Update Fall/Winter: All Is Well, Though Never Easy #amwriting #nonfiction 

It’s been a long while since I’ve given an sort of personal update. Part of the reason is there are somethings I can’t talk about at the moment. The other part has been life has felt incredibly busy and trying to keep up with everything on the reduced schedule I have has been a bit challenging. 

After an initial and yearly week or two dealing with SAD and becoming used to less light, I feel more energy again. Often I find when it comes to blogging, I have so many blogs to follow now, commenting daily is difficult. So you’ve probably noticed I do this less. I’m sorry I can’t keep up, but I’ve found in the last while, I need to maintain a balance in life or become overwhelmed. 

So I’ve been trying to keep up with my usual prompts and also for a couple of months in October and November I was doing daily poetry prompts for OctPoWriMo and November Notes. But I felt at least in poetry, my writing has been improving as has my knowledge of poetry forms. I’ve been so happy to be a guest blogger on Look Around, being able to continually collaborate with Spill Words Magazine Online, having work published on SickLit Magazine and have the possibility of poetry or short fiction pieces being published on a few other sites and/or magazines. 

Credit: http://www.spillwords.com – image used for my poem by this name!

Fiction is something I continue working on through flash fiction and other prompts. A larger story has developed from a piece called Teegan’s Potion. I have an idea this might develop into something much bigger, a longer short story or a novel. I would like to begin planning it out more. 

However, the other part of me is still working on my original novel on WattPad, doing a second draft. Lately, I’ve done about three more chapters and am hoping to put serious work into the novel throughout the winter semester. You can find my completed second draft chapters for How Was Last Night on Wattpad HERE. Events have changed and moved around from the first draft. Lately, I’ve only been able to do about three chapters, but I’m hoping to go through the remaining chapters, rewrite, and edit, and have one up each week. 

Sorry, I cannot promise this but I’m going to try to do this. Please let me know on this post or on Wattpad what you like and don’t like, or if you have any suggestions or thoughts. I’ve completed up to new chapter 12 in second draft. Also playing around with potential covers for this point in my writing. It’s a paranormal romance, so I’m unsure whether I want the cover more mysterious or more of a typical romance cover. What do you think? 

I was most disappointed not to have made it into the online MFA in Creative Writing I applied for for September 2017. My plan is to try applying one more time and to continue publishing pieces of poetry and short fiction until I’m in or not.

 I’m also looking at taking a couple of courses in the certificate program at U if Toronto. This way, I have more writing courses and hopefully more recent great marks, for my Academic CV. I’ll be able to see how my second application for the MFA goes next October. If I don’t get in then, I can work on completing the certificate. I’m not sure if I would try three-years. I’m just taking it day by day right now.

The other part of my life has been dealing with not having money from my disability company anymore. I’m coping with this, but it could take a year to come to a mind of resolution. In between if I could make the $300.00 a month I can make having AISH and CPP disability in Alberta, Canada, I would be most happy. I’m applying for different writing and blogging jobs on a freelance sight called www.upwork.com. They do take a small percentage, but it’s worth it if you can connect with good clients. 

I’ve had job offers so far but had to refuse because I cannot write and research full time. Not to mention, some of the people posting jobs have little clue how long writing up an article or blog from 300 to 1000 words takes, especially with research. They want articles fast and yet they want them to be perfect, free of errors. Some of them want this for only $10.00 an article – not even minimum wage per hour where I’m from. I’m hoping to find some good jobs on Upwork to earn extra money and gain some job experience part time and/or casually. I’m leaning more to the casual end I think, part time would honestly be too much. 

It would help me pay for a course in spring and fall and maybe a vacation. One of my bestest of best friend’s wedding is in Cuba. I was planning to before my insurance revoked my disability. But this is a long ways away, so I’m praying it might work out that I could be there and have a little vacation too. As of now, it’s not appearing hopeful.

Credit: http://www.melia.com

My Christmas shopping is finished. I’ve been baking cookies and squares. The best cookies are from this Neiman Marcus oatmeal cookie recipe. You grind the oats into flour in your blender. The cookie is soft and chewy and uses both white flour and the oat flour. I put in lots of chocolate chips and crushed pecans. I’ve become an expert at baking these and my whole family is addicted to them.

Apparently, I haven’t baked them in a while. One batch is about five dozen cookies. One dozen I gave to my brother, and the other four dozen have been disappearing from the freezer at an alarming rate. Let me know if you want the recipe, I can send it to you. I will be making another batch when I replenish the chocolate chip supply. 

