How Much Does It Really Cost to be a Woman and Sarah Maple – Getting Rid of the Sunshine Girl!

English: 'White Girl' - digital print - 60 x 4...
English: ‘White Girl’ – digital print – 60 x 40 ‘White Girl’ by Sarah Maple Sarah Maple (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hi everyone,

Here are my two latest articles from FLURT. I think I enjoyed writing the first article more and the second  article less because it was  a bit of a challenge because I had no idea who Sarah Maple was until I wrote the article and It took me a bit to read and understand where she is coming from in her various forms of artwork. So, yes woman are expensive but Sarah Maple reinforces the view that every woman is beautiful no matter who she is. Enjoy!

How Much Does It Really Cost to be a Woman?

Sarah Maple Wants You to Turn Your Back on Page 3the Sunshine girl