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Interview with Gina Gallyot Writer, Poet, and Blogger #amwriting #interview #nonfiction

Good Morning! Welcome to another edition of my bi-weekly interview series. As I did skip a week due to being busy with other writing projects, my aim is to have a wonderful interview for you today as well as a regularly scheduled interview on Monday. Today I would like to introduce you to the talented, caring, strong, and beautiful Gina Gallyot (SingleDust) and her blog: A Life Less Lived: Living On the Equator But Longing For Snow. 

Interview -SingleDust
Credit: Gina Gallyot -SingleDust

1. Please tell Us About Yourself?

My blog is called “A Life Less Lived” and I use the name “Singledust” as the author of all my blog posts. I live in Malaysia, in a vibrant suburb south of the capital city of Kuala Lumpur. It’s a town packed with malls and teeming with life! It is also a college town and the young demographic we have means lots of lovely cafes and hangout joints where the vibe is always amazing.

2. What is Your Blog About? What Are You Trying to Accomplish?

I started my blog because my daughter asked me to stop scribbling in notebooks and publish all I wanted to say. She set the blog up and I began. In early days the blog was a lot of self-discovery, and deciding what my blog was going to be about. I had to figure out what to write about and much personal information I should I share.

I went down a couple of paths, tried doing travel related stories at first, then showcasing foods I liked and places to go eat the different foods in my country, but I wasn’t feeling fulfillment from that kind of writing. I wrote because I needed words to come out of me after suppressing it for so long.

Then I came across Flash Fiction prompts and was hooked. I found I liked writing stories. I had grown up with lots of storytelling after all and thought why not incorporate some of the tales I remembered into new ones I created. So that’s what I did and wrote some poetry on the days the stories seemed more musical. I had never written poetry before this blog so I amazed myself even!

From Flash Fiction challenges, I expanded into longer pieces called “Tales From The Equator,” stories I remembered from my childhood as well as those I told my kids as they were growing up.

All this has provided me with a huge collection of stories and poetry I rummaged through to produce a collection of stories. My blog is my training ground and preparation. It is an amazing place to read other writers, get feedback, develop new story lines, and network.

“I started the blog because my daughter asked me to stop scribbling in notebooks and publish all I wanted to say. She set the blog up and I began” -Gina Gallyot

3. When Did You Start Writing and Blogging and Why?

I started a year ago in February 2016 after some parts of my life finally got settled and I closed painful chapters of my life for good. In my new life, the writing side of me reawakened as I needed an outlet. When I started the blog it was a place for me to write so I would not forget my journey of self-discovery but after some time I realised that the journey was part of my healing and there was no end in sight.

I will continue my healing journey as long as I live. The process has never come to a screeching halt with magical solutions. Each day has a lesson of its own. And as I wrote I released anger and frustration inside me for so long — things I cannot talk about in whole honesty — writing allowed me to layer stories and fantasies into my writing and in that sense has permitted me to heal and recover, like a journal of my life. My life is stories!

4. How Does Your Writing Help Other People and Give You Meaning? 

Just seeing words on paper (well now on screen) brings me joy and blogging have enabled me to connect with amazing people all around the world I would have never met otherwise. I love being able to read their stories and be able to see that the world is full of people such as me, going through trials and overcoming them through writing and in turn, I hope my stories will help others healing or reaching a new spiritual place.

I affectionately call my stories, “my little lines.” I would humbly like to believe that it also inspires others together with the comments I give on the posts I read.

“I will continue my healing journey as long as I live. The process has never come to a screeching halt with magical solutions. Each day has a lesson of its own.” – Gina Gallyot

5. Where Do You Find Your Inspiration and Motivation? 

My inspiration is the life I have lived, a life less lived; while trying to survive my struggles, never feeling as if I had actually lived. I existed for the next day to start and end, and stories were my refuge. They were places I would go in my mind and create a safe place for myself and my children.

The world around me is also so beautiful in its ordinary splendor. I don’t need the highest mountain or deepest sea, a walk around my neighbourhood inspires me with the beautiful life of nature and people. Every single thing on earth has value and has a story of its own. 

Additionally, I’m inspired by the people I meet, strong people carrying heavy burdens in life, broken people standing tall for others to lean on, humble gentle caring souls oblivious of their own sorrow as they comfort others. In short, the human spirit is extremely inspirational and resilient. 

