NaPoWriMo: Poem – Fan Letter – Septolets – ” Dear Jennifer Lawrence.” 


Yesterday, we wrote portraits of families. Today, let’s turn our vision outward, and write fan letters. I challenge you to write a poem in the form of a fan letter to a celebrity. Now, this could be a celebrity from long ago, and needn’t be an actor or singer (though it could be). You could write to George Washington or Dorothy Dandridge, Marie Curie or The Weeknd. Happy writing!

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Dear Jennifer 

Lawrence, I’m —

In awe;

Such —


You have,

Acting, singing;

You’re classy.


And you’re,

Hilarious sometimes,

Your roles,

Are —

Strong —

Women who,

Are shamelessly 

Themselves, truthful.


The Hunger

Games, one 

Of my



Where Katniss, 

‘The girl 

On fire,’

Won finally.


And in, 

Mockingjay Part

One, you



“The Hanging

Tree;” haunting

Voice sung.


Before that, 

Was Silver 

Linings Play



Us a women

Depressed could 

Be Amazing.


You’re beautiful

But you’re 

Real, not



Admire that.

In public;

You’re authentic.


I see,

Many years,

Of acting,



Talent shines —

Through and,

You’ve character.


In Joy,

You are 

A determined

Business —


Feeding your,

Family, while —

Becoming successful.


In X-men,

You play,

The nearly 



All blue,

With curves,

Becoming others.


I was 

Glad in,

Days of 



You stayed, 

Playing for,

What’s right.


In X-men —

Apocalypse next, 

You’ll be,



Mutant striving,

for life,

On earth.


I’m in

Awe of

Your abilities



People to,

Feel emotions,

You’re timeless.


You’ll be —

A strong, 

Woman remembered.



Thank you, 

For sharing,

Your talent.


©Mandibelle16. (2016) All Rights Reserved.


Christmas 2015: A Synopsis

merry christmas Merry Christmas
After much preparation Christmas has passed. It always feels as if there is this huge build up and then in a moment, Christmas Eve and Christmas have gone. So, how did you spend yours?

I have been feeling a bit better then I have the last couple of Christmases so I spent time baking these spice cookies we call Christmas Tree Cookies and Chocolate Turtle Squares. Christmas Tree Cookies require baking and then being decorated with colored icing and decorations of little sugar crystals etc. The chocolate turtle squares I was able to swap out the flour and use a Gluten free flour so my Dad could eat them. He did eat them all; they are gone now. My Mom also managed some baking. She made shortbread, brownies, and peanut butter cookies. Not to mention we have a lot of chocolate to eat.

On Christmas Eve, I went to Church with my Mom and Dad. My brother

Christmas Church Church Nativity Scene
came a bit later in the service. We sang Christmas carols and the pastor had a brief sermon. I haven’t been to church in a long time. It hasn’t been possible for me to wake up early enough on a Sunday that I can get to a Church my Mom or Dad go to. After the service, we went hope and there was snacks and baking. We had mini spring rolls, cheeseball and crackers, some kinds of cream cheese dip, sushi, different kinds of sausages, vegetables, and baking. We drank wine, beer, and soft drinks. After talking and eating, we opened presents. For most of us that meant money, gifts cards, and chocolate. It was nice but my eldest younger brother wasn’t able to make it for the first time so it was a bit weird without him.

Christmas Dinner Christmas Dinner
J (my brother) did make it for Christmas dinner the next day. We had ham, perogies, cabbage rolls, stir fried rice, Ichiban Chinese Noodle Salad, broccoli with cheese sauce, raw vegetables and dip, and baking for dessert. We ate around 1:30 pm. We tend to have early holiday dinners because it is a lot easier to get everything cooked in the day and because a lot of other people have Christmas get-togethers at night.

Boxing day we didn’t do too much. But I have been catching up on some movies that have come out in the last few years that I have wanted to see but I didn’t get the chance to see. So, on Boxing day (and before Christmas) I watched The Avengers: Age of Ultron which is fun and fantastic. The only problem is I think if you haven’t seen the Avengers movie before this one, all three Ironmans, both Thor movies, and both Captain America movies, you might not quite understand everything that is going on. All those movies are intertwined so much it makes it hard for someone to see only one of these Marvel heros movies and understand the entire story.

