Sunday Photo Fiction: ‘All Hope Abandon Ye Who Enter Here’ #amwriting #flashfiction #Dante #TheInferno

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Credit: A Mixed Bag – Alistair Forbes


“THROUGH me you pass into the city of woe: Through me you pass into eternal pain: Through me among the people lost for aye. Justice the founder of my fabric moved: To rear me was the task of Power divine, Supremest Wisdom, and primeval Love. Before me things create were none, save things Eternal, and eternal I endure. All hope abandon, ye who enter here.” –  The Divine Comedy, The Inferno (Canto III. Lines 1 -9). 


“Abandon all hope? How can this be right?  I didn’t kill anyone and I was no pervert. I stood for my political office. I did what I had to do,” Ker said. 

“How do you know it was the right cause?” 

“Well, I just do.”

“What about those you hurt along the way? Your wife, Meredith, who now rests in Heaven’s fold? You’re here at the gates of Hell at the river Acheron for a reason,” the wise Charon told Ker. 

“I didn’t mean to hurt her, to use her to get where I needed to go. I loved her, but I didn’t mean to leave her. I prayed and I apologized. I admitted my sins to a priest in confession. Yet, here I am in Hell at the Traitors’ Gate, why here?”

Charon sighed and whisked the regretful Ker’s soul into the boat. “I wonder Ker, where Midas will send you? Will you be in the eighth circle as a corrupt politician or the ninth circle for being a traitor to your wife, to your family? Will you spend eternity ‘a Judas?'”

Ker shook his head, “This is nothing but a dream. Dante’s Inferno does not exist. I won’t abandon hope, I won’t. Meredith is not dead and I’m not really here.”

“But you did stop hoping and you’re a traitor so now you face the Traitors’ Gates. You are one of them and that’s why this gate is where you will enter into the ninth circle of Hell.”

“What?! I’m so sorry, I mean it. I repent. I’ll do better and change my ways. Tell me this is just a dream, let me have another chance.”

Charon chuckled and shook his head wearily.”It seems someone up high is fighting for your soul, Ker, I don’t why because your soul is pitch black. Yet, you will have another chance. Remember you won’t get another.”


Ker awakes suddenly whispering pleading prayers in words of Latin and Ancient Greek. He doesn’t know why he understands these prayers to God, but he does. Ker attempts to pick up his smartphone nearby but feels terrible pain whenever he moves. 

Then, his beautiful Meredith walks in the hospital room door. “Meredith? I thought you were dead. That you would never speak to me again. I thought you were in Heaven and I was in Hell, I dreamt it.”

Meredith smiled at Ker with love despite how he had treated her recently: “Who do you think asked God to give you a second chance? I gave up eternity for a later time, hoping you will be there with when I return. Now you must fulfill your promises made in front of Charon.”

“So, can you change, Ker? Can you stop being a traitor and fight for ‘the good’ in this world? Can you fight for me, for us, for our family?” Meredith asked. 

Ker was just grateful to be alive. He swore to do better in life, in love, and he did. 


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A List of My Favourite Kiss Scenes Currently

1. Grey’s Anatomy Derek and Meredith — Too Many Good Kisses to Count. This video I found on YouTube has a bunch of kissing moments between the couple before Derek died.

2. Scandal – I’m on Team Jake.  I think Olivia and Jake are much better together, no offence Fitz – here’s a steamy make out  scene when Olivia and Jake take off for an Island, to escape Washington. DC

3. Gilmore Girls – Rory and Logan – First Kiss. Loved this show. Logan was my favourite. I hope in the upcoming Netflix series Rory ends up with Logan.

4. 50 Shades of Grey Christian and Ana – First Kiss in the elevator, “F$&! the Paperwork.”

5. James Bond: Casino Royale James Bond and his Romance with his only love Vesper.


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Also thanks to La Duchesse D’erat for a prompt to do a list about our favourite kisses.

Where Does The Good Go

” Where do you go with your broken heart in tow/ What do you do with the left over you/ How do you know when to let go/ where does the good go? Where does the good go?” Thus begins one of my favourite songs popularized by Grey’s Anatomy back in the day Where Does the Good Go?

I always think of this song when my life is about to change. When things have been particularly bad and are about to blossom. Not only is it the song Meredith and Christina dance to on Christina’s last episode of Grey’s it is a song of questioning and hope. Tegan and Sarah wrote the song on one of my favourite albums popularized by Grey’s but I often find myself asking ” Where does the good go?” It seems sometimes that the bad just hits you out of nowhere. You weren’t expecting it, but you didn’t have a choice. The good is gone and now you are alone with the worst of the worst.

It is a song that also speaks about relationships. When is the right time to give up? When is the right time to stick it out? Where did the good in your relationship go? And like Christina and Meredith I’d say dance it out! Some decisions are not logical they are emotional and highly volatile if handled incorrectly. So dance it out. Take the ” left over you” and move on. Take whatever you thought would be and just dance. Finding ways to deal with pain are important. It’s vital in life. So don’t let go, take the left over you and relax. Don’t expect to know where all the good things in life went. They will return in due time. You will build yourself stronger and better and you will build a you you can be proud of as time goes on. Dance the pain away and the brokenness and the part of you that just needs to heal. The good is still here, you just couldn’t see it behind the pain for a moment. Life always gets better. Where God closes a door, he opens a window. The good gets us through the pain, the rage, all that we must embrace. The good carries on despite the bad. The good makes us strong for when we are week. It never goes away.

So Tegan and Sarah fans and early Grey’s fans remember you are stronger then the bad. You are the good in the world. There is no left over you but a complete you ready to face the world and grow.