Interview with Sascha Darlington Writer Extrodinair and Poet #interview #nonfiction

Welcome to another writer/blogger interview. Today I’m interviewing the wonderful poet, blogger, and writer Sascha Darlington. Here blog is called: Sascha Darlington Microcosm Explored. 


Sascha Darlington Image 1
Credit: Sascha Darlington

1. Hi Sascha, Please Tell Us About Yourself? What Are Your Writing and Blogging Goals? 

I’m Sascha Darlington and Scout of Sascha Darlington’s Microcosm Explored. (Lately, I’ve
been wanting to write “Exposed,” is that Freudian or what?). I live near Washington, DC in the U.S.

My writing goals feel as if they are ever-changing. First, my blog started out to be a book
blog and maybe a bit of a photo journal. Then, I started doing daily prompts and found
myself participating in flash fiction and microfiction groups, writing the very form that I
had been playing with in online workshops for a few years. However,  I’d stopped after
getting more rejection than acceptance letters.

Rekindling my passion for writing via my blog was a tremendous accomplishment for me. I now try to write every day. I’ve also attempted to write poetry again. As for my goals, my next one is to write a book and try to get it published. I’ve written books for
NaNoWriMo, but have never tried to get one published.

The group of people following my blog have been truly encouraging and inspiring. I
wouldn’t be talking about any of this without them.

2. Where Are You From Sascha? Tell us about it. 

The first thing I’ll share with you about where I live is spiritual, but not of the pleasant
kind. Washington D.C. and its suburbs are politics 24/7. I find that I’m almost jealous of
other places in the U.S. where there’s another focus.

Physically the area is pretty great. Within a couple of hours east or west you have the
ocean or the mountains so there is always nature. I love the green spaces, although they
seem to be dwindling. Closer by there are a number of parks that are dog-friendly, which
Scout appreciates. There is also lots to do in the form of museums, galleries, dining,
shopping, or gambling with the new MGM Hotel at National Harbor.

“Rekindling my passion for writing via my blog was a tremendous accomplishment for me. I now try to write every day. I’ve also attempted to write poetry again. As for my goals, my next one is to write a book and try to get it published.” – Sascha Darlington

Glen Carstens Peters Unsplash
Credit: Glen Carstens-Peters Via Unsplash

3. When Did You Begin Writing and Blogging? What Does It Mean to You? 

As I mentioned, the writing occurred before the blogging. I’ve been writing as long as I can remember. My dad used to read my writing (when I was about nine or so) and tell me that I probably shouldn’t have every piece of dialogue tag –  ‘a she did’ or ‘he did’ this or that. (Funny the things that stick in your memory!)

I can’t say enough about my blogging experience. Initially, I treated it with some
trepidation because you’re putting yourself out there and never know how the
reception will be.

But I’ve found the WordPress community to be welcoming and encouraging. There are a lot of writers on this planet who read and encourage and you do the same for them. It’s a giving community. And there is so much talent and you find yourself in equal amounts awed and open to learning as well as feeling inspired.

4. Where Do You Find Your Inspiration and Motivation to Continue Writing and Blogging? Why is it Significant to You?

For me, as a writer, I need to continuously explore through words. I love words. I love
looking at synonyms and feeling words and trying to place them just so in order to create
a rhythm or sound. I think that once that’s inside of you, that’s your inspiration or

You want to see what else you can do. You want to dig deep inside to create
stories or poems. You want to see if your work can mean something to someone else.
Also, if I’m writing one of my serials, I love to involve my readers. I like to know
whether they are laughing or what their reaction is. So my readers and their feedback are a huge part of why I continue blogging.

“For me, as a writer, I need to continuously explore through words. I love words. I love looking at synonyms and feeling words and trying to place them just so in order to create a rhythm or sound. I think that once that’s inside of you, that’s your inspiration or motivation.” – Sascha Darlington

5. Do You Have Particular Writing/Blogging Habits? When Do You Write? Do You Have Any Current Writing Projects on Your Blog or Otherwise? 

I mainly write in the evening or when I can eek out time here or there. There are
several Photo Prompts that I try to always participate in, Friday Fictioneers, for instance.
It’s a lot of fun to see how many different writing pieces come out of a single prompt!

Right participated in OctPoWriMo, writing a poem for each day of October. It actually became ‘catching up’,’ writing a poem every day. I am also preparing a subject for next month’s NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) which I’ve participated in for

6. Have You Published Any Writing or Do You Plan to Publish in the Future? What Is Your Writing Process Like?

I’ve had some short fiction published in print journals and online, but not in recent years
because I stopped trying.

