Writing Prompt: Poem – Quadrille – “Sound of Memory” #amwriting #poetry 

Thanks to Oriol of MindLoveMisery’s Menagerie for hosting this writing prompt from June 4, 2017. The words: Glass, Darth Vader, napkin, cellphone, lighter, book, anger, trouble, and mind, need to be used in this writing piece. 


Credit: Tom Pumford via UnSplash


Shattered glass urn, 

Anger when my,

Blood flows. 

Troubles compound,

Glass splinters, ashes; 

The lighter

Sets fire to your coffin. 

Memories profound, 

Death Vador sounds, 

Cellphone number remains, 

Your forever voice, 

Last message, 

Words memorized. 

My mind finds serenity, 

In your gifted books. 

Handwritten notes, 


Until we meet again. 


©Mandibelle16. (2017) All Rights Reserved. 


Poem: Not the End 

I’ve never hurt so bad,

Without you, Without you.

Couldn’t keep all the love we had,

I’m sad I hurt you.

We had the best of times,

Together, not forever.

And I’ve never hurt so bad,

Couldn’t handle the love we had.

I’m sad to say that,

We just didn’t last to the end.

And times calling me to move on,

I may never have that love again,

Without you, without you.

You accepted me in way,

That no other man did.

I may spend my days alone,

But I’ll never forget the good,

The fire that burned, 

But then it rained with truth.

So, farewell to you my friend,

May we meet again,

May this be not the end.