Every person also has their own story, but there is the question of who stops to listen when we are all so busy trying to tell our own stories. I try to listen to life happening around me in all forms. It’s important to me to give value to everything and everyone I meet in my short life on earth. It is vital that I never forget people are all connected by invisible threads of endless thoughts and feelings and need to treat each other gently.

6. Do You Have Any Particular Writing Habits? How Does your Blog Fit in With You Are?

I hope my writing has helped inspire people and encourage then to be better than what they think of themselves in low times. I would like to think that my writing (my blog)  is a soft spot to land after all the bad news and horror people read. I would like to be a soft voice and a place people can unmask and be themselves as they read my stories and poetry. I hope they remember it is possible to live life happy and free and know that living a better life is possible at any stage in life.

“I try to listen to life happening around me in all forms. It’s important to me to give value to everything and everyone I meet in my short life on earth. It is vital that I never forget people are all connected by invisible threads of endless thoughts and feelings and need to treat each other gently.” -Gina Gallyot

7. What Are Your Most Current Writing Projects on Your Blog or Otherwise? 

I try to participate in at least five Flash Fiction challenges per week to keep the creativity going. I am beginning to become involved in the poetry community, though I am like the littlest baby there as I never wrote poetry prior to this blog! I am trying to compile all the stories and poetry into categories and maybe publish them in a few of years. Every writer’s dream right?!

I have two recent poetry submissions published on SpillWords. Here are the links and publication dates:
“A Walk in the Snow” published on May 10, 2017.
“Shadows Hold me Tighter” will be published on May 22, 2017. 

My biggest writing achievement is my poetry book titled Remember my: Sweet WhispersI Loved You From A Time Once Before.
It is available on Smashwords as a free download and includes poems I wrote that people enjoyed on my blog.
Interview - Sweet Whispers SingleDust
Remember My: ‘Sweet Whispers – I loved You From A Time Once Before’ by Gina Gallyot

8. What Are You Future Plans For Your Blog and Writing?

No big ones as of yet. I have blog posts as well as guest posts featured on other sites but that’s about it. I still feel I am new to this and I like to let things move at a slow pace and see progress in steps rather than leaps and bounds. I am enjoying the journey, not the destination. Future plans might be to start focusing on a book I started last year but got distracted and have never completed. Blogging at my own pace and enjoying the company I meet along the way has been rewarding so I will continue on this path.

9. Can You Briefly Describe Your Writing Process? Do You Have Support for Your Writing and Blogging in Your Life?

Well, I decided to write again after a negative influence was removed from my life. I wrote a lot as a young girl and well into my early youth. I was sidetracked by the ‘merry go round of life.’ Coming back to my first love of writing stories has been like meeting an old flame and feeling the spark we had long ago that has developed into a mature romance. It’s a safe and uplifting romance of heart and soul, paper and pen, words and emotions.

My support comes from my tenacity for life. My four children have been my pillars of strength and support me with enthusiasm and love. Recently a more meaningful relationship has been the wind beneath my wings and encouraged me to soar higher. I also always have hope.

“Coming back to my first love of writing stories has been like meeting an old flame and feeling the spark we had long ago that has developed into a mature romance. It’s a safe and uplifting romance of heart and soul, paper and pen, words and emotions.” – Gina Gallyot

10. How Do you Maintain Discipline in Writing? Do You Prefer Certain Writing or Reading Genres? 

I discipline myself to write consistently and have a few stories or poetry on file to go over so I am never without material. Flash Fiction is incredibly helpful in clearing the cobwebs to write better in other areas of writing. It allows me to try different styles I might not usually do and this versatility helps me develop a better vocabulary too.

Reading is important too because people need to be inspired by other authors and writers. I spend a great deal of time reading new books and also re-reading previous favorites from beloved authors. My favorite writers are ‘mystical writers. Simple strong words in long flowing sentences that convey images of times we have all once traveled upon are inspiring to read about. 

I fell in love with Yeats as a young girl and am still smitten with him. Poets and writers who write like Yeats and draw emotions from other worlds and bring that feeling into our world, I find interesting. I like human based stories, like those from Khaled Hosseini and recently John Green.

My all time favorite novels include The Alchemist and 100 years of Solitude. Another writer that fascinates me till is John Farris and his Wildwood, Chilling Experiments in the Backwoods of the Appalachian Mountains. I feel a strange attraction to that region although I have never been there before.

