Flash Fiction For Aspiring Writers – The Jumper

Jesse felt a disturbance in the air — as if something terrible was going to occur. He felt it long before he saw the wet thunderous impact of a man’s body smash resoundingly into his metro train window.

An old man stopped for a moment at the edge of the platform to one of the metro trains. It didn’t matter which train. Then taking a deep breath while sweating prefusly, he jumped into the path of an oncoming train. 

He knew it could not stop in time. He jumped and as the lights from the train blinded him and his body broke, he saw light. A light beyond the brightness of lights in his former world. A glow of bedazzling rays.

Word Count: 120


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Photography 101 – Day 12 – The Architecture of Montreal

Here are some more pictures of Montreal, Canada. Some of the pictures are modern but most are of old Montreal in buildings that could be hundreds of years old. Because the Metro or train is so well developed it is easy to arrive and leave anywhere very quickly with the purchase of a metro card that scans just like that, beats the ticket system we have in Edmonton. The Metro also allows one too see everything you could want to see and not have to drive.

History Museum Near Old Montreal


Some Interesting windows in Old Montreal (Gothic?)


Down The Restaurant Area in Old Montreal


Door at MacGill University


On a little cruise down the St.Lawrence a clock tower made by the same guy that did Big Ben


A Spa that is actually a boat. I would have loved to visit lol.


Cityscape of Montreal from the St.Lawrence