It’s a Wonderful Life

I am taking the cab over to see A and to take him out for an early birthday supper. When I show up at his apartment a little old lady lets me in in a unit adjacent to A’s unit and A is stretched out on the couch in a favorite t-shirt and dirty white sweat pants. The sweat pants bother me but I would never say anything such as haven’t you got some dish soap to put on those pesky stains but it’s okay because A always changes to look good in public: another name brand t-shirt and expensive ripped jeans and new black shoes. 

He wants to go to Red Lobster for his dinner but I go inside and can hardly stand the seafood smell and know even if I order chicken it will taste like it smells. So, we head to Olive Garden which is delicious: soft warm bread, salad chicken Marsala and chicken something else for A. Also, he orders some big drink non-alcoholic because he doesn’t drink and I get to try real sangria which is less fizzy or sweet then my favorite sangria at Joeys. But a glass of red wine with fruit in it is good too.

 We are there till 6:45 pm and arrive home by 7ish and just my luck one of my favorite movies is on Jurassic Park but the second movie The Lost World and I watch that until 11 pm and then the news. A went to work out and briefly debate leaving my makeup on to go out later. I really should have but I’m so tired and when A leaves around midnight I snuggle into his brand new duvet and fall asleep having brought an extra sleeping pill because it’s hard to sleep in someone else’s bed. But I fall asleep quickly and A is such a gentlemen and sleeps until late morning in the living room as not to wake me.

I get up around noon and shower and start making latkes for breakfast when A sneaks up behind me. I make two for me and one for him as he is having eggs. They are a treat, he offers to buy me some but I insist he doesn’t because latkes are so many calories plus we put jam and the laughing cow cream cheese on them. I am full but A is always trying to feed me, pop, cookies, and whatever else. I am big enough, I insist. 

We watch Simpsons and a movie then go for a nap where I get to be nice and close to A. He drives me home and we increase our cholesterol with a stop at McDonalds then A actually comes into talk with my parents both my Mom and Dad. I am a happy girl and have enjoyed the weekend. If only I’d been able to stay up to go out. Oh well. . . 


You Get What You Need and Other Things

You know that famous Rolling Stone’s Song and the lyrics ” [y]ou can’t always get what you want…you get what you need.” Well, when I think about life I think of that song because all of us have a whole list of wants, things we would like to have should the situation arise, but I think when it comes down to it we are lucky to just get what we need. We want a paycheque that means we’ll be able to buy that second vacation home but we’re lucky to just have enough money to mortgage or the rent for the house/apartment/condo we have. We would like to live in a democratic country but we don’t realize that living in a democratic country means defending democracy even in places as far as Syria or Iraq.

If you were like me you were a little shook up at the events that took place at parliament today, in our own back yard in Canada. A suspect was killed but not before he took the life of a Canadian soldier, a guy who sacrificed his freedom so he could protect us. Luckily, no one else was killed but I am grateful we have governments who are willing to stand up against terrorism in our own country and abroad and not just sit in parliament and do nothing. We can complain about our governments all we want but I think today we found we get what we need, a strong government who is willing to stand up for the principles Canada upholds. Sadly, this comes at greater restrictions and security for the common person.


On another note entirely, I have been enjoying Blogging 201 and thinking of the technicalities and presentation of the writing practiced in Writing 101. We are only a few days in, but I have found a new theme that I like a whole lot better then the theme I had. I was hesitant to switch but once I found the new theme I was a great deal more satisfied with my blogs appearance and appeal as a brand. I have been also been working on a second chapter for my blog/short story/1st Chapter of ” How Was Last Night For You.” I think this piece is going places if I can get it to move where I need when I write it. But we’ll just have to see where it goes. Thanks to all the comments and helpful advice for both my blog theme and my short story.


Also, it’s been nice having A at home awhile. We have gone for dinner, he came over to my house on Thanksgiving, and we hung out before this last weekend. The Thanksgiving thing was a big deal. I have been trying to get A over to meet my family for a long time. So at least, he won’t mind so much now coming over to visit my parents. Additionally, A also passed his high school equivalency test at NAIT so he can go to the Culinary Arts program and get his journeymen. A has been a chef since he went to school for it for two years in Morocco after high school. Since, he’s lived in Canada he has also been a chef at several restaurants and up North. Anyways, I want to take him out to celebrate now that he’s passed his exam so we’re going to his favourite restaurant Olive Garden tomorrow.

Also, happily got paid and actually need a whole bunch of makeup so I will have a few beauty product reviews coming up as well as more from Blogging 201 and whatever else comes to my mind.

When it’s Good it’s Good, When it’s bad it’s bad.