11. Do You Have Any Helpful Advice for Other Writers? Is There Anything Else You Would Like to Share With Us?

Write from the heart what you want to say. You can use your metaphors, pseudo names, or examples (metaphors and literary devices) that distract from you, but write as if it is the last essay or poem you will ever get to write.

That’s what makes you stand out from other writers — sharing your heart. Don’t let the blogging statistics derail or distract you. Numbers have no real weight in comparison to what you write from your own heart and feelings.

Moreover, I have never wanted to live a mediocre life in either thought, word, or deed. While I joke and say I write ‘little lines’ and often am told to give more respect and emphasis to my ‘little lines,’ they are strong on their own and not fragile lines but lines that encourage people who think they are not worth much.

People read these ‘little lines’ and feel uplifted because the world they live in is trying to confine them. I want ‘little lines’ to help set people free and be whoever they want to be, never living a mediocre life in thought, word, and deed.

“Moreover, I have never wanted to live a mediocre life in either thought, word, or deed. While I joke and say I write ‘little lines’ and often am told to give more respect and emphasis to my ‘little lines,’ they are strong on their own and not fragile lines but lines that encourage people who think they are not worth much.” – Gina Gallyot

12. What Are Your Three-Favorite Blogs you Follow or Enjoy, just for Fun? What Do You Like About Them? 

I love reading blogs in this order: flash fiction, poetry, and long reads. They inspire me to write better stories, and each writer has their own flavor. It’s too hard to mention a top three or even top ten. I enjoy each writer for their own kind of fiction and emotion.

13. Please Share With Us Some of Your Favorite Pieces:

A special one to me from the tales from the equator series:

The Dust and Glitter

She was a pretty tiny bird living in a big white cage. Her master would sit each morning and evening and admire her beauty from just outside her cage. She loved it when he came to sit with her, he read her stories and sang songs and she was his inspiration. He was an artist and he drew lovely paintings of her, sold them and even put some around his lovely house. She longed for him to open the cage, just once and let her out so she could sit in the palm of his hand, but he never did. Always just looking at her, smiling and saying soft soothing words, he would always leave when the woman came.

He lived with a beautiful woman in this house, she never came near the cage, almost never knew the little bird existed and would ask the maids to clean the cage and feed the pretty bird. Little bird looked with envy at the beautiful woman with the long black hair and flowing dresses, her feathers were short and had too many colors, her cage had no walls, she could never hide her ugliness.

One day, a praying mantis sat on the window ledge and asked the tiny pretty bird why was she quiet, why she never sang. Little tiny bird said she had no singing voice, she was made only for man’s eyes, not for his ears or heart. And the mantis thought she saw a tear, but birds don’t cry thought the mantis, not in these parts anyway.

The little bird talked to the mantis every day in between the times the artist sat by the cage and they grew to know each other more. The mantis was as old as the sands of the desert and had traveled far and lived long, she was old and wise but had no heart, yet lately talking to this tiny little bird made the old mantis feel something she had not for a very long time now. It was like an inflation of her hollow chest.

One day she asked the tiny pretty bird if she would like to be free? And the tiny heart fluttered with uncontrolled joy. But the bird asked how? And the praying mantis divulged an ancient secret.

Praying mantis were the gods’ eyes and ears on earth for there were places the gods could not go to, the crevices and the cracks of the world, so they created the praying mantis who could slip in and out unnoticed and gather information back. The mantis had some magic and in them and were allowed one wish for their entire life and that’s how they would end their lives, by granting a wish as their final breath.

The little bird was upset and refused to listen more, but the old tired mantis coaxed her; allow me to bestow the wish on you, I have lived long and traveled far, I need to rest and move on to the next life the gods have planned for me. I have been a mantis too long, almost since this new world begun, set me free.

And the little bird because she had a lovely heart, though so tiny, it was full of love, for the handsome artist man and she wanted to feel the touch of his hand, agreed. And they decided on the right time to carry out their plan.

It was a beautiful sunny morning, where sunlight reflected off every surface and sunbeams found secret places and brought them warmth and the little bird decided today would be the day. The artist would arrive soon and she wanted to be free from her feathers and cage. The praying mantis nodded in agreement.

When they heard the man approaching, the mantis cast her final spell and the cage door flew open and the tiny pretty bird flew out and landed on the ground, now a tiny little lady with streaks of blue and green in her hair. The tiny bird was so happy to touch her own skin and pretty hair and she looked to thank the mantis, but the mantis wasn’t there.

