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Thanks to Rosema of A Reading Writer for the open nomination for this tag. I’m going to do that as well, anyone who wants to participate can. 




The Rules

1. Name five songs which make you happy

2. Name five things which make you happy

3. Nominate five Blogger’s for The Happinness Tag. 


Five Songs Which Make Me Happy:

1. “Brave” – Sara Beriellas


2. “Bartender” – LadyAntebellum


3. ” John Couger, John Deere, John 3:16″ – Keith Urban


4. “My Music At Work” – The Tragically Hip 

(A sad note: this is one of the greatest Canadian Bands in the world. The lead singer announced recently, he has brain cancer and this tour they’re on, will be their last 😥). 


5. “Run” – Snow Patrol


Five Things Which Make Me Happy 

1. My Family:


2. My Friends:


3. Dogs:


4. God (although he should be first I think):

5. Wine:


*6. Writing:


*7. Travel:

Nominate five Blogger’s:

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Flash Fiction for the Purposeful Practitioner: Kidnapped

“What is this place?” Alec asked. 

“Oh, um, meeting someone here, is that okay?” Robert said.

“I guess, so man.” Why did you have to meet somewhere so deserted? Alec wondered. He  felt as if he was separated from the entirety of civilization in this empty parking lot. “Why is there a parking lot here anyways?” 

” Oh,” Robert said, he looked nervous and was fidgeting, “there is big concert near here every August. Big Valley Jamboree, have you heard of it? It’s actually quite fun, I’ve been a few times.”

“Oh, yeah?” Alec said. “What kind of music is it? Seems to me this is one of those huge music festivals that goes on for days.” 

“Exactly, man,” Robert  muttered, wringing his hands and rolling his shoulders,” it’s country music. This year I think Carrie Underwood is the big act, last year it was Lady Antebellum . . . oh here’s the guy I’m supposed to meet.” 

A black pickup truck parks haphazardly and a guy with dark sunglasses approuches.He looks at Robert and then at Alec. “This him?” The man asks. Two other men bald and large like bouncers are behind him. Alec begins to back away.

” What do they want with me, Robert?” Alec asks confused. Robert shrugs and smiles, walking away to his red car. The men grab Alec and blindfold him. A rag full of chloroform is put up to his mouth and nose.

When Alec wakes up, he is in a club, his favourite in Las Vegas. He is dressed exceptionally and all his buddies are around him drinking and being loud. 

Robert approaches Alec remorsefully. “Sorry to do that to you buddy, but we wanted it to be a total secret. I really wanted to surprise you. Happy Stag party.” Alec grins.

” You’re a dead man Robert!”



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More than Just A Girl

Barb thought the words as she curled her hair and fixed her dress that night, ” [Kye] you must have come up short tonight. Cause I’m always your consolation prize. Usually I fix my hair put on my coat and show up at your door, but no more … ” No longer would she just be for Kye’s pleasure, no longer would she just be used for sex. No longer would she be a no one. Kye and every other guy would recognize as her as a someone who deserved respect. This would be the the last time she did this for Kye, made herself a whore.

She hummed to herself, “now I know I’m just another one of your Friday nights. But I’m no past time this is going to be the last time just to call. When there’s no where else to fall, just a number left to call in a pretty dress and curls. To you I’m just a girl, to you I’m just a girl. . . ” But she was so much more didn’t anyone else see that. With feminism and equality why did everyone just view her as some bimbo. Why did Kye? Why didn’t he see that she was smart, and worth treating well, as a girlfriend not just a girl to sleep with.

Barb thought to herself, to Kye I’m ” [j]ust a girl. talking through the static. Just a girl, to [him] I’m just dramatic. Just a girl, just a silly little thing. And that’s all [he’s] ever seen, but there’s so much more to me.” I am worth something Barb said aloud to herself. “This is gonna be the last time just to call….” She wasn’t giving in anymore. She had value and if people couldn’t see it she didn’t need to be around them. She could find a nicer guy then Kye. Someone who could love her for her. Someone who viewed her as more then just a girl they could “string along like some old sad song.”

After that one last time at Kye’s, Barb didn’t even bother saying goodbye. She ran out the door with freedom in her lungs, no longer just a girl to some loser. She was now a somebody, a woman.

Just A Girl – Lady Antabellum

Just A Girl

Hey! Just an update tonight. I’m loving Lady Antebellum’s new CD “747.” Honestly, I love all their music but this CD is just one of their best CD’s in a long time. My favorite songs they sing on it are ” Hey Bartender” which is a great song for dancing with your girlfriends at the bar when your getting over some guy; ” Just A Girl” a good song to play when your feeling used or unseen by a guy or girl you wanted there to be more with and your tired of being used; and ” Falling For You” a song which delivers what’s in its title, falling in love with someone new, those first sparks of love.

Just A Girl

I’m crossing my fingers they are coming to concert in Edmonton soon because I’ve never seen them in concert and would love to go one night and see Lady A sing these and their other great songs from this CD and previous albums. Now to download the rest of Taylor Swift’s CD and see if “1984” can live up to the standards of “Red” her last and more ‘country’ CD. So far, I like “Red” better.

Otherwise, I’m way a head on Christmas cards this year and have all the one’s out that need to be mailed. I like sending them but it is mentally fatiguing writing out messages for just less than 20 people. So I’m glad that is done. Christmas shopping is half done and I believe I’ll be able to do one trip in 2 weeks downtown and one last one to West Ed. after an appointment in early December. That should finish it all. I am most greatful to be getting some extra income every month so I don’t have to be so careful when I buy presents or shop for myself for that matter.

Tomorrow I get to see an old friend for lunch tomorrow. We go 2 or 3 times a year to a Chinese place called Red Diamond. I enjoy lunch with my friend and like to deliberate her advice. I always feel so much less burdened down afterwards. I also get to go for coffee with another friend next week for coffee. Is it weird I have completely switched from being a Second Cup person to a Starbucks person? I still enjoy both but if you asked me what I prefer I’d tell you Starbucks. I enjoy their hot chocolate, cold tea beverages, hot tea beverages, and their Greek yogurt, honey, and granola. Not to mention if I want a piece of their raspberry swirl loaf it is never dried out!

Also, A is back from his first shift up North in months. He was excited to be back at work. I’m happy he only works 2 weeks on and 1 week off instead off 3 weeks on and 1 off. It means I will be getting to see him more which is a bonus. Everything is going well otherwise. Enjoy Lady A!