Moral Monday’s Flash Fiction: Free to Be Left-handed. #amwriting #fiction #freedom

Thank you to Nortina for hosting Moral Monday’s prompts. This week’s prompt is: “Freedom is a state of mind.” 



“Stop it Tommy, ” Miss Erma Webster chastised Tommy, slapping his left-hand with her ruler.

He’d been able to write left-handed well since he was five-years-old. He was sixteen now, one of the older students in the one-room school house. He gazed up front at Miss Webster and began writing again.

Miss Webster marched forward, grabbing Tommy’s ear. “Tommy, you maybe almost a man but I won’t let evil win, allowing you to write left-handed. After school, one-hundred lines on the black board with your right-hand. Write: I will never write with my evil left-hand again.

“No Ma’me,” said Tommy. “My writing is perfect. Keep your left-handed superstitions to yourself Erma, you’re only one-year older than me.” 


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