Summer Words: The Latest 

Usually, I attempt to update you guys in the blogging world, every month but I’m sure I haven’t actually done that in a few months. So, it’s summer words because well, summer is almost over and I never updated until today.

I kind of dread the end of summer as much as I love it. There is a freedom and carelessness to summer, no other season has. People relax in the deck, on the patio; they go to beaches and sometimes house boating; they visit and explore foreign places; and those who never relax stay home and sleep in, get a few things taken care of around the house, or not.


Typically, I take a summer vacation somewhere, but I found out this year I had waited much to long to book flights using my airmiles. And the Canadian dollar was down as compared to the US dollar, so the dollar was too low to consider a trip there.

I wanted to go somewhere fresh this year. Somewhere I haven’t visited or haven’t been in a while. I have never actually visited around Vancouver and it’s been ten-years since I visited Quebec City. I feel as if those are both great options for a fall vacation.

If the dollar improved, Las Vegas is always an option, but sticking with the theme of visiting new places, I would like to go to San Francisco or Seattle. There are a few different places I’ve read blogs on or heard about, which I would enjoy seeing in those cities. Not to mention, pretty much anywhere you go, unique food and shopping are always worth the trip.

SanFran Shopping

I’m day dreaming of a European trip. I’ve narrowed it down to the country of Italy for now. I know the cities I wish to see. I only have to arrange everything, decide where I’m going to stay, and arrange when and which attractions I want to see — oh and there’s always the money issue too. But minor detail lol.

Because of my health, I think it would be a good idea to spend a week in each city, maybe a bit more so I have days to use to do nothing in case I need them. So, a month to two-months for a trip to Italy, and who to take with me?

Anyways, that’s future dreams. Lately, not feeling as well. All around, I feel drained. Maybe, I’m doing too much? But I don’t think so. Maybe, it’s another slump in my health? Or perhaps, I’m only having a bad week or two? The humidity in the air often makes me tired, almost sick at times. But I didn’t think it was so bad in Edmonton this summer as compared to other summers. However, I get through it because, I always do.

Venice1 (Venice)

Summer has been spent doing a bit of shopping in July as it was my birthday month. I looked at my finances and have been trying to better arrange them, considering retirement, life insurance, and accidental death insurance. Not that I think anything bad will occur to me soon, but we don’t always know so I’m trying to be prepared as best as I can for my future and my family.

I’m into this application on my IPad called Wattpad. It’s a great way to see what other writers are writing and see the quality or lack there of, for different genres of books. I’m doing the second draft of How Was Last Night For You? on Wattpad. I’m happy with it so far and have had Yinglan’s helpful support as she also has some work on there I’m helping her proof. The newly arranged chapters of my book and the sequence of events so far is available in chapters one through nine, and you can check it out at the above link.

I had to completely redo chapter nine, so it might be a bit sketchy yet, but things are coming. The novel is developing slowly, even though I never even conceived it would get this far when I started writing a couple of years ago.

But due to the novel, and doing a being proofread of my Uncle’s historical book on his family, I’ve been hugely busy. #WordhighJuly was great and well done by our hosts Rosema and Maria; but it was also time consuming.

Unknown Source (Current Cover for my Novel)

So, I have to apologize, I haven’t been able to read and comment on as many posts as I like. In order to not overwhelm myself, I think I will have to consciously, only comment on a few of your posts, each week. I’m ecstatic to have more followers, but I don’t want to forget old friends. I feel it is necessary to comment but it takes time. I’ll work it out.

Don’t worry. But if you don’t see me, I’m off trying to get more poems and fiction published. And I’m probably, working on putting my novel together so I have a manuscript worthy of a good editor. Lately, as I mentioned, not feeling so well, prevents me from completing tasks, I would like to do as well.

Also, as I’ve mentioned before there’s a masters program I want to apply for. Lately, I’m not sure about it. It’s been a dream for the past few years, but I’m not sure about it. I like to learn, and to build my knowledge of writing. I’m not sure if that’s best done in the classroom or through real-life experience. But just the same, I’ve always wanted a Masters in English or Writing. I think creative writing most of all. Perhaps, I feel, a certificate program such as at University of Toronto online, might be less stressful?

