Kevin Murphy Hydrate Me Wash and Rinse

I decided to try a new shampoo and conditioner last time I was at the hair salon: Hydrate Me Rinse and Hydrate Me Wash both by Kevin Murphy and are kaka du plum infused. Both came in 250 mL bottles that lasted a little longer than a month.

Hydrate Me Wash is for normal to dry hair and creates a ” silky” feeling in your hair and hair that is “sensual to the touch.” It is a E A moisturizing shampoo and I was quite pleased with how the shampoo worked. It created a good lather and left my hair feeling squeaky clean. It did not take too much shampoo per use, maybe about a quarter size, and it lasted slightly longer than the conditioner. The one thing I did not like about the shampoo is that it had a slightly chemically smell and I prefer my shampoo to smell good such as apple or just good old clean shampoo scent.

Hydrate me Rinse is an E A moisturizing conditioner that “hydrates” and “infuses” hair with “moisture and gloss.” It is also for normal to dry hair. Although the conditioner too was slightly chemically, it was nice and thick something I love to see in a hydrating shampoo because I know it will work well and soak into the strands of your hair fantastically. I was not disappointed. This conditioner is super moisturizing but it did take quite a bit of conditioner per use to put in your hair, about a tablespoon. Because of this fact, it used up slightly faster then the shampoo.

All in all, both were excellent products from the hair salon and my only complaint is the chemically smell, but this was not bad enough for me not to use them or try them again. They were a bit pricey at about $30.00 for each 250 mL bottle so I think it’s more the kind of shampoo and conditioner you use only a couple of times a week along with something else.



Dry Shampoos: The Best and the Worst

1. Dove Dry Shampoo (aprox. $7.00 Shoppers Drugmart) – Dry Shampoo, according to what I’ve learned, is supposed to do two things to your hair. Dry Shampoo is supposed to give your hair life for a second day (make it cleaner by absorbing oil) and it is also supposed to volumize your hair. The best dry shampoos are so good as volumizers that you can use them to rough up your hair and give it texture, even tease your hair at the crown (for instance) to get lift. Dove is not one of those dry shampoos that gives much volume. It smells wonderful and makes your hair feel soft and cleaner but it does not give your hair any lift. In general, I have learnt that only the more expensive dry shampoos will do this. I was told this by my hair dresser and through purchasing cheaper dry shampoos thinking they might work to create texture and volume I learned I was wrong. Cheaper dry shampoos do not give texture and volume

2. Batiste Dry Shampoo (aprox. $10.00 Shoppers Drugmart) – Although this dry

shampoo was a bit more expensive then the Dove dry shampoo it had about the same effect. It was good as a dry shampoo to keep your locks cleaner on a second day but it wasn’t much good for texture or volume. It did help my hair feel really clean and it smelled great. The one I chose smelled like pineapples because it had a tropical scent but for creating hair styles that needed teasing it was not a very useful dry shampoo. It could not put volume in my hair at all.

3. Kevin Murphy Fresh Hair Dry Shampoo (aprox $26,00 at certain Salon’s ie.The Beauty Lounge, Chrome in Edmonton, Dandy Salon and Spa ) –  I loved how light and citrusy this dry shampoo smelled. It was divine and when you sprayed it into your roots ( you do that on the first day btw not the second day as most people think, my hair stylist told me this at Chrome in Edmonton) it is still light and not too thick that it makes your hair feel icky and coated. Yet at the same time, it works as an excellent volumizing and texturizing spray. It was easy to tease my hair so I could back comb it and create chignons or just a little lift to the back of my hair. I loved it except for the price. It only lasts a little over a month. The bottle is quite small but it is effective as both a way to keep your hair fresh and volumize it.It is also antioxidant rich and paraben free.

4. Bedhead Rockaholic Dry Shampoo (aprox $26.00 or any

Spasation Salon) – I love this dry shampoo and it is my favorite! It is not quite the most clean feeling when you put it in your hair because it is more suited to creating texture but it still works to make your hair cleaner on the second day and absorb oil. It is the best and most excellent volumizer and texturizer. I receive great lift from my hair with this dry shampoo and it is so easy to tease your hair with Rockaholic in, even on a second day, by just spraying a bit of this into your roots on the first day you wash your hair. I love the smell and especially that Rockaholic lasts longer then 2 months for each bottle. It is an excellent value for the price and works by far (for me) the most effectively of all 4 dry shampoos I have featured here. It cleans, texturizes, volumizes, and is a great price value.