Maydays: NonFiction- One Sip #Maydays



Thank you to C.L. Kaley for hosting #Mayday prompts. Today’s prompt is a dating story. 




“What are you having?” I asked Az.

“Oh um, nothing too big. I think I will have the calamari starter.”

“Oh gross, seafood. Especially calamari, it’s so rubbery.” I told Az.

“Mmm, I love it. What are you having?”

“I think I’ll have the usual.” I said and Az rolls his eyes but smiles.

“This is my first Valentine’s date you know. I’ve never been out with a guy on Valentine’s before.”

“Oh is it?” Az says smiling.

“No. I haven’t. Here try a bit of my drink it’s yummy.” Az sips the drink and I panic instantly.

I wasn’t thinking. Az is drinking my alcoholic drink and he’s a Muslim who doesn’t drink alcohol. I hope he’s not mad. One sip of Sangria won’t hurt him right?

“This tastes like alcohol,” Az says and he’s angry.

“I’m sorry I forgot. The sangria is delicious here. I’m in the habit of sharing a drink with a friend or family member if it tastes good. I didn’t mean to make you drink it.”

“You know I don’t drink.” Az replies.

“I’m sorry.” I tell him meaning it. But he doesn’t accept my apology.

He spends the next fifteen minutes brooding and giving me angry scowls. I didn’t think one sip of alcohol was that big of a deal religiously.

But for the next half-hour, Az is curt and rude. He says he’s not feeling well when I ask him what’s wrong. Az says he has a killer headache and wants to go home. He’s lying.

The waitress arrives arrives to apologize for our food being late. Az looks at me and I sigh and ask the waitress, “Can we please have our food to go. My boyfriend isn’t feeling well.”

“Yeah sure,” the waitress says. Five minutes later, I have our food packed up in a bag and we are heading back to my house. Az is driving as fast as he can.I don’t understand how he is so upset over one tiny sip.

“Are you okay?” I ask him.

“Do you think I’m okay? You gave me alcohol. I’m not allowed to drink alcohol.” Az says angrily.

“I didn’t mean it and I apologized. Your cousin gave you a sip or two of alcohol before and you didn’t get mad him like you are at me.” I said.

Az speeds up his car, racing me back to my house and barely stopping to let me out.

He grabs the bag of food thrusting it at me. “Here take all the food.”

“I don’t want the calamari,” I said. “It smells bad and no one in my house who is home, will eat it.”

Before Az can speak I take it out and put the calamari on the back seat of his car.

“Goodbye,” I say blandly, without looking at him as I slam his car door.

Inside, I’m fuming . To me a sip of liquor is such a tiny thing to become mad over and I never tried to make him drink the Sangria on purpose. I wasn’t thinking and I said sorry many times.

Az shouldn’t have ruined our entire Valentine’s Day because of his temper.

But that’s one reason why we broke up later on.

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Breaking Hearts and the Future

Boy and Girl Stress ReliefA curious thing happened last night, my significant other and I had one of the closest evenings of our lives and I realized that not only am I setting myself up for possible heart break with him, I could really break his heart too.

My boyfriend in a whispered moment asked me if I really loved him and I said not in a deep kind of way more like in the beginning of love kind of way. I asked him the same question and he said yes he really loved me, he had for six months now. When I asked him why he never told me he shrugged with a curious dreamy smile and said I don’t know. But I knew, he doesn’t want his heart broken by me the same way I don’t want mine broken by him. Which is why I told him the truth, not some faked up version of I love you, just the truth. I expected the same kind of response from him and was quite surprised that he has loved me as long as he has.

Especially after the issues that have come up between us such as when I thought he was done with me or when I was last mad at him for not making me a priority and actually broke it off, it didn’t occur to me that he loved me the whole time and that I was maybe hurting him. He is always so easy going and indifferent to these little issues I seem to have. Not once has he ever had something about me bother him and said anything about it.

Today I have this fuzzy feeling where my heart is but that fuzzy feeling kind of scares me. The reason it scares me is because there are differences between my boyfriend and I that I am not sure we can overcome. The biggest being our religious differences and our views on  family, or more specifically my family.

Christianity and the Muslim religion have some large differences between them that I am not sure I can overcome. I am a Christian I love God, he is a Muslim he lives Allah and God and Allah are not the same God. Christianity is a religion based on a triune God – God is one God but he has 3 parts: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. All 3 parts are God but are parts of God with different jobs. God’s son Jesus in particular is extremely vital to Christianity because he died on the cross, sacrificing himself for the sins or wrong doings of all people. This meant that people no longer had to sacrifice animals such as they did in the Old Testament to receive forgiveness of sins from God. Now you simply ask and God forgives your sins. Moreover, if you believe in Jesus you can go to Heaven when you die. According to God’s law the only way to do that was to keep the 10 commandments perfectly. But since no one ever has or can do that, God sent Jesus who defeated sin, death, and the devil, so all believers could go to Heaven when they die.

Now what is the difference between the Christian Jesus and the Muslim Jesus? Muslims only believe Jesus is a prophet. Jesus is not God and they do not understand how God can be triune. In fact, when he died on the cross he didn’t really die, Allah replaced him with an imposter and that fake Jesus died and stayed dead. Jesus does not save you in the Muslim religion,  following the will of Allah and his greatest and last prophet Mohammad and his book the Qu’ran will get you into heaven. This is problematic for a Christian who believes only God and his son Jesus can save us from sin, death, and the devil. Nothing we do can get us into heaven because we are incapable as people of following God’s law in the Bible perfectly, that is why we need only believe in Jesus who was not an impostor but true God, and true man when he died.

So, how does a couple function as one with completely different religions? How do you raise a child when you believe raising that child in the other’s religion is wrong? How does your non-Lutheran boyfriend, not even Christian boyfriend, function in your historically Lutheran family? I’m just not sure it’s possible.

Secondly, how do you get married when you want your family to be at your wedding, to love the guy you love, when he just wants to get married in a mosque? Something I could never do, it would be wrong for me. Furthermore, I want God’s blessing on my marriage because let’s face it, marriage is tough enough as it is. I suppose you could do a get away wedding but even then who do you get to preside over the marriage, just a judge? And what about life? You try to live a Christian life based on Christian values but your husband does not share your values?

This is what always stops me when I think of my boyfriend and me? A part of me thinks the right guy would share these important details with me and want to live a life around them. So where does that leave me? Lost.


How Much is Your Virginity Worth and Being on Long Term Disability.

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