Creative Writing Typewriter

Fitness is a bust. Sometimes I walk, other times I don’t have it in me. I try to stretch and do a bit of yoga. But it makes me angry and upset I cannot do the cardio I need to do. I complain about this too much, I’m sorry. But I loved the adrenaline rush of exercise, like I love art, and writing. And I miss it so much. I’ve never been able to get it back even wearing myself out. And I know it’s what I need to lose weight. I’m completely confused as what to do for diet right now, probably I will go back on the herbal magic diet, as it seemed to be the diet plan which worked the best for me and the amount of exercise I could do. I’m not signing up again, only following the meal plans.

I’ve been reading a lot on Wattpad. But, it’s frustrating because the authors only update once a week if that. So, I’m reading other books again, with middles and endings, by more well known and accomplished writers. I’m excited to read: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. Also, I have some favourite writers, who  I would like to read up on their latest novels.

Pretty Little Liars (Main Characters of Pretty Little Liars – Hanna, Emily, Aria, and Spencer.)

I’m addicted to Prett Little Liars on Netflix right now. It’s a better series than I anticipated. Secrets can be big and convoluted as I’m learning through each season of the show. I’ve only started season three and there are four more to go. Season seven which is on TV now I believe, or just was, is the last season. I’d be happy for Madmen Season 8 to be available on Netflix too. Also, I watch a show based of the Scream Movies once a week, but I think it’s almost done. I watch the Summer Olympics and my Eskimos playing CFL football as well.


There are some great festivals in Edmonton during summer. As well, it’s relaxing and fun to be put on a patio with friends and have a few drinks. I’m having a birthday brunch downtown on Sunday, as everyone was busy in July. Also, I’m hoping to get to a farmer’s market in August and to a couple of movies as I have passes. I’m thinking Finding Dory and some kind of action type film?

I’m not entirely sure of my blogging schedule come fall. But tentatively, here is what it looks like:

Sunday – Sunday Photo Fiction

Monday – Moral Monday’s Flash Fiction

Tuesday- Flash Fiction for the Aspiring Writer

Wednesday – Photo Prompt Fiction\Poetry (Mind Loves Misery’s Menagerie)

Thursday – Three Line Tales (Once A Month – Tale Weaver’s Fairy Tale Prompt)

Friday – Music Prompt (Mind Love’s Misery’s Menagerie)/ Poet’s United Poetry Prompt

Also, Monthly – 15 quotes twice a month, and Writer Interviews every 2 weeks.

wine image

Also, wanted to let you all know I read: Drinking a glass of red wine a day is equal to an hour of exercise. It could be false, but who am I to say so? It sounds true to me. Cheers!




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Poem: Etherees – ” Diamonds, Suits, and Equality.”


I could keep on telling you of all the —

Possibilities, endless in row, 

Diamonds glittering, light within, 

Such falseness in clarity, 

Like you, extensively cheap —

You don’t comprehend, 

Lies kill love and —


Thrive; I 




Your lies, 

You’re glass with, 

Fractured cracks split, 

In all directions, 

Blaming me because you’re, 

A lost boy never grown up, 

Buying your way with jewels and, 

Expensive booze on your breath; putrid, 

The smell, of vanity, and self-deceit.


Broken old man, in business suit glaring, 

Imagining you’ve an empire but you’ve,

Only got a shilling and its, 

Currency long past, not used, 

So pay for your glitter, 

Die for Diamond rings, 

You’ve only things, 

And no ounce,





Down on, 


From you high horse, 

Fall on marble, crack, 

You’re a paragon, 

Sayings of virtue spent, 

Lying with each word on your tongue, 

Never saying what you mean and —

Not receiving your just dessert, 

Razing a woman below your boot,

It’s not Madmen; she cares not for jewels.


Rather, she wishes you’d respect her more, 

Pay her equal for the same type of job, 

Not peer down on her to use her, 

Not think she is stupid with —

Her four-year-degree not —

Good enough for you, 

She isn’t going, 

To be stuck, 





Don’t phase, 

Her more than, 

A moment’s past–

She sells them all back, 

Letting you see she’ll toss, 

Your silly rock she’ll not be —

That girl; she fought for her place and, 

The dealings were rough; no respect for —

Her a diamond unformed a jewel still scorned.