A sad face.
A sad face. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am trying to remember all that has happened in the last little while because I have not posted a blog in a bit. Last week was rather busy and this coming week I hope will be too, but what I wanted to talk to you about today (based on my life and hopefully yours in turn) are the good times of life versus the bad times.

When everything is good in life you feel like you are on top of the world. Nothing can happen that will ruin your day, you feel invincible; only to be thrown down from the pedestal you have placed your self upon to a dirty place in the pit of life clawing your way around just to make it through the day, if you can do that. Well such is life. Maybe, we forget to be thankful when things are good, I am not sure. I know when things are going well for me I forget to thank God that things so good. But I sure pray and beg when things get difficult, when I am not able to handle life. The thing with God is He always listens and He is always there so that I believe is something comforting in the bad times of life; when you can not deal with your worries you can place them in God’s hands and he will be your Rock, and help you deal with your problems. In the same way, I believe we have to remember to thank God when things are wonderful because things are wonderful because of God. He has given us our talents and achievements, so it is important to say not only ‘I’ did this, but that ‘through God I’ did this. Maybe prayer and giving thanks to God is a way we can deal with the good times and bad times in our life.

Last Sunday, I got to celebrate my birthday for the second time with my friends. I am spoiled! I got a Groupon to go bowling – 3 games and shoe rentals for 4 people for $25.00. I was pleased, thought it was a great deal and my three good friends and I had fun bowling. I am the worst bowler, I do not think I usually am but I like to aim for that last pin over, and over again – forget the rest. Then we checked out a new place on Whyte Avenue called Market. It used to be the old Iron Horse in my night clubbing days but it was condemned I think. Now it is revamped and looking good. You can try so many different kinds of beer there, almost anything: chocolate beer,  Frulie’s, raspberry beer, strawberries and cream beer, not to mention your regulars Heineken, Coors Light, etc. They also have drinks like Martini’s and Margarita’s; I found my new favorite Martini – a drink made with cranberry jucie, raspberries and a lots of other good stuff – called  Ambrosia. Truly, it was Ambrosia and my friends and I just had a fabulous night. Monday, I had a great day again spending it with a friend who had just returned from Europe. She was gone during my birthday as well, so I was spoiled again, she took me to lunch at Olive Garden ( Chicken Marsala every time!) and we did a bit of shopping at Southgate Mall where I had to take some boots back and she was looking for a purse. I had fun with her catching up on her life, and telling her all my news. I also got to go to an Olympic Wine Tasting on Thursday at DeVine Wines downtown and had a fantastic time there and came back with some pear cider to share with my mom, an Australian Shiraz for my dad, and some red Californian wine for me. All very tasty, and my top three picks. So there was so many good times this week, I was as I said ‘spoiled.’

In between though, it felt like one of the of the most difficult weeks because of my physical limitations – I get so physically and mentally tired after such a short amount of time. Also, I had bad stiffness this week, due to medications. So, I decided to paint my dressers, my one mirror, and bed side table. They all turned out good, there are a few little spots I have to get at with a small paint brush but my bedroom furniture is back in the house and things in my room look fantastic. Getting those dressers painted was surprisingly painful, tedious, and time consuming. I would work for 4 hours for three days plus 2 hours a 4th day and felt exhausted afterwards each day. I am so out of shape and stiff. I would have to sit with a microwaved wheat bag on my feet and shoulders for an hour afterward working. Working on painting and sanding my furniture became wearing, particularly, when I realized on Saturday I had errands to run and was exhausted. But I went out on Saturday anyways and even though I was tired and felt short with people, I did all that I had to do and managed to meet my brother (back from Europe also) for the new Dark Knight movie which was very exciting, but 3 hours long. I barely, made it home on the bus I was so fatigued; at night I knew I had pushed it too hard this week when I got yelled at for something and I started crying and did not stop all night. I just could not deal with being talked down to. I am 27 years old and when someone talks to you  like you are a 16 year old or worse a 10 year old, that does not feel so good.  And in the background, I thought I might have ‘man issues’. My boyfriend is gone 3 weeks a month, but sometimes it feels like we hardly talk and I just could not handle it anymore a couple days ago. Maybe, men are just like this, I do not know, I have not very much experience where this kind of thing is concerned. But women think, and think and over think things so that is how it has been for me. Then I found out he has been having issues with phone and I felt so silly. He is so good to me.

So in summary, this week has been really good when it has been good, and really bad, when it has been bad. I am limited by illness to deal with things sometimes, and sometimes I am just dealing with the usual things of life, and not dealing very well. So I pray, and I think this is all I can do.