Carrie Dairies Episodes 5 and 6, Israel Immigrants Forced Birth Control

Hello everyone! Here are this last weeks posted Flurt articles. As ever, I am grateful for your readership. Happy Wednesday!

Carrie Dairies Episode 5

Carrie Diaries Episode 6

Israel Immigrants Forced Birth Control


Carrie Diaries Episode 4 and Clinique Turn Around Line Skin Care

Good Evening! Hoping your all out doing something fun but for when you get back I have a couple Flurt articles. First, the Halloween episode of the Carrie Diaries and also, a Better Beauty Buy on the Clinique Turnaround Line.

Carrie Diaries Episode 4

Better Beauty Buys

Happy Weekend!

The Carrie Diaries Episodes 2 and 3 plus A Priest With Some Unfortunate Ideas About Domestic Abuse

Here I am with a couple reviews of Episodes 2 and 3 of the Carrie Diaries ( incase your keeping up) and have not had time to watch. Also, I have an article called F?!$ the 50’s Housewife! I did not name it, I do not use language in my articles lol but nonetheless, here it is. I do not know what the 50’s house wife did. I think she did the best she could in her time but what this article really speaks out against is a priest who blames women for being domestically abused because they cannot keep up on their housework; that’s the real story. Thanks for Reading!

50’s House Wife

Carrie Diaries Episode 2

Carrie Diaries Episode 3

Look for yesterday’s Episode, Episode 4 soon!

Will the Carrie Diaries Hold It’s Own and Is Getting A Bikini Wax Vain?

Good Afternoon everyone. I have for your reading pleasure the two title articles 1) The First Episode of the Carrie Diaries – the prequel to Sex and the City and 2) my own blog edited a tiny bit for Flurt on Bikini waxing. I had to laugh today – I have written the 2 proceeding episode overviews of the Carrie Diaries and I think my editor is trying to undo everything my University English and History profs taught me about writing. Some suggestions she gave me were use can’t instead of cannot and be more conversational in your writing – two things you never ever do in English papers but magazine articles I am finding are quite different. I’m happy to oblige but I shuddered the first time I read that lol it is hard to get rid of what’s been ingrained into you since grade 10. Anyways, enjoy!

Carrie Diaries Episode 1

Bikini Wax

Happy Monday!