Poem: Etheree – “Damage of Heart Break” 



Sometimes it’s easier to write poetry when,

You’re not counting syllables yet I,

Find there’s no rhythm when you don’t,

Not enough words to describe life,

At times it’s a gong show,

I can’t seem to win,

Change can be hard,

Learning curve,

Growth hurts,



Blind to,

Such patterns,

Never learning,

Experience, leaves burns,

Never healing on your body,

Not salvaging the heart scars, 

Heart yearns for an echo, one whose,

Heart shares its rhythm, no absence found,

By others who damaged our souls, hearts, skin.


Perhaps, it begins, subtle opening.

Free time amazing, loneliness still,

Staying away from danger, they,

Who suck you dry for one night,

Leave without even notes,

Boxing the night into,

Their life pattern,

No loving,

Just sweat,






You’ll get bee stung,

Learning that you hurt,

With each bed sheet stumble,

Never having anyone there,

Returning home to empty rooms,

Shadows flickering in lamplight glows,

Home alone, no face taking her visage.


Woman who broke your heart, beat your soul dead.

So you do the same to other women,

Leaving them lost, confused, tormented,

Promises you made never came,

Long gone you keep playing,

Filling up empty,

Strainer has holes,

You can’t fix,

Got to




Let her,

See a man,

Not merely bent,

Willing to work through it,

To let the path waters,

Flow, guide through trepidation,

Steps you must take for perdition,

Coming alive, fire consumes through pain,

Living life, though it hurts so good loving.


©Mandibelle16. (2016) All Rights Reserved.

3 Line Tales: Tales of Sunlight and Darkness

Samuel Zeller


1.Surrounded by darkness, yet bathed in light; the sun holds us rapt through the window and illuminates us with it’s cheerful presence; yet behind us is the office, the blackness and blankness of that space I sit and toil in depresses me, but here in sunlight I find a few moments of freedoms with my colleagues; I don’t know them and they don’t me but here we are neighbours in luminescence, at liberty from the chains waiting to be replaced in our cold shadowed offices.

2. This classroom is different from the others I’ve had courses in, for one thing there are gigantic glass windows and open space where I don’t feel as if I’m some mole in a depressing dank hole of a classroom; in this space I feel inspired, I feel hope that I can learn, and do the work the class requires; the open feeling extends to how students treat each other,we laugh, banter, and we trade ideas back and forth (the professor is merely a mediator); at the end of class I’m refreshed and ignited with a passion to learn, a passion I could carry into a career, at least into my school work.

3. I haven’t been here, at this place too long and it’s a new setting for me to become used to; usually, I have worked in silence, now there are the voices of many people spinning and weaving with the sunlight from the huge windows; I’m not used to the light either, it is a warm blast of suppression, making the sunlit tables more stifling; I like the darkness and I am at my best in it, so I watch my new environment with people talking excitedly, observing how these persons thrive in the glow of sunlight, and I thrive in the shadows, the tar black places of the mind.


Thank you to Sonya for hosting the 3 Line Tales challenge/prompt. I know these are long sentences, but I feel with this prompt it’s okay to do that, even though in other writing it is not 🙂


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Flash Fiction for the Aspiring Writer:  A Nice Young Guy

Janine was willed a vintage car by her Grandpa. She opened the door on the right side of the car and sat inside. The glove compartment was open and Janine saw a letter with her name on it:

My Dearest Janine,

Nothing a man loves can compare with the love of a good woman. When I meant Jessica, I was stupified when I saw her and I hit her with this car.

I rushed out of the car scared I had hurt her, but Jessica looked at me with a smile in her chocolate brown eyes and she fluffed her mahogany hair. She was fine.

We dated briefly and she became your Grandma. That’s why I kept this car so long. It reminds me of how I met her.

I’m sending you on a singles trip around Europe. Prepare to learn and share experiences with men who will appreciate the real you as you travel. I’m sure you’ll meet a nice young guy.




Thanks to Priceless Joy our wonderful host! Please feel free to participate by checking out the link above. 

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You are Getting Sloppy!

ImageYour Getting Sloppy! That is what I told myself after reading the published versions of my last two articles, and the copies of the articles I actually submitted, I have always been a good writer. After getting a copy of my transcripts from my BA in English 5 years back I was proud to look at my marks and see mostly marks ranging from B+ to A+ with the odd B only, in my third and fourth year university English and History courses. I am gathering things together to apply for a MFA in Creative Writing, and probably such as most people applying for their Master’s degree, think ‘I’m a good writer, I’m a shoe in.’

The problem with that is well those were my university marks from 5 years ago. And the articles, I have been handing in I think I have this idea in the back of my mind that ‘the editor will just fix it!’ But there is a certain pride that comes with having work that is mostly left unchanged, where major editing does not need to occur and then you can say: yes this is truly my work. But I get this feeling when something I write needs to be changed to much, that it does not feel like it is all my work in the final version. That is sloppy work on my part! I should be checking my writing for clarity and flow, how easy it is to read before I submit it. Maybe that means I need to leave it for a few hours or even over night before I email it in.

You see I have forgotten things in the few years I have been away from writing in school, to the point I came back to it 2 or 3 years later. For example, it is better to paraphrase then give big block quotations and only use certain words for a quote if you need to. For example, instead of quoting more than three lines of quotes I might just give part of the line from Emily Dickinson’s poem about a bird coming “down the walk.”

The other problem I am seeing, is that quoting and researching things in journalism or communications is quite different than in English or History. Paraphrasing is the name of the game and often you do not need to use quotation marks around words. You also only need to mention the name of a website/article you use in an article; there is no works cited. Also, your source of references might be quite different instead of using doctoral sources you would just paraphase/quote from what someone related to your article has said to you or paraphrase from another article related to your article. What works as a reliable article to paraphrase from, I am not quite sure? Any journalism/communications majors out there? I could use the name of guide to help me with this. Do you guys use MLA or APA or what’s your reference style? Any general advice would be great.

My point, though, is not knowing the right way to paraphrase, quote, and cite can make your work sloppy. So I am afraid, that when I apply for this Master’s I will use incorrect sources. In fact, I am even more scared what I will do without sources? I am a creative person but I find I usually need something to draw ideas or inspiration from. I can write non-fiction from past experiences or the experiences of others but coming up with fiction could be a problem. How big does my imagination have to be? It has been said “write about what you know” so I guess that might mean a short story, a love story in the basic form most romance type novels are written. I have some idea as I took the Romance course in university; we actually had to read a 1950’s (or before) Harlequin, it was quite interesting actually, what is considered sexy and scandalous in the perfect romance world back then and now. Not that I do not read a whole swack of other type books but I go through phases where all I want to read are these easy non- thinking books, which now I am thinking, may not be so easy if you actually have to put one together and you do not want it to be just as a Harlequin Romance (no offense to those who like or write).

But I cannot be sloppy! I am learning again to check and re-check my work. I have forgotten how many times this must be done and how in the end, you are still never even sure if your work is good enough, and this is just writing articles.I am writing a couple articles actually for the magazine, not the online edition, so I am a bit nervous, these have to be good! Not just stuff that flows out of my head such as most of my articles often tend to be. All my articles need to be well researched, easy to read, and with a personal touch; it is that personal touch too I must remember. The writing has to sound like you, in your words, not just like notes you took from a website or class.

So, I best get to work, no being lazy. It is easy to be sloppy in writing, in life. Sometimes you just need a little wake up call to up the anti; improve yourself, and learn a couple things you never knew before. And I apologize if this is sloppy…