As for my writing process, it’s different than it used to be. I used to write and write. Now, I write and stop if I hit a roadblock and get up do something mundane like washing dishes while brainstorming. Then, I go back and finish what I was writing. It sounds like it’s not that creative, but I’ve found that I don’t beat myself up if I brainstorm away from the keyboard. It’s amazing the amount of frustration that builds up watching the blinking cursor.

“I used to write and write. Now, I write and stop if I hit a roadblock and get up do something mundane like washing dishes while brainstorming. Then, I go back and finish what I was writing. It sounds like it’s not that creative, but I’ve found that I don’t beat myself up if I brainstorm away from the keyboard.” – Sascha Darlington

Cathryn Lavery Unsplash writing
Credit: Cathryn Lavery via Unsplash

7. Do You Have a Process for Publishing Your Work? Do You Prefer Certain Writing or Reading Genres? 

I sent out masses of simultaneous submissions. And, I will be the first to admit that a lot
of it went out before its time. I wouldn’t make those mistakes again. But I do read a wide variety of genres and have tried to write in quite a few of them.

The first book I have in mind to write will be a romantic comedy, but after that, I’d like to try a paranormal book, a romantic suspense, and a young adult book. Although I’m intimidated by mysteries. I think you have to do some intricate plotting to make them work, but who knows. Never say never.

8. Do You Have Any Helpful Advice for New Writers or Bloggers? Do You Have Any Top Favorite Blogs You Follow? 

Make your blog your own. Do what you want to do as long as you find it interesting. I
think for most blogs you will find an audience of like-minded people who will be
interested too. As long as you’re doing what you want, you’ll continue and make your blog and whatever kind of writing you do thrive.

I have a lot of favorite blogs that I like to follow either for the recipes, the humor, the
photography, the writing, the daily observations, the music—it’s really hard to think of just three!

“Make your blog your own. Do what you want to do as long as you find it interesting. I think for most blogs you will find an audience of like-minded people who will be interested too. As long as you’re doing what you want, you’ll continue and make your blog and whatever kind of writing you do thrive.” – Sascha Darlington

Sascha Darlington Image 2 Dog
Credit: Sascha Darlington – Sascha’s Dog

9. Can You Please Share With Us A Few Links from Your Blog?

This is my most popular piece:

Spell For True Love


Sascha Darlington


Sascha Darlington Janet Webb Friday Fictioneers Spell For True Love
Credit: Janet Web – Friday Fictioneers



June flashed by on the sparkles of fireflies as he promised to do.

To make him stay, I conjured a potion like warm snow in a magic globe, my clear cauldron a whimsy of adoration. Murmured recitations over a bejeweled candle welcomed true love.

Saturday’s fuchsia dawn portended success.

Our meeting at noon comprised laughter. I’d never felt so happy as I fell in love, the soft breeze a pashmina caress.

Then Bella, my cousin, appeared, soft-spoken, quietly beautiful in gauzy white that floated around her, cloudlike. An angel.

His eyes met hers.

And never strayed.


End 7/12/2017  (97 words)

Some More of Sascha’s Pieces:

  • Memwa’s Law  by Sascha Darlington, one of her most popular pieces.
  • They Call Me ‘Mouse’ by Sascha Darlington — The First Story in Sascha’s Mouse Serial and one of her favorite protagonists.
  • Waiting by Sascha Darlington – A Recent Piece from Friday Fictioneer Flash Fiction Prompts
  • It’s Tough Being A Squirrel  – A fun piece on Sascha’s reoccurring Squirrel friend.

Thanks to Sascha for being a great interviewee. Her blog homepage again is Sascha Darlington’s Microcosm Explored.  See you next time and if you would like to be interviewed you can reach me via my Contact Page.

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Music Prompt: Teegan’s Potion – Part 3: Teegan’s Potion and His Passion (Rated R) #fiction #paranormal #romance #amwriting

Thanks to MindLoveMisery’s Menagerie for Friday’s music prompt, “I Don’t Want To Talk About It” by Rod Stewart. The song is loosely used in part three. Warning Part Three contains Adult Content. 


“I Don’t Want To Talk About It” – Rod Stewart



Tallia drove back to Fairy Dust as fast as her Vespa would take her without losing the giant fish off the Vespa’s back compartment. She was feeling afraid because she knew Teegan would be nearly awake, but felt certain he would be in enough of a fog she would have time to make the potion he required. She prayed the tonic took his darkness away, the shadow that stalked him. But at the same time Tallia knew, the shadow was Teegan.