The same probably goes if you haven’t see the last three X-men movies

X-men Days of Future Past X-men Days of Future Past
plus the movie about how the X-men began, you wouldn’t understand the fourth X-men Movie Days of Futures Past. But it is my personal opinion it is an excellent movie on it’s own I think. It had a great story line and it fixes all that went wrong in the first three X-men movies. So, the ending is excellent. Also, if you are into the new Star Trek movies, the second one Star Trek: Into Darkness is pretty decent. I am not the hugest Star Trek fan but the Chris Pine who plays Kirk is h0t and the storyline wasn’t too bad either. It was kind of a typical Star Trek movie in what went on. But I think a fan would like it. The Longest Ride -Scott Eastwood
I also watched a Nicholas Spark’s movie called The Longest Ride. I was pleasantly surprised at how good it was for a Nicholas Spark movie. He hasn’t had many good ones since The Notebook, Dear John,  and a few others. The story was in a way similar to a The Notebook. And the lead handsome guy is played by Clint Eastwood’s son, Scott. He is going to be a good actor I think. He is about thirty-years-old and has the same wrinkles around his eyes that his Dad has.  But he is definitely hotter I think, at a similar age to his Dad. So if you are in the mood, for a good Romance, I recommend The Longest Ride.

I still have some movies on my list: The 4th Transformers movie, Captain America: Winter Soldier, Wolf of Wallstreet, and I think there is another Nicholas Spark’s movie in there too somewhere.  At the theaters I am waiting to see the new Star Wars movie and also a movie called Joy with Jennifer Lawrence. I think I talked about it before.

Tomorrow I am going for a much needed haircut and a gel manicure. I like

Gel Nails French Gel French Nails
gel nails they look good for a longtime and they’re shiny. But they can be hard on your nails. I used a certain kind of nail polish remover to try to get the remaining Gel polish off my fingernails. It works with Shellac nails so I thought it would work with Gel. It kind of did but damaged my finger nails in the process. The better option if you get gel polish is to simply file the polish off after three or four weeks. It works the best and takes more time but will not damage your nails. I did this on my toes and they were fine after I removed the polish using this method.

Not sure what the New Year’s plans are yet. Was different before because I have always had a boyfriend to spend the last four New Years with. However, it works out I am happy. If I get to sleep that will be good, if I go out for a few hours that will be fun too.  Happy New Year to you all!

New years 2016 Happy New Year 2016

©Mandibelle16. All Rights Reserved. 


Monday and a Crazy Time Change
Hi everyone!  It’s Monday and I think Monday’s are always difficult even if you don’t have to go to an office. There is just something about Mondays. The world just doesn’t run the right way at the beginning of the week. Everyone is tired, and it’s hard to get into your school work or job work.

Especially with this fall time change, we know it will be an accident-prone and less productive work week for people from countries who participate in the time change. Yesterday, I learned that it is not because of farmers that we have this time change. In fact, the time change was started by Germany in 1915 to conserve energy. People would spend less energy lighting their homes because they had to get up an hour earlier. Much of Europe, the US, and Canada followed suit with Germany. Ironically enough, we spend more money on energy now because of the time change in Canada at least. The CBC has an interesting article on the time change here.

Also, how did your Halloween weekend go? Facebook was flooded with images of children and families (including pets) all dressed up. It was interesting to see the variety of costumes and how many good natured parents and grandparents dressed up with their children or grandchildren. I don’t recall my parents doing that (LOL) but I don’t blame them for it. I think dressing up your kid or pet is difficult enough. Some parents go all out, especially if your family has a “theme.” Some Moms were thinking ahead this year when they planned their families’ costumes.
What I would like to try some year is to paint my face-up artistically as a deer or lion (some type of animal.) Face painting has become wonderfully realistic since the nineties. With contouring becoming popular in regular makeup and better face paints besides those sticks that have been around forever, people can paint their  own or their child’s face fantastically! I wasn’t up to doing a lot this Halloween. I had planned on attending a scary haunted house at Fort Edmonton but the tickets for the event sold out fast. I should have put more thought into that earlier.
But to tell you the truth, I was just too involved studying for my Residential Furnishings midterm (that I thought would be as intense as the Art History midterms and finals I experienced in University) that I didn’t think about Halloween including a costume, face paint, and/or buying tickets for an event. But I did hand out candy to the thirteen kids who came to visit our house for candy. We are close to a park called Rundle Park, it’s lovely especially in the Summer  and is picturesque in Autumn. But it seems the kids trick’o’treating don’t come down far into our neighbourhood. It’s a shame because the kids who did come received a fistful of candy. We are generous at our house. Better that someone else’s kid should eat the candy than any of us.

Additionally, I was getting bored with the theme of my blog so I went through a few different themes this morning and settled on one. I hope you like the new look of the blog and that the header of the red shoes that is a painting, isn’t to blurry and close up. I still have a few things to fix on the blog, but for tonight it will do. Let me know what you think of the new theme? Is there too much on the bottom header where my biography is located? 