In modern world she’s disgusted with the —

Throw-back to Don Drapper; but even he told, 

His teen daughter “You’re beautiful –

The rest is up to you; TV —

Showing reality and, 

The issue at hand, 

Equality means, 

Woman, Man,  



©Mandibelle16. (2016) All Rights Reserved

A Madmen’s World – My Thought’s Seasons 3-5

madmen_standard (Photo credit: Neeta Lind)

Truth be told, I had finished Madmen seasons 3 through 5. It has just taken me awhile to update my blog on it; hence, memory on the episodes is not as good as it was but hopefully my blog will catch you up. So please, take your self back to that smokey, drunken, and creative world of the 1960’s advertising company Sterling & Cooper.

Sterling & Cooper are offered a large sum of money by a British company. Don Draper, Roger Sterling, and Bert Cooper make million’s off the deal. Here enter, Mr. Price hired by the British company, to increase the revenue of the company and cut costs. Many changes ensue through out the company in season 3 until we learn that the British company who bought Sterling & Cooper originally wishes to sell it off to a larger advertising company. Don Draper, not wishing to be part of this new company sets into motion a coup to get Mr Price (for all intensive purposes the boss) to fire Don, Roger, and Bert, so that they will be able to leave taking with them the files, important employees, and  loyal advertising accounts to form their own company Sterling, Cooper, Draper, Price. This company is largely, dependent on the company Lucky Strike cigarette’s – Roger Sterling’s pet. Pete, who was planning on leaving anyways, becomes a partner in this new company as well.

Meanwhile, Roger divorces his wife and marries his young secretary. Don, on the other hand, tries to work on his failing marriage as Betty becomes pregnant and for awhile things seem to be working. This is until Betty, still deeply hurt by Don’s indiscretions starts to fall for a politician who wants to marry her and take care of her kids. Don again, falls into affair, this time with his children’s school teacher and things come to a pinnacle when Betty tells Don she does not love him anymore. Don and Betty divorce and Don lives in an apartment in the city. The kids visit on the weekend and while he tries to keep their new company afloat, Don flounders in his on personal life. Meeting many unimportant women for several small affairs until he falls for his new secretary, who becomes his new wife. He gets a new vivacious wife and new place for his children to visit on weekends.

Meanwhile, Peggy remains a copy writer working in the creative in Don’s new company. She finds it difficult, and her ideas often do not fly, but she puts in the work and Don becomes very dependant on her. They have a special kind of professional relationship, nothing romantic about it; but Peggy after often being ignored and not given proper credit for her work, leaves to work at another company at the end of Season 6. She has gone through a two boyfriends because of Don’s demands on her job and wants to go somewhere where she will have a bigger salary and will be more appreciated. Despite all this, she remains friends with Don.

Season 6 ends with the death of Mr. Price, who hangs himself on his office door after Don fires him, for writing himself a cheque, which he thought would be a Christmas bonus; instead, all the partners abstained from Christmas bonus’ so the employees would all get something small. All the partners, put money into the company especially when Roger loses the Lucky Strike account; Mr. Price does not have money and needs it to send his son to boarding school. Many more employee’s are let go at the company and no one wants the office formerly obtained by Mr. Price. With the state of the company, and the leaving of Peggy to a different company, season 6 is sure to be an interesting season.

Now you are all caught up on Madmen, and ready to watch the next season with me 🙂