The presence of darkness lurked as Tallia quietly opened the back door, slipping inside her shop. She set the goldfish in his bag, down on a countertop and stood for a moment blinking tiredly. It was the middle of the afternoon and a wave of fatigue overwhelmed her. She had been up late thinking about Teegan, what he could have possibly done hundreds of years ago to be cursed so wickedly. She was thinking about him in other ways too, Tallia realized blushing.

She wasn’t sure what she’d do if Teegan knew she’d drugged him, what he’d say or do. She didn’t know how much in control Teegan was of his darkness right now. The wisest thing Tallia could do was make him his potion whenever he needed it, whatever kind of potion it was. She thought about the wisdom Teegan hopefully acquired in his centuries alive. Would it make him extra understanding?

Then again, she could be wrong. Some people never learned their lessons despite experience. Yet Tallia was sure, in Teegan’s startling green eyes had been knowledge of dark deeds and lessons learned with difficulty. The blackness in his gaze almost had the affect of repelling Tallia at first.

At the same time, his emerald eyes were seductive and drew her too Teegan. No matter his real age, he appeared to be in his thirties. He was ridiculously good looking in the truest sense. She could smell his particular pleasing scent from where she leaned against the counter in the back of her store. Where she put together potions and caste spells for magical items customer’s required.

Perhaps, it was her heightened sense of smell which brought to life Teegan’s addictive scent, or maybe her memories were more vivid due to her attraction to him.

Tallia jumped when a voice whispered in her ear.


“Where’d you go? How come my potion’s not made? I need it now Tallia,” he whispered.

“Yep, I’m awake, thanks for the nap by the way. Did you find out what you needed too? I see you got the giant gold fish. You’re worried about me and the shadow around me which makes you sick. You went and talked to Jude. He’s been around over a century. Old for most humans, but not as old as me, Tallia.”

“I didn’t talk to Jude, he’s in the hospital because he had a stroke and isn’t doing well,” Tallia sad with sadness.” I talked to his great-grandson Aspen. He run’s the store now I guess. He said you were cursed, that you did something terrible. That’s why you’ve so much darkness. How do you make it go away Teegan? What happens if you don’t take this potion?”

Tallia felt warm and comfortable and realized Teegan had moved to hold her from behind, his arms crossed against her stomach. Teegan’s head suddenly lay against hers and she could feel him sigh as if he could finally relax. Tallia had never been so near to Teegan, she felt dizzy in good way. It felt wonderful to be held so gently, though she wondered if Teegan realized he had moved to comfort her.


Moments later, Tallia felt Teegan’s lips firmly on the side of her neck, traveling up under her ear and sucking gently on her earlobe. His lips moved back down her neck to the v-neck of her sweater. He kissed her over her heart and Tallia shivered when his lips traced her neck, went over her chin, and landed on her lips. Her heart was racing, she felt hot and cold all over.

Teegan bit her lip gently, seeking access to her mouth. His tongue met hears with need. Tallia couldn’t think, could only feel. Her connection with Teegan was something new to her. This sense of knowing him and recognizing him, beyond the physical sense. In her mind, she could feel him encouraging her to relax.

“I’ll take care of you,” he whispered.

Teegan kissed Tallia until she was breathless, his hands massaging her stomach, sides, and hips. His hand moved up to squeezing her breast over her sweater and short coat. She moaned when he broke off his the kiss leaving Tallia wanting. He breathed in the crook of her neck, his hand not moving, but not leaving either. It seemed as if hours had passed but it had only been minutes.

Teegan collected himself and moved a distance from Tallia as he spoke: “Tallia, I can’t. I want to, but I shouldn’t have done that; it confused you. I need you to make my potion now please. You’re the only one who can do it. It has to be one of your bloodline. And if you don’t I’ll turn evil. I’ll be a curse myself, a terrible man. I’ve done such evil because I’m cursed, or was before your gifted ancestor came up with this potion. It’s the only way to keep me from turning, Tallia. You and I, we’re tied together because of your ancestor. You remind me of her,” Teegan remarked.

“You need to tell me the entire story. This isn’t fair Teegan. Of course, I’ll make the potion. But my Aunt never told me any of this. The cancer took her a way in so little time. I need more answers from you,” Tallia pleaded.

I don’t want to talk about it Tallia. Make the potion. You’re breaking my heart here,” Teegan said rolling his eyes.

“What if I don’t?”

“I’ll be evil, as I’ve said and as I’m sure Aspen told you. I’ll hurt you, probably kill you, and I don’t want to do that. If I kill you, I’ll be evil forever — until someone kills me. You’re the last in your line. Make the potion, Tallia, we could be happy.”