I am also about to start a paper and project for my class. I have to choose a certain amount of furniture/art from different eras and design a showroom with brochures and an essay on the theme. I’m thinking about doing it on pieces from a certain periods for example, the Gothic era and then the revival of the Gothic era, Gothic Revival (in the Victorian Era). I think it would be fascinating to put the actual time period of something together with other pieces that tried to emulate it years later. So, that’s the main idea and I need to start tomorrow.  I only have three weeks of time to complete my project.

IMG_0399Is it bad that I have started to think about Christmas? Not to diminish Rememberance Day November 11th here in Canada, but I think the birth of Baby Jesus has a great deal to do with veterans. 

Anyways, every year finding gifts for people seems to get harder. It’s always hit and miss with gifts because one year one person likes their gift and another person wants to return their gift. I think for 2015, I am going to give gift cards. Some people think it’s impersonal but I think that people often have ideas of what they want sometimes and would prefer money or gift cards towards that item or service. Christmas cards take the longest time to write, especially if you are trying to say something personal. I try to write something meaningful. I don’t look up a Hallmark quote and throw it on the card. At least the card can be personal even if the giftcard with it is less so. 

Moreover,  I am anticipating Friday. The new James Bond Spectre is out in the movies.Danial Craig I enjoy Daniel Craig as James Bond. He brought something unique to the part,  grittiness , and great live action chase scenes, that some of the other James Bond movies didn’t contain. I wonder who will play the next James Bond? They need someone to start out at a bit younger age than Daniel Craig did, so he can be in more films. Tom Hardy, was one name I heard was being considered but I don’t really think he has that suave demeaner that James Bond encompasses. Who do you think should play James Bond after Daniel Craig is finished the role, after the James Bond movie after Spectre ? Any other movies you are looking forward to? I can’t wait for the last Hunger Games movie Mockingjay Part II. Jennifer Lawrence is amazing as Katniss and I love Liam Hemsworth who plays Gale too. Katniss should end up with Gale, not Peta.Team Gale!

Enjoy your week everyone. I will have the regular picture/word prompt stories and some poems coming out. I am thinking about some pieces I can do that are different from my regular posts. Since last month was National Poetry Writing Month, I am considering going back and doing that this month. I love poetry! But I am not sure, I also might be doing Writing 101 to keep busy. Cheers!

How Much Do We Love Jennifer Lawrence, Finding The Silver Lining In Life, And Here’s to Your Graduation

Well it has been a while but I have 3 more Flurt articles for you to enjoy. The first a piece on the wonderful and talented Jennifer Lawrence followed by a review of her great movie that just came out on Shaw On Demand a couple weeks ago, Silver Lining’s Playbook. Lastly, a piece with a few bits of advice for high school and university graduates.

(On a side note: Happy Mother’s Day Mom I can smell all the flowers we gave you around the living room and Happy 56th Birthday Dad ( yesterday).)

Please enjoy the articles and remember you can buy the iPad or whatever tablet you have edition of Flurt Spring 2013 on the Flurt Application. I have 3 more articles in there on Beauty, Mental Illness, and Designer Hrissa Soumpassis from Elika Designs. There are also some other wonderful articles from Flurt writers. It’s $4.99 for the issue, the application is free, and all profits go to empowering young women through Flurt and Flurt events as we are a non-for- profit magazine.

How Much Do We Love Jennifer Lawrence?

Finding the Silver Lining In Life

Here’s To the Night You’re Graduating

All the best!




A Hunger for Oppression – Some thoughts on The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games (film)
The Hunger Games (film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Last night, such as many of you did this week, I went to see The Hunger Games at the movie theatres. I had read the book by Suzanne Collins,  and was pleasantly surprised to see the movie quite closely resembled the book. My aunt had commented after see the movie that she was:

Having a love/hate relationship with “The Hunger Games”. Just loving the depth and interest of the story, but hating the kids dying. I guess that’s the sign of a great book; literature that arouses strong emotions in the reader. Doesn’t help being a parent of kids in that age group either.

And I would tend to think her reaction to The Hunger Games is a common one whether you are a parent or not – what kind of country sends teenagers, still children really, to die as tribute for their ancestors rebellion? In the Hunger Games a corrupt society in Panem, and its capitel city ‘the Capitol,’ has control over 12 districts. Each of these districts has some type of industry that the Capitol needs in order to maintain a lavish lifestyle for their citizens. Every year one male and one female from each district are chosen at the ‘reaping’ to compete against each other to the death in an arena controlled by the Capitol, its president (President Snow), and the ‘gamemakers.’ There are several themes that are predominate in The Hunger Games including the theme of a love triangle, a lavish and fake society, and most importantly the theme of rebellion and subsequent oppression. These themes stir up emotion and create strong feelings in the readers and viewers of The Hunger Games.

