noises. Peering outside, she saw the boys ride by on their bikes. Then she flushed when she saw cats digging up her flowers. She mentally composed her apology to Brett. 


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Lena Dunham – Should Young Starlets be Bashful About their Success and Entering the Corporate World

Happy January 2013, to start the year a couple more articles I have written for Flurt. An article on Lena Dunham, her new self help book proposal, and whether she should be bashful about her fame. Also, an article I have written on my personal perspective and things to do while entering a job in the corporate world. I am no longer their but perhaps, my experience in years gone by will aid other people.

Lena Dunham

Entering the Corporate World

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