Carrie Underwood Blown Away Tour May 17, 2013

I am struck by the power of music how melody can just carry you away. I cannot say every singer or band does this for me but one who does is the wonderful Carrie Underwood, whom I got to see for a second time in concert last night. Carrie’s voice is strong and powerful for such a tiny woman but she never seems small to me. Her performance, her band, her light and projection shows, her floating stage on her recent tour, are all larger than life.

For me it is that moment she started singing “Good Girl” that her voice really struck me. It was like bang! Right from the start her low powerful voice hits you somewhere in your stomach and later in your heart unleashing a mash of emotion and feeling. Unleashing a part of you that celebrates, dances, and releases your troubles at the sound of Carrie’s passionate vocals.

It’s not only the sound of her voice that is epic but her lyrics are a poetry unto themselves. They are a connection among women everywhere, sometimes among people every where, who hear her lyrics and think this is just how I feel. Sometimes, I feel my life is out of control and I want “Jesus [to] take the wheel,” sometimes I feel like bashing in the car of that loser who will ” maybe next time . . . think before he cheats,” and sometimes I get so frustrated with life, with my past I just want it to all get ” blown away.”

Her songs have always been an inspiration to me. Particularly, her more Christian songs like ” Temporary Home” as I consider my belief in Jesus and that one day I will be gone from this temporary place as wonderful as it is sometimes, in the hands of God when I die. Sometimes I feel that I literally just have to let ” Jesus take the wheel, ” leave my life in his hands or I would not be able to handle another minute. And if anyone has ever heard her You Tube Video of the hymn ” How Great Thou Art” you will know what it means to believe in God who is capable of so much love and such giving, to bless a singer to be able to effect people in their hearts and souls the way Carrie Underwood does.

Even if you are not a Christian it is hard not to be affected by Carrie’s beautiful voice and it was the perfect evening. I got to spend the evening with a good friend, have a few drinks, and be carried away by the rich textured and strong voice of Carrie Underwood, to live for a moment just in her music and the good vibes shares by the crowd and performers alike.