“Tallia, make it now! You know I’m not trying to deceive you. You can feel it.”

“Yes, you’re right. I do feel you’re being genuine. I’ll make it as fast I can.”


Tallia gathered all the ingredients she had laid out earlier and brought them to an extremely large mixing bowl. She measured all the ingredients into the bowl quickly and accurately, barely thinking. She followed the directions in Aunt Willow’s tome and chanted the right words when she needed to say them. Pouring out the water of the giant gold fish’s bag in a sink, she slid the giant flopping gold fish into her bowl. With wide eyes she watched the potion simmer and turn scarlet.

Aspen had been right, the goldfish was a sacrifice of life. Although a mouse or anything small would’ve done the job, but her ancestor’s writing said the giant goldfish was preferred. Tallia strained the chunks of ingredients from the mixture; the goldfish had disintegrated.

Tallia pulled a beer stein out of her cupboard to Teegan’s surprise. She poured half of the scarlet liquid into the earthen beer stein. Teegan had been watching Tallia create the potion the entire time. He hadn’t said anything, only watched her, familiar with her actions. He’d probably watched her Aunt Willow and her Great-Aunt do the same. And many of Tallia’s ancestors, if she could believe his story.

She turned around from the giant bowl and found Teegan beside her, leaning against the counter studying her. His hand moved, pushing her light purple-grey hair behind her ear. He was so much taller than her, Tallia thought.

Teegan smiled when she offered him the beer stein.”Where’s yours?”he asked her.

“Where’s my what?”

Your half of the potion? You have to drink it with me,” Teegan told her.

Tallia was about to protest but he was gazing at her in a particular way. She noticed the pain usually hidden in his eyes present. She felt it through her being and it softened her heart; her protests crumbled.

” I wish I wasn’t so intuitive, Teegan. You do really need me to drink your tonic with you? Do you promise I’ll be okay?”

“I promise. Your Aunt, she was always fine. You’ll find it invigorating actually,” he said.

Tallia nodded reading what Teegan had told her in the tome beside her on the counter. How did she miss that direction? Peering up she noticed him pouring her a beer stein of the remaining liquid. She took the potion from him, grimacing because she knew the ingredients in it. She tasted a bit of the potion, testing the flavour. It tasted like cinnamon and a woodsy red wine. How could that be? 

“Bottoms up?” Teegan said holding up his stein.

Talia clinked her stein with his, “Slainte,” she said.


Teegan’s potion was easy going down. Tallia could feel a lightness, as if her cares were floating free. She felt energy, Teegan was right. His potion did feel invigorating. Her mind felt intensely perceptive as well. Swallowing the remenants of the liquid she saw Teegan had already finished his.

“Better, huh?” he asked.

“Yeah, it’s amazing stuff,” she said peering everywhere, everything around her was completely crystal clear. Her early fatigue was gone. Tallia noticed Teegan’s dark circles had faded. He appeared younger, his few wrinkles smoothed out. He was gazing at her again in certain way, and she knew from the flicker in his green-eyes what he wanted. Tallia felt almost drunk, except the potion made everything feel real.

She laughed aloud and Teegan frowned,”What?”

“No you’re not getting that from me,” she said.

“It wasn’t difficult to get a kiss and more from you before. You like me. I can tell, I like you too,” Teegan said, eyes darkening and meeting her own.

“No,” Tallia said laughing again. “You have to earn it. Take me out. Tell me about yourself and my ancestors. Did you sleep with one of my great- great – female relatives?”

“Don’t you feel like you’re burning up inside? I don’t know what I’ll do if I can’t . . .” he said approaching Tallia, following her as if she were prey. “I slept with the first of your ancestors I knew, she was my .  . .  my woman, for a while. But she died and we never had a child.”

Tallia backed away from Teegan smiling, wary but turned on at the same time. He was irresistible and Tallia found herself trapped against a wall. She laughed more as Teegan stripped off his shirt and unbuckled his belt. Her mouth ran dry seeing his finely sculpted body. He grinned and grabbed both her hands, holding her hands above her head. Tallia whimpered and Teegan chuckled.

“I’m not, I’m not a one night type of girl and you’re . . . you smell so good. But you’ve lived so much longer than me, what could you possibly see in me,” she murmured.

“You’re not one night Tallia.  I was thinking many many and I see you’re beautiful and gifted; you’re also intelligent.You didn’t immediately trust me.”

“Okay . . .” Tallia began but Teegan’s lips roughly met hers and she gasped as his tongue invaded sliding against hers. His hands were everywhere beneath her shirt and bralette. Then her shirt and bralette were gone and his mouth was there and she couldn’t contain her cries. “Oh no . . .”

