Literary Lion: NHL Hockey – Boys and Statistics. 

Yeah! Happy to be doing Literary Lion from Laura of I Smith Words. Turns out Laura’s blog switched from to .com for a while so I wasn’t getting the prompts in my email. The challenge will be once a month now to fit with Laura’s schedule better. This month’s 100 word story prompt is boys.



Marissa watched the Oiler’s hockey game on her brother Grant’s 60 ” TV. 

McDavid stole the puck and the Oiler players all began cycling the puck to shoot on Anaheim’s goalie.

“Did McDavid score?” Brad asked, returning to the couch after grabbing a beer.

“No, McDavid set up Hall. Hall hit the cross bar.” Grant muttered soarly.

Grant and Brad knew NHL hockey down to the tiniest statistical detail for every team and each of the team’s players.

“Just shoot,” Marissa exclaimed as Hall was tripped, having an open lane to Anaheim’s net.

Brad and Grant smiled at Marissa before exchanging statistics on Edmonton’s power play.


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Literary Lion: Let it Rain. 

A Tiger in The Rain. (


Lilly was murdered. Our Negus claims she was sacrificed for rain; a tiger mauled the Negus. The sky cried for Lilly, Chiuta murmured, “drink me.”


Word Count: 25 words

Negus –  King

Chiuta – god of rain.

Thanks to I Smith Words (Laura) for the word prompt of drink me for a twenty-five word story.


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Literary Lion: The Fall of Uriel Uriel
Uriel peered down from where he flapped bold strong wings with midnight feathers. He was curious about God’s new creations, these people. Even though Adam and Eve disobeyed God and ate from the forbidden tree of knowledge God still wanted to save their race. 

But it was not the same for the angels who had risen against God before and tried to seize power. Lucifer and all his minions had fallen into Hell where they suffered on lakes of sulphur and lived in pandemonium, and abandonment. Uriel didn’t understand who would go against God, that was madness and betrayal.

But one night Uriel saw a beautiful woman walking in the moonlight on earth. Her eyes were a deep troubled blue and her hair a cascading wave of golden blond. Her skin was tanned from working in the sun. She had luscious curves to her body and Uriel could not see what was so sinful about her. He watched her as she walked, falling into lust and love. She was beautiful and fascinating to Uriel. 

He knew then that he had broken the rules. He had let romantic love and desire poison him and he had reneged on his orders to protect and cherish the humans in a fatherly way. He thought he would fall to Hell right then and there.

Uriel gasped as flight which he once found so easy became useless, as the feathers began to scatter from his wings. They fell like black snow and he tumbled, rolled, and dived, trying to stay in flight but finding it impossible. Finally, he was falling so fast and far that he couldn’t do anything. He felt the pain of his wings being split from his body as he hit the ground hard.

When he arose he found that he had not landed in Hell but on earth. Uriel had two slashes where his wings had once been on his back, giant raised white scars. He had no superior strength or other angel powers; he had become human and all the suffering and confusion that it was to be human assaulted him. As he began to walk on fragile legs he came across the beautiful woman he had been admiring. She looked at him curiously, but not without interest. He would have to charm her he thought, for he wanted this beautiful woman to become his own, to share this trial with.

But another side of him mourned heaven and his beloved wings; he had broken his bond to serve the Lord. He would gladly serve him on earth now. But as he looked at the lovely woman staring up at him shyly he knew it was worth the fall. Or perhaps, the fall had been God’s gift. 

Thanks to I Smith Words for the prompt fall.

Literary Lion: Two-Stepping 

Kiera use to go to country bars when she first came onto the bar scene at eighteen-years-old. She could do most of the line dancing, except the really hard ones. But she could not, for the life of her, two-step.

It seemed a simple enough dance but she could never get the rhythm right. She stumbled around and apologized for stepping on toes in her high heels while other girls danced easily. Some guys she danced with never minded, while others would get upset with her, wondering why she could not understand such an easy dance. 