Credit: Brown Eyed Baker

I’ve been trying to keep busy, seeing friends whenever I’m able. My one BFF and I went to a Paint Nite event, painting penguins on wine glasses. At home you bake them in your stove so they are useable. It’s a cute craft, but I think the wine glasses themselves would have been nice with some wine in them 🙂 Hanging out with S again this Saturday for drinks a the Art Gallery restaurant and a naughty Christmas show at the Citadel Theatre. Also, always planning for the future.
Credit: Amanda Eifert

I finally found my perfect tattoo and am trying to arrange a consultation with the artist my hairdresser and friend Tess, suggested. It’s a peacock feather but very beautiful. Bold enough in black but also with shades of blue and maybe purple. So excited for this, even though it will hurt! It’s not this whole tattoo, just the peacock feather part. See below:

Credit: http://www.pinterest.com

Have a blessed Christmas everyone! Remember the true meaning of Christmas and the hope a babe in a manger named Jesus became for all mankind. 
Credit: Lamb and Lion Ministries – Prophetic Facts – About the Nativity


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November Notes: Poem – Day 16 – Free Verse “Think Thoroughly” #poetry #anwriting #writing #music 

Before I start, I wanted to share this blog post, a list of the 27 best books on writing!  Hope it helps some of you. Have you read any of the books or do you own any of them? 

27 Of The Best Books On Writing! 


Today’s prompt is “Sweet Serendipty” by Lee DeWyze. 

“Sweet Serendipty” – Lee DeWyze




I’m not of those women who will assure you, 

You can get by, by the skin of your teeth. 

That life is simply chance, fortuitous

I think you’re inexperienced,  

You don’t see the entire picture, 

Each of us is a piece in the mosaic, the grand design. 


Perhaps since your famous, you’ll buy two pairs of jeans? 

But not caring about the seams of your pants, 

Them being too loose — it’s a guy thing. 

Sorry to ruin your charade, life is more than —

Your own version of serendipity

Events that occur to us can be wickedly sad. 


Whether we learn and/or hurt — there’s  a reason, 

An intelligent designer has time arranged, 

 I don’t worry, for different reasons — His plans give security,

If you land on your feet, you’re one lucky guy.

I guess the fates are angry, their scissors keep snapping. 

To me its obtuse to believe blindly in chance. 


There are times I believe in spontaneity, 

But there’s a time and a place with —

A kind of reasoning called: calculated risks. 

I’m unsure why you don’t think ahead (don’t play chess).

I’m not old but I think I’ve experiences you won’t, 

Be carefree at heart, but realize —adult responsibility. 


You’re blessed with your health, go where you want, 

I think, there’s been few troubles to scar you. 

You sing empty songs, I find little depth, 

Serendipity isn’t chance, it’s a miracle unfurled. 

Behind the scenes action, you haven’t foreseen. 

Glad you’re fine, but you’re missing a few screws. 


It’s not that I’m bitter; it’s not that I don’t see, 

What your trying to say in your round about way. 

I’m saying that life, I’ve learned, is never a fluke, 

We have minds to think and consider — to use. 

Despite ineptness, your kind heart shows true, 
Next hit song —think your lyrics thoroughly through. 



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3Line Tales: Quiet, Imagination, and the Spaces Inbetween Silence.

  Thanks to Sonya from 100 Words or Less for hosting Three Line Tales.



Moritz Schmidt


 1. Some people abhor quiet and others they adore it, I would say I’m often in the latter group but not all the time; we all have this need to be sociable creatures to some extent, whether it’s to meet new clients and network; gab with our girlfriends or see the boys for a game; or simply sit in a coffee shop and absorb the hum of conversation occurring around us.

2. I have this love for quiet (or silence you might call it) because they’re special ideas and transfigurations of your imagination hiding within it; some people can feed their creativity in the loud and garish noises of a crowd of people yelling and hollering to a person near to them; but the best place for some of us to elaborate on ideas and call fourth the muses of our imagination is in the silence where we write brilliant stories, paint paintings, and daydream of our future creations.

3. Sometimes it’s not the quiet or silence which is meaningful, but the spaces inbetween the quiet, because in those hidden molecules lives a powerful and significant understanding between two people; it is love in it’s magnificence which exists within the silences of husbands and wives, partners, girlfriends and boyfriends, children and their parents, grandparents and grandchildren, friends, and people and their pets; this space within silence is a secret place two people who love each other exceptionally, coexist together without uttering a single word, while both comprehending each other deeply even within each other’s souls.


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A Little Lonely

I haven’t set out to write about any real particular topic tonight. But more than usual I am noticing how lonely a house can be when you’re the only one in it. I’m at the point, where if I didn’t know my parents were coming back in two weeks, I would taxi out to the closest animal shelter and adopt a dog on the spot. Just so I had something to talk at who would listen to my voice even if it didn’t understand what I was saying. That’s one way of dealing with lonileness.