A Madmen’s World – Impressions on Seasons 1 and 2 of Madmen

Don Draper of Mad Men works on Madison Avenue
Don Draper of Mad Men works on Madison Avenue (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Imagine for a moment that it is the early 1960’s. You are a Madmen – an advertising account executive or copywriter. You chain smoke 2 packs of  cigarettes per day; this is a social thing and you offer a cigarette to your buddies or clients whenever you see them. You are aware that there is evidence telling people smoking is bad for them, but you and everybody else keep on smoking. You do not know that smoking gives you  black lungs and cancer – or that it will. Moreover, you drink as much as you smoke, hard liquor mostly but sometimes you add it to your milk or 7 up, just so they are palatable.  You are busy and sure of yourself. You get to create ads for such brands as Lucky Strike cigarettes, Playtex bras, Clearisel acne cleanser, Mohawk airlines, and President Nixon. Moreover, you like 20 something women, women who are not your usually your wife (you love/like her/hate her too but she has her place at home with the children) and because of all the women you work with, do business with, and meet in bars, you are not faithful to your wife. You do not have a conscience about this or little conscience; having a mistress or a fling with a secretary, well it’s just what madmen do, its part of the life style.These are my first impressions of the TV series Madmen that I have watched on Netflix these past couple weeks. I never found I had much interest in the show, besides the wonderful 1960’s fashion, but watching the episodes in sequence, getting into the story of the characters from the beginning,  I have become a  Madmen fan. Here are my thoughts and details on the two main characters of the show Don and Peggy:

Don Draper is an extremely interesting character. He is a successful shareholder and account executive at Sterling and Cooper, very successful, but his personal life, past and present, is a mess. Don has several mistresses and lovers, is a lady’s man, and never quiet seems happy unless he has an affair on the go. At the same time, he loves his wife Betty and their children, would never spank his children because his father spanked him hard. He would also never hit his wife. Don likes his conventional family in their beautiful suburb home but he is always looking for something else outside his family and job. Don has problems when he can no longer hide an affair from his wife, but he still keeps sleeping with other women despite this fact.

Don also believes in and gives Peggy, his secretary, a chance to write and eventually gives her, a job as a copywriter for women’s products on his creative team. He even visits her in the hospital when she is very sick. Don is a mess of conflicting character aspects. He is also very talented at his job and has a way of explaining advertising concepts to clients that really appeals to them. At the same time, he is also not really Don Draper at all. He hated, had a rough time, growing up with his family and when he is mistaken for a commanding officer ” Don Draper” after an explosion when he is in the Korean War, he leaves his old life behind and becomes a new man. When the real Don Draper’s wife comes searching for her husband, he even becomes friends with her. He cannot find a place for his little brother in his new life though, when he comes searching for Don in New York. The best he can tell his little brother to do is leave and gives him a few thousand dollars to start a new life. He is shocked when his little brother hangs himself, and feels remorse when all his old family is truly gone. Yes, Don, our hero, at Sterling and Cooper, is a very complicated person.

Another important character on the show is Don’s secretary Peggy. Peggy is hampered by the traditional role of a woman who is supposed to meet the perfect man in her twenties stop working as a “secretary” and be a stay at home wife. Peggy is smart though, and she wants more. She is also initially confused by the expectation of the men at the office for the secretaries to sleep with them, yet remain ‘pure’ for marriage. Peggy works hard at her job at the office to the point where she becomes a junior copywriter with her own office space, a better job then any other woman in the office has, and many men. Yet, Peggy is initially seduced, two times by Pete a copywriter in the office out to conquer the advertising world, and even becomes impregnated by him despite being on birth control. She becomes fat and does not realize she is having a baby until she gives birth and has a little break down. After giving the baby up to her sister and mother, she goes back to work confident that being a copywriter is what she wants to do. She could not be both a mother and have a career in the 1960’s, yet Peggy is bothered by the decision to give up her baby, cannot bear to look at him even. The religious implications of what she has done haunt her, yet she continues to thrive in the office and volunteer at church. She shocks Pete, who despite being married, tells her he loves her, when she tells him he got her pregnant and she gave the baby away. She allows nothing in the way of her career and she is only 22 years old.

There are many other interesting characters in Madmen, but I think these are the main two character storylines of the first and second season. The sacrifice both Don and Peggy make for their careers is amazing. The complexity of both Don and Peggy learning to deal in their separate worlds the best way they know how and sometimes the worst ways, are aided by the lifestyle encouraged in the advertising business. Drinking, smoking, sex, and fierce competition at Sterling and Cooper, forever alter, the way each character develops.

If you’ve never watched the show before I highly recommend it and  I will be back with updates and my thoughts of  seasons 3 and seasons 4, followed by seasons 5 and 6 of Madmen as I watch them this summer.