The love triangle (between Peeta, Katniss, and Gale in The Hunger Games ) is one of the most common plot lines, found in many movies and books; yet every time the love triangle theme is introduced people seem to become entranced by it, such is the case in The Hunger Games. While Katniss has grown up with with Gale and knows there is love of some kind between them, she must also consider Peeta as a potential partner when he announces his love for her at the interview before the Hunger Game’s competition. She also realizes that in order for her and Peeta to survive in the games she must act las if she loves Peeta even if she does not. I tend to think that Katniss herself, is not sure whether she does or does not love Peeta. The reality of her situation, fighting for her and Peeta’s life in the game, is influenced by the fact that she discovers, Peeta has always loved her, since he wasy a small boy. Still, a part of Katniss is always thinking about Gale her best friend, the guy who takes care of her family so they will not starve, and the guy she is more than friends with. I have not finished all three books yet so I do not know who Katniss eventually chooses – Peeta or Gale, but I think Katniss does find there are two important differences between the boys. While Peeta only wants for Katniss and him to survive the hunger games and not become a part of the Capitol’s decadent, wasteful, and violent lifestyle, Gale (we later learn) has no qualms about fighting back against the capitol’s evil. The same violent and oppressive way the Capitol treats District Twelve and other districts, Gale would act that same way against the capitol; an ‘eye’ for and ‘eye,’ so to speak, even at the cost of other Panemian’s lives. (Though I do agree more with Peeta’s way of seeing the situation, Gale is in my view “hotter” than Peeta so I hope Gale learns some morals before it becomes too late for him, and he loses Katniss).

Another important theme found in The Hunger Games is the theme the of the lavish lifestyle and narrow-minded views taken by the people who live in the Capitol. The people in the Capitol are characterized by Collins as having, colorful costume like clothing, artfully done makeup, and surgically altered bodies, to demonstrate their fakeness. They are empty shells without morals only wanting to be entertained. As long as they can live their expensive lives supplied by goods and services from Panem’s districts, they choose not to acknowledge the violence and inhumanity of sending twenty-four teenagers out to fight to a bloody and horrific death out in the hunger games. The Capitol’s citizens give up their right to govern justly or democratically by overindulging and letting President Snow do as he likes. In fact, the people of the Capital have a hunger for violence and drama at the expense of human lives. They do not understand that Katniss, and Rue, and even Cato, are people just like they are -still human beings. Just because the district citizens toil for resources for the Capitol they are still no different, and should not be treated any differently than the Capitol’s people. Although, I did enjoy the interesting costumes and grooming habits of the people in the Capitol, it made me angry that they would turn a blind eye to the injustice going on around them, particularly, at the hunger games.

Additionally, a life of luxury blinds the citizens of the Capitol to the evil of President Snow, who would stop at nothing to have control over all of Panem, and prevent the districts from standing up for their right to live and do as they please, to have their children survive and not be led to slaughter or overworked in their districts industry. The theme of a lavish lifestyle in the Capitol has a lot to do with the theme of oppression. The playing of the hunger games tapes over and over again for everyone each year, and the promo put together about how Panem was formed, all frighten the districts into following President Snow. Snow also tries to have Katniss killed in the hunger games, since he predicts, she could become a symbol for rebellion early on. Snow’s totalitarian form of governance comes at the cost of people in all the districts, and even in the Capitol. For instance, he has the head gamekeeper forced too kill himself with poisonous berries when both Katniss and Peeta pretend to do the same in the hunger games to survive. Snow also come’s up with the whole idea of the hunger games in the first place, killing teenagers – children – to die so no one will question the firm control he holds over Panem; so no person will try to rebel. Although, Snow thinks he has absolute power, he is wrong; Snow does not count on the voice of some citizens demonstrated by the people who rally around, Katniss and Peeta. So much so, that Katniss becomes the ‘The Mockingjay,” a point of hope and leadership for the districts who eventually try to take back Panem from Snow and his hunger for oppression. As I read the books and the watched the movie The Hunger Games I became more and more disgusted with President Snow. What kind of person could be so corrupt. As my highschool social studies told me, ‘Absolute power, corrupts absolutely.’

So that is my take on The Hunger Games and its major themes – the themes of a love triangle, a lavish society, and a oppressive government. I hope seeing the movie and reading the books helps everyone to consider why we must make sure that we to do not become blind to what is happening in our own government and the effects that oppression can have on people everywhere. Everyone here in Canada and United States at least, have the right to choose are governments and have the responsibility to stay involved in how our country is run. The Hunger Games may only be fiction, but it encourages us to not focus on the pursuits of power or luxury, but to put our faith in and to help, and spend time with ‘people,’ who always matter. We have the moral obligation to care about each other, to not discriminate, and to take off our ‘blinders’ so we know what is going on around us, and have the courage to stop a practice when it is wrong.