He removed his mouth breathing hard, “Stop?”

“Oh please no!” Tallia said.

He chuckled and continued loving her with his mouth. “Teegan . . .” she whispered, feeling her body melt into his.

He pulled off the rest of her clothes, kissing her slightly round stomach and turning her around to kiss Tallia all over back and to her surprise, over her hips and bottom. His fingers found her center and rubbed below, circling her sweet spot, his thumb pressing against her.

“Please please. . .”

Teegan kissed her bottom again and turned her around so his head was level with Tallia’s belly button. He kissed her stomach before thrusting two fingers into her core, she shook and nearly screamed. It hurt but it was okay because the pleasure of his fingers going in and out of her was intense. She wailed when his fingers took her over the edge.

He kissed her, his lips and tongue centered on her core. The sensations Tallia felt were indescribable. Teegan was teasing her, he knew she need to come again but wasn’t letting her; he was making her wait for him. Teegan removed the rest of his clothes and gently lifted Tallia’s body onto the counter. He pushed both his fingers inside her again, adding a third.

“I’ve never . . .” she whispered suddenly shy.

“At your age? I’m flattered, no one values that these days,” Teegan whispered.

Tallia flushed, “Well it’s complicated. It’s gone but, I never had sex.”

“What do you mean?” Teegan asked stopping. His voice sounded grim.

Don’t stop, don’t,” Tallia begged.

“Okay, but I will kill whoever did it to you,” he promised.

Tallia believed Teegan, he appeared dead serious even though they were having sex.”It’s fine,” she mumbled. “It was a university party. I was too drunk and fell asleep and he was there sometime. When I woke up he was gone and I hurt,” Tallia admitted anxious for Teegan to continue loving her.

“Are you okay, are . . .”

“Please don’t, don’t stop. Please I need you.”

Teegan nodded, understanding. “You’ve got me,” he replied.He guided himself to her entrance and gently pushed inside.


“Good, more.” Tallia said gripping his sides until Teegan was completely inside her. It stung and hurt but it was also the best feeling she could imagine when he began to move. She wrapped her legs around his waist and he whispered dirty things in her ear, all the things he wanted to do to her.

She felt his rhythm increase and her own body released again, more powerfully this time. She felt the final pushes of him in her body as he came. Teegan breathed heavily, holding Tallia and kissing her forehead.

Then, Tallia was crying, amazed tears were falling down her face. But Teegan gently hushed her and kissed her tears. It was hard for her to believe Teegan could ever be an evil monster. Tallia needed to know more about his past, when he was ready to tell her; she hoped it was soon.


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Carrie Diaries Episode 4 and Clinique Turn Around Line Skin Care

Good Evening! Hoping your all out doing something fun but for when you get back I have a couple Flurt articles. First, the Halloween episode of the Carrie Diaries and also, a Better Beauty Buy on the Clinique Turnaround Line.

Carrie Diaries Episode 4

Better Beauty Buys

Happy Weekend!

The Carrie Diaries Episodes 2 and 3 plus A Priest With Some Unfortunate Ideas About Domestic Abuse

Here I am with a couple reviews of Episodes 2 and 3 of the Carrie Diaries ( incase your keeping up) and have not had time to watch. Also, I have an article called F?!$ the 50’s Housewife! I did not name it, I do not use language in my articles lol but nonetheless, here it is. I do not know what the 50’s house wife did. I think she did the best she could in her time but what this article really speaks out against is a priest who blames women for being domestically abused because they cannot keep up on their housework; that’s the real story. Thanks for Reading!

50’s House Wife

Carrie Diaries Episode 2

Carrie Diaries Episode 3

Look for yesterday’s Episode, Episode 4 soon!

Will the Carrie Diaries Hold It’s Own and Is Getting A Bikini Wax Vain?

Good Afternoon everyone. I have for your reading pleasure the two title articles 1) The First Episode of the Carrie Diaries – the prequel to Sex and the City and 2) my own blog edited a tiny bit for Flurt on Bikini waxing. I had to laugh today – I have written the 2 proceeding episode overviews of the Carrie Diaries and I think my editor is trying to undo everything my University English and History profs taught me about writing. Some suggestions she gave me were use can’t instead of cannot and be more conversational in your writing – two things you never ever do in English papers but magazine articles I am finding are quite different. I’m happy to oblige but I shuddered the first time I read that lol it is hard to get rid of what’s been ingrained into you since grade 10. Anyways, enjoy!

Carrie Diaries Episode 1

Bikini Wax

Happy Monday!