Benefit Cosmetics: Stay Flawless 15 Hour Primer, Girl Meets Pearl Hilighter, and They’re Real Mascara.

Hey everyone! If you’re interested, I have 3 new makeup products to blog about today from Benefit Cosmetics. Not only is the packaging funky and lovely but for the most part, the products are pretty awesome too. In the past few month I have tried 3 of their products including the Stay Flawless 15 hour Primer, Girl Meets Pearl Hilighter, and They’re Real Mascara which I’m told is the #1 favorite mascara of many women.

1. Stay Flawless- 15 hour Primer – ($38.00) – What is great about this primer compared to some other primers is it doesn’t make your skin break out with continuous use and it blends directly with your liquid makeup. So, after you clean your face in the morning and put on your moisturizer let that all sink into your skin then apply the primer. It’s in stick form and you rub the stick over your face and the light and waxy stick glides across your skin. Then you put on your liquid foundation with your fingers or a foundation brush and the primer blends with your foundation so your makeup stays in place. It feels nice on your skin and the slight waxy feeling of the product goes away as soon as it mixes with your foundation. You need to use this makeup primer with liquid foundation because if you use liquid to powder makeup the primer and liquid to powder foundation balls up. I found this out after my mom tried the primer first with her makeup. But for me using a Clinique liquid foundation the primer works great. Not to mention, some primers such as the Light Smashbox primer would cause my skin to break out after one use and Stay Flawless, literally, keeps your skin flawless day after day from breakouts. According to a consumer poll, according to Sephora, 94 % of women said their foundation stayed on better after use of Stay Flawless, 97 % saw an improvement in the look and feel of their skin, and 94 % said it increased foundation coverage. This product is excellent.

2. Girl Meets Pearl Hilighter – ($34.00) – I bought this product a couple of weeks ago and I think I was looking for a bit more of a

stick hilighter such as the primer but I thought the pinky pearly color of Girl Meets Pearl sounded nice. It gives you a “youthful dewy glow” and “pearlessence.” It also contains moisturizing sesame seed oil and raspberry, chamomile, and sweet almond extract to improve skin “firmness and smoothness.” To apply this product that looks somewhat the color of the foundation I use – light and pinky, You turn the bottom of the container and take a makeup brush ( foundation or concealer brush) and apply the hilighter from the holes in the top piece of the container to the areas of your face. I would usually hilight areas such as my nose, the middle of my forehead, above my eyebrows, the middle of my chin, and tops of my cheeks. The product spreads so nicely, is so light, and is fantastic looking and shimmery in any kind of light.

The only problem I have is the very fact that for me, the hilighter is a bit too close to my skin color and the color of my foundation, which has a dewy look to begin with. So if you are fair this may not be the hilighter for you, you may require something even pearlier and whiter. But overall, for any woman with a bit darker skin, it’s a good product.

3. They’re Real Mascara – ($29.00)  – I was excited to try this product because I had heard so much about it. It gave me great big voluminized lashes and I had to be careful not to apply too much mascara because I have long lashes. The brush that is a rubbery short- bristly brush is actually great despite my reluctance to use it at first. It is great for applying this awesome mascara and giving any girl great big eyes.

But I had a problem with this mascara. You see, underneath my eyes is oily and if you have this same problem then the mascara from your lower lashes will go right underneath your eyes and give you major raccoon eyes and you don’t even have to try very hard to get them. When you try to wipe this mascara off your under eye skin, it wipes away but there is so much pigment in the mascara that it doesn’t come off easily. In fact, it tends to smear all over and require plenty of makeup remover to take it off. But you can’t do that all day so I think a better mascara for me might be a waterproof mascara by Benefit or any other mascara brand. But overall,  the biggest thing I did not like about this mascara was how pigmented it was coming off onto your skin or trying to take it off with makeup remover.  It took a lot of makeup remover or a couple of makeup remover cloths to remove this mascara. So as a mascara it doesn’t quite live up to it’s hype even though it creates wonder volume on your upper lashes.

Thanks for reading!