Too late to look now, the handsome artist had approached, and the little bird now a pretty little lady smiled at him with the prettiest smile she thought she had. But the artist was taken by surprise and she never knew he could be a cruel man for she always looked at him from behind the bars of her cage and only saw what he showed her of his true self.

He shouted for the maids to chase away this intruder, he said. Chaos reigned as maids came to remove the tiny little stranger from the big lovely house. They roughly pushed her out the door and told her to do her begging elsewhere, this was the mistress and master’s house, not any common place.

Little bird tried to speak but no one could understand the language she spoke and she could hardly walk, new to feet and no feathers she felt exposed and abused with the rough hands and words. She understood them; why could they not her.

And they shut the big heavy white door and tiny little bird stood alone on the road.

Devastated that her plan had gone so disastrous, she wished she could talk to the praying mantis, her only friend all the years she sat in that cage, she wondered if she had been tricked. Living in that cage wasn’t so bad after all, at least she got to see her handsome artist twice a day and she had water and food and sunlight. Now she had nothing, she would never see his face again.

She walked down the road uncertain which way to go, her bare feet on the hot asphalt, the warmth went all the way to her chest, but never reached her heart. And she knew she could not live like this in this world; and said a soft wish to the gods who would listen, punish me for my greed and insolence, take me away from this existence. Leave me as dust in this world for I feel empty and distant.

And the spirits of the sun took her message to the skies and some gods had pity on her and said such a beautiful soul must be rescued somehow.

So they guided her thoughts till she walked further down the street and they crushed her body with a magnificent sunbeam and she became tiny flecks of dust that settled among the rocks and the grass, she would always be free now, and be part of the world yet no one would see her, she would be as she wished, just dust and glitter.

Please Find Other Posts from Gina Here:

Thank you to Gina for agreeing to be interviewed for my biweekly interview series and being so patient about when the interview was posted. Here is the link to her blog homepage once more: A Life Less Lived. If you would like to be a part of my bi-weekly interview series, please reach out through my Contact Page.  See You on Monday!

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My Thoughts

Poem: Free Verse – “Young and Beautiful” #music #poetry #amwriting 

Credit: Chemo Madoz –


“Young and Beautiful” – Lana Del Rey 


Such a wish have humans, 

For the fountain of youth. 

Retaining our vivacity, 
Twenty-something good-looks. 

To maintain an image of fresh faces, 

Yet carry the wisdom age gains. 

I think if we knew anything, 

We’d know it’s a curse to be young forever. 

For all such wisdom acquired in life, 

There’s a price to be paid. 

Experience taught and it —

Marked us with age spots, 

With wrinkles and scars, 

With under eye circles, 

Nightmares and inner trauma. 

Journeying through life we learned

 Our lesson, or perhaps we haven’t yet? 

When we are young, 

We are carefree and full of vigor. 

Not thoughtful in how we think or react,

No maturity, no flash of pain;

The liberty of youth suits the young. 

But to be a man or woman-child with —

The eyes of our great-grandparents,

Bearing several lifetimes of burdens;

I think, for a mere human, 

Would be too much grief to bear. 

For the older we become, 

We learn from birth we’re dying. 

Life is a quest and it’s meant to end

We’re meant for the heavens, 

Free of our lifetime of issues

Emotional, psychological, and physical decay, 

The exhaustion of life. 

The old realize when their time is coming —

That it is right. 

A lifetime of sorrows, to have so many years,

Would break a soul completely;

Nevermind a physical body. 

That’s why the young are beautiful,

Life hasn’t wounded them. 

They are too ignorant to see — 

Life isn’t meant on earth to be eternity —

The light shining to restore body, soul, and mind, 

In heaven shines for all,  

In timelessness we will be young,

All of us appearing how we ought;

No imperfections, 

Perfect creations.

Handling both knowledge and beauty,

Eloquent and graceful;

Gods children thankful

And only those who die young,

When life is torn by accident

By atrocity and ill health, 

(And the aged)

Understand this concept. 

As their grandparents did or do, 

Only the ill and dying, have vantage of this, 

Life is so frail;

A wisp of a veil torn, 

We’re all too busy living to see. 


©Mandibelle16. (2016) All Rights Reserved. 