But the truth is we all get lonely at one time or another. We get lonely with our significant others, our closest family, our best friends, in crowds, in deserted parks, and such as me in empty houses. I’ve been trying my very hardest to stay busy and set out little tasks that I can do to make the time pass. But truthfully when you’re by yourself you have a lot more time to focus on everything about yourself. 

I’ve cleaned my room from top to bottom except for a few minor details. I’ve reorganized, thrown out, dusted, etc… And I think over 3 days for someone with chronic fatigue I’ve done well. Tomorrow it will take me a very short time to empty the garbage, empty the recycling and take it outside, dust my fan, and vacuum. Then my room will be beautifully clean and I’ll have that sense of accomplishment. Mostly, that sense of accomplishment works against me because I don’t have all the energy I require to complete all the goals I want to do.

Then I will go downstairs and clean my washroom well, breaking the tasks down into manageable steps. I will tie up the cardboard and take it out and pray that there are no spiders hiding under the stack. I will finish copy editing modules 3 and 4 this week. So far, the course is not so bad but I better not jinx myself because there is a lot to memorize in three weeks. And it’s not copywriting if I wrote that before very different thing, copy editing.

Thank God, I get paid and can pay bills and buy that dress I’ve had my eye on. I can pay my parents back for taxes and save a lot for Vegas in June. I also can go down town twice to have a dress hemmed and a pair of low boots re-heeled for next year. I can go to the art gallery and,perhaps, a movie if my little brother gets his act together.

Honestly, I just have to keep planning because a lot of my friends are busy or taking vacation at this time. Otherwise, I would have made way more plans with them. I am watching my favorite shows now that they are finally on again, I only have three or four. And so for I’m horrified that certain characters or leaving, dying, or will be critically injured. It’s crazy how involved you can get in TV drama, despite the fact it’s not real.

So, I want to know how do you keep busy when you’re lonely? I’m alone a lot of time during the day but the weekends and nights are killing me. I think I’m probably driving my boyfriend a little nuts up north with all my chatter. Sometimes I know there is stuff to do but I just don’t feel like doing it. That has certainly changed — if there is something to be done I feel like I have to get it done, other then the moments I rest briefly or nap. I’m scared to feel alone and have nothing to do, I hate that feeling. Do you? 



Becoming a Writer, How Frustrating! My Plan:

I am hopeful person it would seem. At 27 years old I have decided that writing will be my career. All jokes about writers as starving artists aside, I have decided to go about my career plan in 2 ways. The first way is through education. Creative writing courses and specifically a more general masters then a Journalism masters. I want ( as I have said in past articles) to do a Creative Writing Masters in non-fiction but also I would like to learn more about fiction and poetry as I believe those are important ways people express theirselves in writing. This degree would give me experience and refine my writing, editing, and proof reading schools. I have two years in which I have given myself to apply for this program in case I am rejected the first time around as the Masters I want is difficult to get into. Another thing this program would give me is connections to publishing and learning about how to get your work published, or how to apply to do certain work.

The second part of my plan is a combination of writing my own blog, writing for Flurt magazine, and trying to do some writing for different individuals and companies through websites such as text broker and Guru. So far, I have not had luck with these sites, it is hard to gain experience when everyone wants someone who is experienced at writing, editing, or proof reading. To some degree I very much am but I do not have experience in finance, religious tracts, or web design. This has made things a bit difficult as they seem to be popular topics. I have experience in a lot of other areas but applying and getting your proposal accepted is difficult. I want to scream let me show you, I can do it!

At Flurt I am just looking for experience in writing articles on a variety of topics. I am getting that experience but I would like to refine my writing more and gain more experience editing. I use my experience at Flurt to apply for other writing jobs and I would really love to write for more magazines or papers. I am not always sure how to go about this. I have pitched some ideas to some publications but I guess they are not good enough ideas.

Really writing free lance is a process I have just begun. But I feel that getting my Masters and getting more published articles is tied up in my future. Free lance writing gives me a chance to have a career, as someone who can only work 4 hrs a day at home, and backing up my writing will be my MFA. Also, I am very interested in one day teaching creative writing and/ or English Literature type classes and this might mean going for a PHd in some writing discipline. I am very interested in teaching courses online, as I believe that will be a rising trend in education.

So those are my career plans realistic or not. Dreams? Based on a lot of maybe’s? Most definitely. But I have always known God has gifted me with writing for some purpose and hopefully he will reveal that purpose or those purposes as life moves forward. Things will be revealed in time and you never know how one thing can lead to another thing; there is a connection a reason for the events in our lives and for this I have always been grateful.