NaPoWriMo: Poem – Fan Letter – Septolets – ” Dear Jennifer Lawrence.” 


Yesterday, we wrote portraits of families. Today, let’s turn our vision outward, and write fan letters. I challenge you to write a poem in the form of a fan letter to a celebrity. Now, this could be a celebrity from long ago, and needn’t be an actor or singer (though it could be). You could write to George Washington or Dorothy Dandridge, Marie Curie or The Weeknd. Happy writing!

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Dear Jennifer 

Lawrence, I’m —

In awe;

Such —


You have,

Acting, singing;

You’re classy.


And you’re,

Hilarious sometimes,

Your roles,

Are —

Strong —

Women who,

Are shamelessly 

Themselves, truthful.


The Hunger

Games, one 

Of my



Where Katniss, 

‘The girl 

On fire,’

Won finally.


And in, 

Mockingjay Part

One, you



“The Hanging

Tree;” haunting

Voice sung.


Before that, 

Was Silver 

Linings Play



Us a women

Depressed could 

Be Amazing.


You’re beautiful

But you’re 

Real, not



Admire that.

In public;

You’re authentic.


I see,

Many years,

Of acting,



Talent shines —

Through and,

You’ve character.


In Joy,

You are 

A determined

Business —


Feeding your,

Family, while —

Becoming successful.


In X-men,

You play,

The nearly 



All blue,

With curves,

Becoming others.


I was 

Glad in,

Days of 



You stayed, 

Playing for,

What’s right.


In X-men —

Apocalypse next, 

You’ll be,



Mutant striving,

for life,

On earth.


I’m in

Awe of

Your abilities



People to,

Feel emotions,

You’re timeless.


You’ll be —

A strong, 

Woman remembered.



Thank you, 

For sharing,

Your talent.


©Mandibelle16. (2016) All Rights Reserved.


Poem: Triolet – ” Being Complete” 

Thanks to The Daily Post for the prompt word incomplete.



Puzzle at a wooden table missing pieces,

Words forgotten while talking, in instant.

Writing tests for school, answers won’t release.

Puzzle at a wooden table missing pieces,

Buying into a condo, bank won’t give lease.

Putting together wrong ingredients redundant, 

Puzzle at a wooden table missing pieces,

Words forgotten while talking, in instant.


Moments in life where nothing fits the way it needs,

Incompleteness a feeling, we conceal,

Not feeling whole, no other half, you’ve seen —

Moments in life where nothing fits the way it needs,

Why can’t you be complete in yourself and lead,

Others to be incharge of feeling too revealed.

Moments in life where nothing fits the way it needs,

Incompleteness a feeling, we conceal.


Be who you’ll be, don’t need acclamation.

You’re stronger then you think, a mighty Queen.

Don’t need to be grande, a strong sensation.

Be who you’ll be, don’t need acclamation,

No incompleteness here, for information.

Strength is a quality, forged unseen,

Be who you’ll be, don’t need acclamation.

You’re stronger then you think, a mighty Queen.


©Mandibelle16. All Rights Reserved.

Changing the World

When I was writing poetry in high school our English teacher gave us an assignment to write a poem about ourselves. I’m not sure where that piece of blind hope and optimism went but I seem to remember a line I wrote ” I’ll change this world one way or another.”

I think most people want to change the world in their own small way, to be recognized and have a piece of themselves remembered after they’re gone. How we go about changing the world is a difficult concept to consider because sometimes we don’t even know if our actions are altering our world or if our actions are just going to be forgotten such as many days, hours, and minutes in life. It is hard to tell if the actions of our outcomes to change the world will be positive or whether the actions of our outcomes to change the world will be negative.

I think a lot of people hope their actions are for the greater good but I have never believed that people naturally are good inside. I grew up believing that people are tainted by sin and that intrinsically what we do, even if it is a beneficial thing for others, we do it for ourselves. I think people become good through God and this affects people through their actions, their morals, how they talk, and how they treat other people when things are not so good in other people’s life and their own lives. We are inclined to be bad, to be selfish, but can fight against that inclination and learn to be someone who wants to change the world in a good way. But even our most benevolent actions can take us down dark painful trails in life. After all, as the old adage goes ‘ The Road to Hell Is Paved with good Intentions.’ So then if we do not know the affect our actions can take how then do we alter the world in a good way? Can we change the world for the better?

I feel that life is journey all about finding yourself, your family, and friends. It’s about struggling through the bad times and settling for content; it’s about those wonderful few moments that sparkle and are crystal clear when you realize everything is almost perfect; and it’s about helping as many other people as you can along the way. The world is not a constant thing, it is forever changing without us doing anything about it. For instance, The News is mostly terrible every day; somewhere it is a guarantee that people are dying and babies are being born; buildings are built, than taller more luxurious buildings are built, then someday they are all turned into crumbled up cement,steel, and dust; entrepreneurs and big business runs the world but some businesses that once were booming can easily become obsolete -think companies such as Meryl Lynch during the past few years in the recession. But it seems to me that we are all a part of this big world and have our talents to contribute, to give to whatever purpose we can, even though we don’t know the outcomes of our actions always.

At a desk in a library I was sitting at one day, these words were carved into the side of the desk: ‘ maybe your existence in this world is to serve as warning to others.’ I thought it was kind of funny but about a week later in the same desk someone had re-carved the bit of wit and wrote: ‘maybe your existence in this world is to serve others.’ 2 different points of view that show dramatically different ways we look at the world, one I think a bit humorously but meanly, and the other a very serious phrase which I think sums up changing the world: to serve others. From the greatest CEO’s to the immigrant workers at Tim Horton’s, from those who are truly blessed and are living an easy life, to those who are feeling like they don’t belong in this world and don’t want to be in, it’s all about helping every one of them so they can pay it forward too.

And if helping people is changing the world I think that means that the best strategy is to go ahead and do nice things, share yourself and your talents, with others in any small way you can, whoever you are. For me this might be helping other people to edit and write and to write articles to bring empowerment and knowledge to young woman. To another person, this could look like helping out at Santa’s Anonymous during Christmas, driving your way-to-drunk-to-drive friend home from the bar because you are sober, taking care of a pet and making sure it lives a content puppy or hedgehog life, it could be giving someone a break when they accidentally spilled their coffee on your dress shirt, letting your staff go an hour early from work, accepting your friends and family and loving them despite their flaws, realizing that you are not too flawed to be loved, talking to a lonely stranger, letting the seniors have the front seats on the bus, being a mom who lets other people pass in front of you even though you have a large stroller, or giving a mom a night off by babysitting her kid(s). There are so many things I can add to this list, it could go on and on. But this is how you change a world one small step at time through your individual journey in life, aiding others on their journey and finding out that living a life for yourself alone, is a lost one.

As the lyrics in my new favourite song by Aviccii, “Wake Me Up” goes: ” Feeling my way through the darkness\ guided by a beaten’ heart, I can’t tell where the journey will end/ But I know where to start / . . . So wake me up when it’s all over / When I’ m wiser and I’m older / All this time I was finding myself and I didn’t know I was lost.”