Once in awhile she would accidentally do the right steps and she would become excited that she could finally two-step. But her friends would giggle and pat her back when Kiera went back to tripping over her own feet. So, she would just do a back and forth step with her partner or just sway to a favourite country song. But the good looking Cowboys never picked her when the slow songs came on or especially the fast ones. She watched year after year as other girls flipped and spun while she was a wallflower. 

When Kiera was twenty-four years old a guy about twenty-eight years old asked her to dance. He looked like any other cowboy who would be disappointed in her dance steps. But something changed in his soft blue eyes when he learned she could not dance.  Instead of getting mad at Kiera the cowboy, Jaimee, slowed down and stroking her cheek said, “Here, let me show you how to two-step, believe it or not I use to not know how to two-step either until my Aunt showed me.” 

Jaimee patiently worked with Kiera perfecting her steps, dips, turns, and every country two-stepping move one could do. He did this over several nights and weekends and never commented on how hopeless Kiera was at dancing and eventually Kiera wasn’t a bad dancer anymore. When she could finally dance Jaimee commented ” Well that’s it, I think your an excellent dancer now, you’ve got it.” Kiera looked at Jaimee uncomfortably.

” Does this mean no more dancing with you?”she asked Jaimee and he smiled. 

” No Kiera, it’s just the beginning” and they danced together slowly as the bar closed down. No music was playing but the silent music they both knew in their hearts. 

Thanks to I Smith Words for the prompt dance.

Literary Lion: Something In the Water

Water can have great symbolism in many religions and cultures. Water is life, we could not survive without it. Think about it, there is nothing else man has produced that can take waters place when you are thirsty.And there are different kinds of thirst.

In Christianity, water has a big significance with Baptism. Water and Gods Word (the Bible) combine to baptize a baby (often older people too) to bring them into God`s family and protect them so that they know God. I know that this isn`t actually a fiction story but I lost my Uncle Darvin last night. Sadly, I never saw him when he was sick with cancer or before that for a long time. I haven`t been able to go to church lately with my sleeping medications. I wish just once or twice I’d made more of an effort on my better days.

But I miss my Uncle Darvin just the same. I always imagined him at my wedding someday. He always called me beautiful and he gave the best hugs. I have memories of going to his and my Aunt Shirley`s house when I was little girl and playing in a back yard he was terracing and getting all dirty. There are memories of going to `The Donut Shop` with him, my parents, and Uncle Barrie and Aunt Josie after many church services. I remember when we did the reconstruction of our church and helping him, I was maybe ten years old.

Yesterday, he passed away. But I`m glad he has gone to Heaven, here he was in so much pain from the cancer. How do I know he is heaven? Well it started when he was Baptized, with some water. And that water made him grow and nourished him in God and quenched his spiritual and physical thirst in life. It  nourished him to the end.

In his poem Crossing the Bar Lord Alfred Tennyson compares death to going out to sea. He writes, ” [m]ay there be no moaning at the bar, / when I put out to sea, . . . I hope to see my Pilot face to face / When I have crossed the bar. (3-4, 15-16). The sea is salt water and indeed, a fitting use for water and passing on, taking your last journey on a ship into the ocean and this time your captain is God.

Here is Tennyson’s full poem Crossing the Bar:

Sunset and evening star,
      And one clear call for me!
And may there be no moaning of the bar,
      When I put out to sea,
   But such a tide as moving seems asleep,
      Too full for sound and foam,
When that which drew from out the boundless deep
      Turns again home.
   Twilight and evening bell,
      And after that the dark!
And may there be no sadness of farewell,
      When I embark;
   For tho’ from out our bourne of Time and Place
      The flood may bear me far,
I hope to see my Pilot face to face
      When I have crost the bar.
Thanks to I am Smith for the prompt Water.