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Moral Monday’s Flash Fiction: Team Trust #flashfiction #amwriting

Thanks to Nortina S for hosting Moral Monday’s. This week’s moral prompt is: “There’s no ‘I’ in Team.”



The Panther’s high school volleyball team were playing a vital game. If they won the match, they would make it into provincials.

“Come on Jackie,” her teammate Aimee cried, “Serve the ball right into that Amazon’s face.”

Jackie set-up her serve and slammed the ball to a player named Stacey on the opposing team. Stacey missed bumping the ball and her Amazon teammates criticized her meanly. 

Jackie’s next serves against the Amazons were down the left line. An Amazon player named Lauren, began pushing her teammates out of the way to ensure she got the pass-up. Her teammates were angry she was in their space and began squabbling. 

Jackie and Aimee from the Panthers smirked. The Amazons were deconstructing from the inside. Their bickering and distrust of each other ensured they would lose the game. 


©Mandibelle16. (2016) All Rights Reserved. 

My Thoughts

Relationship Lessons from a Learner

shutterstock_60504643-1024x682 I never really had a boyfriend for a long time. Sure I dated a few guys but mostly I was interested in hanging out with my girls. I never minded being their wing-woman or being left in the background. Occasionally, I met a guy that was nice enough and cute enough that I thought I might like to see him a second time, but those situations never went anywhere rarely.

And for some reason there was a guy or 2 I developed these long-lasting crushes on but nothing seemed to happen with those even though I liked the guy and I knew they liked me. I was terribly shy, especially in University and those guys always turned out to be the guys who needed all the attention and the affirmation that I was girlfriend or dating material from their 20 closest guy pals and girl friends. I just wanted to get to know them first I guess.

But something happened to me after a good while, I stopped being so afraid of guys, being shy and being so picky. I thought about how nice it would be just to let some guy I usually wouldn’t give a chance, have a chance. I thought about all the guys my age out there and started going on online dating sites. I smiled more at cute guys I’d run into and tried to be more friendly to the single male friends of my friend’s boyfriends. I am not sure I accomplished being more outgoing every time because generally when my energy goes I am a walking zombie but I like to think that I learned something from university until that point.

The first lesson I learned was to give guys you normally wouldn’t a chance. It is very important to be attracted to guy but your not perfect and every guy you meet is not going to have every quality or attribute you have on your list and vice versa. The second thing I learned is that a guy who really likes you will not just wave or make time for you when he’s not with his buddies but he’ll actually seek you out and talk to you and when you talk to him he’ll want to talk to you and make an effort even if it’s difficult for one or both of you to talk because of nerves. I think most relationships are awkward at first, even just friendships. But it takes time to build up a data bank in your head of what a person likes, what they do in their time, what their hobbies are, their facial expressions etc.

On the other hand, a guy who gives you that wicked glint of a stare but really doesn’t talk to you, he’s just eye candy and if an effort or two trying to talk to him doesn’t yield much or yields too much, he’s not worth the effort. There are plenty of guys out there who are. 12-relationship-truths

When I met my current boyfriend, he was not what I expected at all. First of all, he wasn’t six foot something like the guys I usually went for and he dressed really well. He was handsome, muscular but not a big guy, not much taller than I. I was nervous but felt immediately comfortable around him and we were holding hands pretty fast. He works out by Fort McMurry so I only see him a few days every few weeks. The most important thing, and difficult thing I am learning with him is to keep the lines of communication open especially in a long distance relationship, I had to train myself and teach him to text me often to just keep in touch just so the presence of him was always in my life and I was in his life. At first, he would leave and I wouldn’t hear barely anything and I would feel this total loss of connection and then he would come back and the connection would be great. This is still an issue we deal with but I have learned communication especially with men who often don’t explain themselves well or don’t like to be held accountable to their whereabouts is vital. My brother’s are the same way.

Another thing I learned from this relationship was to not count my boyfriend out. I really wasn’t sure what was going on at first so I just went for it. We had fun together and when I asked him if he was my boyfriend 4 months or so into our dating he was like ” I guess so…” This felt disappointing. In fact, he tried to break up with me a week later and I convinced him to just give it a shot than I broke up with him. Then he phoned me back a few days later and said he thought we really had something and he wanted to see where it would go. I wasn’t expecting much when I first went out with him, just a few dates, some making out. But then he became my boyfriend and it was pretty thrilling to actually finally have a boyfriend. But I also discovered that relationships are a lot of work, men are a lot of work, and keeping a long distance relationship afloat is even harder.

