Tale Weaver: Poem – Lunes – “A Day Shopping” #taleweavers #poetry #shopping #amwriting 

Thanks to Michael of MindLoveMisery’s Menagerie for hosting August 26, 2017 Tale Weaver prompt on shopping


Shopping Loudge Unsplash
Credit: Loudge via Unsplash


Much is proffered buying, selling —

Various types clothing, 

Makeup, perfume, jewelry, and scarves.


If the price’s too rich, 

We’ll window shop, 

Try on Channel, Dior, anyways. 


Perhaps we’ll wait until they’re —

Sales in stores, 

We can afford buying from.


Buy what we love quality and —

Better priced, classic —

Natural fabrics, Aubrey Hepburn styles. 


Maybe we’ll test perfumes floral, 

On papers, wrists, 

Apply thirty facial highlighters glimmering.


Perhaps we’ll find the right —

Shade, skintone for —

Foundation that’s wonderful, covers perfectly. 


Maybe we’ll smother ourselves in —

Silk scarves with —

Rainbow colours; every size, shape. 


Trying on high heels our —

Legs appearing long, 

Gorgeous, aching feet all night. 


What about something delicate, silken —

To sleep in;

Matching five-inch Jimmy Choos. 


Silk blue sweaters, wool coats, 

Little black dresses —

Hugging curves; cotton-stretch v-necks,


Knee-high leather boots winter’s —

Calling; gold sandals —

For summer’s heat, beach vacation. 


Rose-gold necklaces polished, tangled, 

Pearls rings gleaming; 

Nail polish, pink blush, lipsticks —


Matte or moisturizing, sparkling, holographed. 

Moisturizer, anti-aging —

Serums with Retinol, Vitamin whatever. 


How about we stop driving —

Home; explore the —

Market, pet the dogs, purchase —


Crisp baby carrots, fresh corn.

Peaches and cherries; 

Blushing nectarines, just-picked raspberries. 


Homemade wine, high alcohol content —

Breath in reds, 

Touch of tartness, sweet white —


Rieslings; homemade tequila or moonshine, 

Slushy strawberry margaritas. 

Apple-pies warm, mince-meat pie —


For Dad; with shortbread that —

Melts slowly on,

Our tongue, gourmet chocolate gelato. 


Dog treats for ‘good dogs,’ 

Organic peanut butter —

Grandma’s homemade raspberry jelly too. 


How about honey straight from —

Bee hives dripping, 

Into hot tea at night.


They’re various heavenly delights,

But only so —

Much money in our pockets. 


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Spring Fashion 101

It’s only the end of January and I have already begun to pick out pieces I would like to add some version of to my spring wardrobe. The most exciting aspect of Spring Fashion is the introduction of color back into our black/charcoal/and almost black colors of the Fall/Winter wardrobe pieces we have all bought. I have a special affinity for the pastels of spring but I’m seeing some wonderful bright colors already emerging into the Spring fashion line up.

In reality though, we are in a transitional season. It is still January, barely February, and a month ago we were all shopping our little hearts out at boxing day and Christmas sales. It seems too soon to be looking forward to spring but I don’t know about where you live but where I live, we are already starting to receive spring like weather after a horribly cold September to mid January. I am really excited to have the opportunity to share with you these items I want to wear in warmer weather and that in Edmonton, where we have 8 months of Winter, I can already feel Winter letting go of its cold grip even if it is only to -10 Celsius. 

www.modcloth.com  $108.99

1. This is actually a buy I’ve made recently. They just happened to have my size left on http://www.modcloth.com and I love light blue, not to mention having put on a little weight this winter, I was looking for a bathing suit that was sexy but covered up my stomach and butt a bit. My boyfriend and I are considering travelling to Las Vegas in late spring so this seemed like the perfect purchase this pay cheque.


2. and 3. Two really big colors in fall are pink and that lovely mint green that has been popular the last

www.bananarepublic.ca $160.00

couple of years. Since I have collected a lot of mint items in my spring/summer wardrobe I am looking at a couple of light pink items. Although, I am hoping that the pink that is more of a yellow based pink now in early spring fashion will go towards a more blue-pink come late spring and summer, but I did find a dress at Banana Republic that is a perfect transitional item especially if you are working. It is in powder puff pink and I am seriously thinking about purchasing it. The other pink item I want I have only found in Jimmy Choos shoes now and they are a cool light pink pump. I am hoping I can find them in leather later, in a cheaper brand. Around $500 for one pair of pumps is a bit beyond my budget.

www.net-a-porter.com Jimmy Choos $575.00
Jimmy Choos $575.00

4. Another lovely item I actually purchased from the TeamBuy website that is more of a winter item but still a great spring item if the weather is nippy, are 2 pairs of black leggings with some fuzzy fleece on the inside. The fleece helps greatly with the winter winds and I can’t believe I purchased such a great buy off of TeamBuy. I mean, they were $29.00 for 2 pairs of thick tight like leggings. Not to mention, unlike the fleece tights I purchased from Anthropologie, they are not pilling (polyester has a long fiber that does not shed. That is why you get little balls all over your favorite pair of tights, they need to be the right mix of stretchy fabrics.)

I hope you enjoyed my little spring fashion line up. I will have some other pieces when more spring items do actually come out. But while cyber-shopping these are a few things that I have found and been pleased with.