Flash Fiction for the Aspiring Writer: Merida’s Heiress

Genevieve lost her tour group. She was relieved to spy a man looking over the castle wall ahead of her. He looked at Genevieve, and a smile washed over his gorgeous face. 

He put his hand up to her cheek, “You have the softest skin I have ever felt,” he said with awe.” You must be a Lady to have the privilege of beauty,” the man remarked.

“I’m no Lady, only a woman on vacation,” Genevieve said.”Do you live around here?” 

“I live here until Merida’s heiress arrives. I’m Keith.” The man said.

” Merida’s heiress doesn’t seem to be coming.” Genevieve said smiling, “Why Merida’s heiress, why not Merida?” Genevieve asked.

Keith remarked:”You’re the only woman to have seen me standing here in hundreds of years, you must be Merida’s heiress. Merida and I were running from the English. We were supposed to escape through the tunnels. But Merida was kidnapped and married to an English Lord.” Keith said sadly.

“Merida was a gifted witch and cast a spell. She promised me her first female offspring of twenty-five-years, after the millennium, because she couldn’t be with me.” Keith told Genevieve. She backed away from Keith and he grasped Genevieve’s hand. 

In an instant, Genevieve found herself in another world. She was standing next to Keith at the head of a two long tables in a brightly decorated castle hall. Her dress was flowing white silk.

Keith smiled at Genevieve kissing her softly.”Genevieve, I’ve been awaiting Merida’s promise of you for ages. Together, we will build our lives, as Merida and I never had the chance to do.” Genevieve fainted.



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Day 8 – NaPoWriMo- Take it Back – ” Dear Keith”

Dear Keith,

You are not the love of my life.

And I did just fine without you.

I apologize for not talking to you,

But I was only 19 or 20 and as you know shy.

You were a good guy but you could have made more of an effort to talk to me,

To coax me out of my shell.

And if you ever liked me you could have made me feel unique to all the other girls who hung around you.

But that was 10 years ago Keith, and I’ve long moved on.

So whatever happened, happened because it did.

And it’s no hard feelings, but 6’5″ is just to tall for me.

And I was never caught in my own world,

I was just busy working 20 hrs, taking 5 courses, going to the gym, and partying with my friends on weekends.

I wasted a lot of time frustrated over you.

But I learned to look outside the box.

And to look for someone different but not so different from me.

Fondest memories, best of luck in life.