Yesterday I was ready to end it all. I said I had enough. We had planned to hang out and he was just too busy. I was frustrated. It seemed to me like he was always too busy doing something. Eventually you just have to make a plan with your girlfriend and stick with it as best as you can. Plus, sometimes I can get frustrated because he’s a night person and I’m not. He wants to hang out at night and I’m often ready to go to bed. I like to do stuff in the day, it’s when I’m at my best but he’s usually sleeping sometimes to 3 pm when he is off work.

I thought about what I wanted and what I wanted after a 1 year and 4 months was a loving relationship where my boyfriend thought I was as important as his religion ( or near importance to his religion), family, and job by this point in time. I wanted to be a priority and you make time for priorities.

I think this is also an important issue in relationships making your special person feel loved and wanted, showing them that they are really important to you. You can do this by spending time with them even just doing everyday things like getting groceries. You can pick them up if they don’t drive, that’s one I always appreciate. You can let them help you out in life even though you are an independent person. As the poem goes, “No man is an island…” Everybody needs somebody sometimes. It’s not just a saying but a truth. Why do we have boyfriends and girlfriends, husbands and wives, and partners in life? Because we need each other, because it’s easier to have someone to depend on, to raise a family with. You can do these things alone but by far it is easier when you make room for someone else and share the load.

After, talking with my boyfriend I think we worked it out. I hope he gets it. And understands that girls just need a lot of reassurance too. Which leads me to my last point, forgiveness is really important in any relationship. Love does not hold grudges and blame. Love lets go and tries to see the best in people not the worst. So I know I haven’t got much experience as the dating world goes but maybe what I learned can help some of you. So you will see what to do before you make the same mistakes I did. Unfortunately I am told experience is always the worst teacher it gives the test first, and the lesson last.

My Thoughts

Just a Memory or Maybe more?

People in the Bus for Public Transportation

Today I was thinking about how when you meet someone, you never know what kind of place that person will have in your life? Or what affect they will have on you or what lessons they will leave you with. Some types of relationships such as some family, for example, will last a long time but with other people it is  hard to know. What exactly determines that that little girl you played with on the playground when you were 5 years old, will through the years become one of your best friends? How come that person you had so many good times with in university – is now just an estranged acquaintance? Whatever the case, I think that people come into our lives for a reason – to fulfill a need or play a role that is important in our lives or theirs. The bad side of this of course, is when you cannot determine that reason someone is in your life or that they will unexpectedly leave your life after meaning so much to you; such as a friend who suddenly moves away for a new job, a divorce after 20 years, or a grandparent that suddenly passes away.

I truly believe though that whatever the reasons people ‘come’ and ‘go’ through out our lives, all we truly need are a few people to depend on – some good friends and family to help us get through the bad times, and for us to help them. But you never really know the effect you can have on a stranger. $5 dollars can mean the world to someone homeless who is actually hungry, or sponsoring a child for $30.00 dollers a month can create a whole new life for a child  in Africa, a smile can instantly make someone having a bad day feel better especially if that person smiling is attractive (but not only!). The little ways people affect each other can help us get through a horrible day or just a boring one, can give hope where it is needed, and faith in human kind.

Sometimes the lessons we learn from other people are not always the nicest but they can be profound. My first adult crush taught me to look beyond a handsome face, that chemistry is not everything, and someone who will talk to you and make an effort for you is better than someone who only wants to play games. It was the first time I was really hurt by a guy in that way, but the lessons I learned were invaluable. My great grandmother told me not to cry for her when she died because she would be in heaven. This was also a hard request to grant but an utterly vital lesson to learn, that although this life on earth seems like it is important, what is more is our lives with Jesus in Heaven after we die. Another thing I learned from my grandpa (besides his wicked ability at chess) was when he told me that I would always be his little girl. So I always think back to my grandpa and the lessons he taught me and even though it has been thirteen years since he has been gone, the things he taught me will carry on through me and one day through my children. How we affect each other’s lives is vital especially if we look to helping others, and hurting people the least we can.

So I challenge you to go out into the world and affect people for better, think about the change we can cause in other people, think about the lessons we can learn and be taught. There are so many people in this world and you never know how you will each touch each other’s lives, negatively, positively, or neutrally. But we can try to work with others and hopefully not against them, if indeed time will allow.