Literary Lion: The Morning Process

Morning to her was a process that took time and a self-forcefulness that sometimes just wasn’t there.She would awake slowly eyelids peeled apart and rubbing the sleep out of her grey-blue eyes and she’d look around her at the calm arctic blue walls.  Then she would look at the pictograph of Emma and the young women right in the middle of the large picture frame. She would vaguely realize she knew where she was and that she was snug beneath a warm black duvet with little white flowers and crisp white sheets.

She would begin her visual journey around the room taking in every detail wrinkling her nose and wishing she had a tooth-brush right then and there. Then as gossamers of light began to make their way through the white roman shade she would yawn and cover her eyes with the back of her hand and become aware of the rings on her right hand. Three of them were from a set that she wore another three on her left hand and the forth was a ring engraved with black silver hearts that she had received from her mother when she was sixteen and her parents had gone off to Banff for a week.

Removing her hand from her eyes she would wiggle her toes and push unenthusiastically at the covers before turning over and surrounding herself with them so she was snug and protected.Nothing could hurt her in here. But soon she would find her mind wandering down long highway, amongst valleys of information, and activities she wanted to do that day. She thought of Downton Abbey half watched on her Ipad and of the books she had been saving up to read in spring. There were several new one’s she wanted to read and several old books she wanted to reread.

Throwing the covers off her now cold and chilly body she would touch her toes to the carpet, always surprisingly soft and become aware of her state of ugliness in the mirror. Mascara was smeared under her eyes, her face bare with moisturizer that had not quite sunken all the way into the skin, her lips slightly cracked, and her long blond hair a matted mess of possibility, if only she had bothered to dry it last night. Ignoring the picture before her she pads into the kitchen where a bowl of fruit is waiting and cereal is crunched slowly in ones mouth as it scratches the top of her mouth and leaves it sore.

Word Count: 429

Thanks to I Smith Words for hosting Literary Lion!

Literary Lion: One Must Never Go Into the Woods Alone

Jadea’s Grandfather had believed the woods to be a magical place full of herbs, cures for illnesses, and food to eat. Jadea had loved going into the forest with her Grandfather and learning about what kinds of plants were good to use and which plants were poisonous. She had disliked hunting for animals.

Grandmother had never minded that Jadea had went into the woods with her Grandfather saying even the bears were afraid of him. Grandfather was a mystical man and he brought protection with him through magic wherever he went. But one day Grandfather had disappeared as twilight had began to fade and the dark had crept in like a lion looking for his prey.

Jadea had yelled and screamed for her Grandfather but all she could find was his white staff. Jadea had hung onto it for dear life as she had run out of the woods through branches that seemed to rip at her hair and roots that tripped up her feet. She could feel something chasing her so she hurried, holding out the staff in front of her as if it were some talismane. It was the last thing she would have of her grandfather’s and it protected her from the beast that chased her. When she finally reached home and ran into the house she cried and told her Grandmother what had happened. Her Grandmother told her to never go into the woods again.

“Jadea listen to me” said Grandmother, “You must never go into the woods alone, ever. It’s not safe now little girl,”

“But Grandfather showed me everything. I know what’s good and bad about the forest” protested Jadea but Grandmother shook her head.

” Never go there Jadea. Promise me.” so Jadea swore to her Grandmother that she would never go into the woods again although it pained her to do so.

But one day years later, having long moved away from the cottage her grandparents had lived in by the forest, Jadea remembered the night her Grandfather disappeared into the woods. It was daylight and Jadea had a mind to go into the forest and explore. She was pleased to remember which plants and herbs were good and she gathered them as she went but it wasn’t long before Jadea realized she was not alone.

Every step Jadea took something dogged her foot steps and then as Jadea rested from picking out herbs something terrifying came towards her. She could not identify it it was invisible but it sat down beside her and bound her feet and hands. Then hands made of air cut off the breath from her lungs and Jadea knew no more but as she was asphyxiated she recalled her Grandmother’s words: ‘ Never Go into the Woods Alone.’

Word Count:460

Thanks to I Smith Words for hosting!

Story in the woods