Black Out Prompt: Poem – Black Out – ” Not Roses” #amwriting #poetry #beauty #politics

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Credit: February 2017 INSTYLE Magazine


Spring collection first shown, standout trends captivate. 

Pretty pink dresses, bandeau tops [are] proposed by influential, 

Femininity, classic ladylike variety reflected, underlying desire.

Creative support for the power and rights [of women], 

At a critical moment, clothes mirror complexity and chaos.

[A] new creative pointed statement, paying tribute, 

[Reminding us] attend the collection, printed with a line —

[It] leans [to] the left, favor[ing us] suffragettes. 

Explicit in making politics known, a reaction to unsettling results, 

 [Women and] fashion imagined entering a [new] season, 

Clothing playing [an] unexpected role, [our] viewpoints, [what] the world wears —

Becomes a political act. 

Interpretation, construeing message of inclusion, 

[There’s an] intention to celebrate women, 

We can all agree, [we need] be attentive and open to the world, to our creativity

[It] reflects our desiresembracing the imagery of strong, 

[What we wear is a] universal language women embrace. 

 [Your] engagement [demonstrates] how perceptions can change, 

Judged the same, we don’t assume shallow or [too] serious. 

Imagine in the coming years [unyielding] support, consider —

A contrary affect; [our] standards represent [our] enormous role. 

Perceive beauty’s responsibility taken seriously, 

Heartening to see interest in lives, so moved [knowing] —

We’re more and [moving forward with all] pioneering women, 

We’re not [merely] roses. 


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Flash Fiction for the Aspiring Writer: Colour Psychology #amwriting #flashfiction #magenta

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Jade M. Wong

Sally and Georgia were at the local museum. The museum had an exhibit on colour psychology that both girls found fascinating.

They paused at a large diamond-like structure made of hard plastic magenta. “What’s this?” Both girls said.

“It looks as if it could be a pensive from Harry Potter,” Georgia said. “The sides of the diamond could open up and you could dip your head in.” 

Sally rolled her eyes, “I don’t think that has anything to do with colour psychology. I read that Magenta is made of both red and violet. It has the ‘passion, power, and energy of red [but is] restrained by [violet’s] introspection and quiet energy.’ ” 

“Interesting,” Georgie said reading the same plaque. ” Magenta is a colour concerned with ‘change and transformation. [It releases] old emotional patterns [which] prevent personal and spiritual development. [Magenta] aids [people] moving forward.'”

“Do you honestly think that’s true?” Sally asked.

“Well it is true people are drawn to certain colours for specific reasons. Sometimes it’s preference, other times colours help fulfill an emotional need for peace or something more colourful and bold,” Georgia remarked.

A preteen boy passed by the women gazing at the diamond. “Why the hell is there a pink diamond here? Who cares about colours anyways,” he said to his Mom who gave him a reproving look.

The women peered at the boy. “It’s Magenta,” Sally said. “Not pink, pink has no purple or blue in it; it’s a tint.” 

The boy’s eyes glazed over.


For more information on colour theory for Magenta, please visit the source of my quotations here. 


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Celebrating Freedom and Moving Forward

Happy 4th of July to all my American friends and family and Happy Canada Day (because I could not write that day to everyone in Canada). Although the US gained their freedom after war Canada was simply granted freedom from Britain in 1867. What is even more vital to remember is that both our countries have fought and sacrificed many lives for our freedoms throughout history. Think about D-day, Vimy Ridge, the Iraq war and many battles fought in other places so you, I, and other people could preserve our rights and be strong and free democratic nations. The US has the big guns but Canada has the peacekeeping and diplomacy behind those big guns in recent years. Either way hope you enjoy(ed) celebrating your freedoms in two of the most blessed countries in the world.

With our national holidays passing, I wanted to focus on moving ahead in our lives into summer and beyond. Summer is a time of freedom for many of us. We get to sit back with a cold drink and enjoy the tranquil summer nights after the heat. We also take vacations to even warmer destinations or to places unknown to us before. I had my foray into Montreal, my friend gets to go there for a conference and vacation too. My brother took off to Vancouver a week and my parents to Germany for 12 days. Other years we have gone to Phoenix, Anaheim and Disney Land, Las Vegas several times, and one year I had a second trip to Victoria. There is something about discovering or rediscovering places in our lives – seeing new sites, being around new people, getting to break the routine of daily life. Vacations are a time to move ahead to re-evaluate our lives as they are and the world or just to get away from it all so you can come back to ‘real life’ in a better mind set. That’s moving ahead.

Another thing summer allows us to do is to work on the hobbies we have and clear away the clutter. Now that classes are done for this year I have started the cleansing process reorganizing my room – throwing out and reorganizing papers, clearing the dust away and the clutter, letting my decoration scheme in my room show through. I am almost a certified interior decorator and if there is one thing that I have learned is that you want to be in spaces that are decorated and organized. We are drawn to the color or tranquility of a room, to the peacefulness or energy it inspires. Sometimes going into a room that is disorganized – that has stuff everywhere can be overwhelming and make you want to turn around and go the other way. That is why beyond not being dirty, it is important to declutter and clean our spaces. I have yet to clear out my art space downstairs and a couple of bathrooms. This is a form of moving ahead as well. Not only do you want to spend time in your clutter free spaces but you have a clean slate to begin your life around again – to start new art projects, to bring order to your life, to better enjoy time with your friends and family.

Thirdly, summer is a really important time to emotionally settle. To reacquaint yourself with friends you get to see few times during the year and to just spend time with loved ones. It is also an important time to look inside you and say these are the things I handled well over the past year and these are the things I did not. How can I better handle situations like that said situation that are difficult for me and what things do I just say I’m not doing that anymore, it’s not healthy for me? Maybe for example, you smoke or drink a lot of pop when your stressed out and you want to find healthier ways of dealing with stress. Summer is a good time to research this and other issues and to build yourself up for whatever might happen to you in the future. Maybe the opposite issue is important to you as well. For instance, maybe you liked that you and your significant other always took a Thursday date night ever second week and you want to continue that to stay connected to your partner and because it just makes you feel good. How will you continue to make sure that happens? Perhaps the greatest thing you can do in summer is to sometimes not think at all – to just enjoy things as they come and take the time to relax and let loose. These are all steps we can take to move forward in our lives.

May you have a fulfilling summer, relax, and take the time to simplify life.