Being Satisfied with Your Body

I complained a month ago how I had gained about 10 lbs from a sleeping medication I needed to take. I was desperate to lose the weight as soon as possible especially because I had lost said 10 lbs the year before doing Herbal Magic.

Here I am a month later and you know what? I haven’t lost the weight. And it bothers me a bit still. Also, I have given the situation an honest go for a couple weeks trying my Herbal Magic diet and these green coffee bean pills to kill my appetite when I wanted to snack. But I am realizing a few realities, the first is that it takes much longer to lose weight then it does to gain weight. And as much as I try completely giving up on Pepsi does not seem to work for me. I just find I am only able to drink 1 can as my special item of the day and 1 fat portion.

If you truthfully want to know my will has backfired on me and I’ve been eating too much peanut butter, not keeping track of my food intake on paper, drinking too much Pepsi, and not eating enough vegetables and fruit. So how did I stagger so far from my goal?

I’m not sure. But I don’t intend to settle for being over weight this much if I can help it. It’s time to bring back portion control and discipline. On the other hand, I have realized exactly what I have preached to you guys every time I have written an article about weight and body issue. Love your body. No I don’t think it’s okay to be obese and overweight but I think we all go through fluctuations in our body weight. And I could focus on the fact that I would be fit if I had the ability to do cardio or I can love me right now and as I go through my difficult journey to watch my diet and lose weight. They say 85% of losing weight is dieting anyways.

So, as I think that as women and men we have to come to a point where we stop obsessing over every weight fluctuation we experience. Often these changes are impossible to predict or occur without us noticing. It’s much more vital for us to be able to live with ourselves and not be disgusted, take care of our bodies, and try to be healthy even when sometimes we find ourselves moving more towards the unhealthy way of living. There are so many outside factors that influence weight so we can only control those as best as humanly possible.

I hope this helps you on your daily struggle to be more fit and healthy. I would like to be positive on my blog and find more topics to write about besides my boring weeks. I hope that’s something I can do for you.


A New Year with Small Obtainable Goals

Every New Years we ask each other that inevitable questionable ‘ What’s your New Year’s Resolution?’ It’s an annoying question actually. Why, you ask yourself, should I make another goal I can’t keep? Why should I make any goal at all? And believe me I ask myself the same questions every year. The past 3 years it’s been lose and keep off 10 lbs. I actually half managed that one last year but disappointingly failed in the keeping if off as soon as I started a brand new medication and started eating Christmas treats towards the end of 2013. But I have had many New Year’s resolutions and I think everyone has, that have been hard to keep and basically unattainable.

This is why most experts advocate making small obtainable goals and not large vague goals. So instead of saying ” I’m going to get that job promotion this year,” break the goal down into steps or small goals that you can keep. For instance you might start by saying ” 1. Be extra detailed on the projects I am working on now. 2. Ask for help when I don’t understand something instead of just winging it and screwing up the project 3. Take on new projects to show that I am interested in taking on more work 4. Mention to my associates that I am interested in moving up 5. Ask my boss/associates how I might be able to get a promotion/move up at work . . .”

So instead of just making the large goals that seem impossible to keep, make small goals because these are the one’s you will be able

to keep and say in 2015, ” I kept my New Year’s Resolution,” last year, to all those people who stopped trying to complete their goals after the 2nd week of January.

What do these small obtainable goals look like for you? What do they look like for me? I will share with you some of my personal goals for the The New Year’s: My first goal is to get a B- in my Editing 110 class by 1) working on my class 3 to 4 days a week for 3 to 4 hours 2) Taking excellent notes 3) Triple checking my writing and editing for assignments 4) Memorizing test material starting 2 weeks before the test so the material is 2nd nature. That’s goal #1. Goal #2 is: Losing 7 lbs so I weigh 180 lbs which I will do by 1) Watching my diet by a.) drinking no more than 2 Pepsi a day b.) Fall the Herbal Magic Diet plan closely c.) Measuring out all portions of food d.) Making healthier eating choices when eating fast food or restaurant food d.) Allowing myself 1-2 eat whatever I want meals a month e.) Going on the elliptical 2 times a week for 20 minutes if I can manage or at least doing 20 min of Yoga 2 times a week to stay limber.

Those are my two goals and how I have broken them down in order that they might be achievable goals. Now it’s your turn. And I think you can do it!

As for other things, I will have a beauty blog coming out in a few days or so on a couple LUSH products I received for Christmas a hair mask and face mask I have used for about a year now. Both are amazing. Also, once things start up again for the semester I will have a general update about things that are going on in my life.  As well, I will just have some of the usual blogs that just occur to me in the moment.I am trying to come up with some more interesting topics. I will be getting a Birchbox  beauty basket each month and plan to share the interesting products I receive in my box each month. As you can see, I do love beauty. Also, I would like to write to you just some more general interest stories such as what is going on in the News, Celebrity pieces, fashion pieces. and whatever else.

Take care and good luck making your New Year’s Resolutions obtainable!