Poem: Octaine/Double High – “Summer’s Deserted” #amwritingpoetry #winter

Credit: Mandibelle16


Photography – Day 8 – Outside: The Blooming Flower

Outside the sunshine makes us grow.
And we see in nature the growth of ourselves.
Many a person will see the brightness of the flowers.
The bee stung kisses that glow.
And in the beauty of leaf and petal
We find nature of a stronger metal.
The flying of the pollon, and growth of everything.
The strength of nature year after year.
The calling of a child to touch the vivid red-orange growth.
Or of the dog to burrow his nose in scent
The callous clipping of the flower.
To float upon a sugared water, inside a dense clay bowl
Or the rightness to let the flower blossom and explode.