November Notes: Day 7 – Poem – Rondeau – “Stars In The Sky Reflect” #novembernotes #poetry #coldplay #amwriting

Today’s prompt song is one of my most favourite songs, “Yellow” by Coldplay.


“Yellow” – ColdPlay



So perfect, stars in the sky they reflect, 

Why God formed you, made you so perfect. 
Shining for you such beacons genuflect, 
The rightness so moulded, creation construed —

Your skin and bones, beautiful and true. 

Such dust and ash, made good, in all respects.


Graciousness —He bled for our disrespect, 

Made you to be loved, adored though imperfect. 

That’s why this man looks, catching your eyes true.

So perfect, stars in the sky they reflect. 


Why he takes time, drinking you in –perfect, 

Wonders how you’re created with such affect. 

Made so he sees you and becomes unglued, 

Knows his world is changing, each day proves —

Love of you, his girl, how you both connect. 

So perfect, stars in the sky reflect. 



©Mandibelle16. (2016) All Rights Reserved. 


Photo (Collage) Prompt: Poem – Free Verse – “Angel Down, Angel Down” #amwriting #poetry #angeldown #ladygaga

Thanks to MindLoveMisery’s Menagerie for hosting this week’s collage prompt:


Lady Gaga Live – ” Angel Down” 

I’m so thrilled with Lady Gage’s new album. I love her dance and pop-music stuff but her new songs, some of them go deep. This is one of those songs and I used the lyrics “Angel Down” for this poem. What I love is how in the video she is live, and sounds the same as if you were listening to her on her new album. Talented singer! 


She built her life, she built it strong, made it so —

It wouldn’t fall;but you can fortify —

The keep, make it so no one can slip in, 

There are always cracks within perfection; 

Angel Down, Angel Down. 


You can see the lines forming before she breaks, 

Memories from the past she thought would save. 

She’s safe –an illusion broken when the mirror —

Of life shatters within her face, she’s beat; 

Angel Down, Angel Down. 


Trapped in a birdcage, no song to sing, 

Her tunes aren’t lucid and her wings are clipped, 

Such dreams as a young woman, such glad times, 

Now she’s angry, so frustrated — life’s a lie; 

Angel Down, Angel Down.


Paints her makeup mask, hide the mirror’s blood tracks, 

She thinks she’s imperfect tries to conceal —

New dress, she’s pretty, long legs on display yet, 

She can’t hide feelings, she doesn’t fit in here;

Angel Down, Angel Down


He said heels were stupid, girls can’t walk on —

Four-inch needles; yet they made her happy.

Night of the dance, stumbled; wore light blue chucks,

Sitting on the radio at the party crying; 

Angel Down, Angel Down.


Years pass, another day spent sifting in, 

Her see-through life, on clothing racks, she —

Attempts to find the perfect fit,  but she —

Knows like her, it’s elusive, can’t be found; 

Angel Down, Angel Down.


Music saves some, for others it magnifies

A hurt and hole inside her –can God even fill? 

Remembering hideaways, experiences —

To fill the void within, smile with tears dripping;

Angel Down, Angel Down. 


Time in lavish living rooms, won’t make her, 

Feel love she’s so denied; she can’t even —

Love her own body, isn’t what it was, 

She fingers trinkets bought, fears with tears smear; 

Angel Down, Angel Down.


Jewel she thought would invoke good memories, 

Fill her with hope and joy again; sharp pains of —

Her past; but now her wings have been pried off,  

She’s a habiscus plucked and dying slow; 

Angel Down, Angel Down.


Packing suitcases, her body trembles, 

She’s going on journey; her state of mind —

Broken; but she’s trying to heal and she —

Prays new memories, stop her rapid descent; 

Angel Down, Angel Down. 


Please somebody, please help an Angel Down and —

Unlock her cage –the one she created, 

Show her some love, let her taste freedom. 

Be someone she can trust, so she won’t fade;

Angel Down, Angel Down 


Angel found her feet and flew, 

Sailed above clouds anew;

The sun glints of her smile and–

She’s brand new bird who trills;

Angel Found,  Angel Found. 


©Mandibelle16. (2016) All Rights Reserved. 

Sunday Photo Fiction: Still His #amwriting #flashfiction

Thanks to Alistair Forbes for hosting SPF.


A Mixed Bag


Caden wasn’t sure how he arrived at the park; his feet had walked themselves there. He sat on a park bench feeling empty and worthless. In front of him sat an old Chinese stove, but he gave it little thought. 

He’d lost Caroline for real this times and Caden didn’t know how to get her back. Lyrics from the song playing in the pub as she walked away from him, were on a continuel loop in his mind; she loved that song. He sighed, begging his mind to forget the painful lyrics.

“She’s imperfect but she tries, she is good but she lies. She is hard on herself, she is broken and won’t ask for help. She is messy but she’s kind, she’s is lonely –most of the time. She is all of this mixed up and baked in a beautiful pie; she is gone but she used to be mine.” 

Caden hadn’t ever felt so low. What did a man do when the woman he thought he’d stay with forever disappeared and wouldn’t talk to him? 

No one seemed to know where Caroline was. He had almost cried in front of her Dad saying he only wanted to apologize and win her back. Caroline’s Dad patted Caden on the back saying,”Things will get better soon.” 

Caden stared at the odd Chinese Stove wondering what its purpose was. He attempted to distract himself with the stove as the lyrics from that damn song floated back to him:

“If I’m honest I know I would give it all back for a chance to start over and rewrite an ending or two. For the girl that I knew who’ll be reckless just enough, who’ll get hurt but, who learns how to toughen up when she’s bruised . . . she is gone but she used to be mine.” 

Caden pressed his hands against his ears, trying to block the words out. 

Suddenly, Caroline was standing in front of him, “How did you get here?” He asked her.

She gazed at him, “You look horrible Caden. Did I do that to you?” 

He gasped shocked at seeing her, truly there now sitting beside him. Caden couldn’t hold back, he cried into Caroline’s neck as she stroked his hair; he held onto her tightly. 

“I thought you would never forgive me,” he said. 

“It’s alright,” she crooned to him, “I’m not leaving you ever again.” 

Caroline was still Caden’s girl. 


Sara Barielles – “She Used to Be Mine” 


Lyrics from AZlyrics Sara Barielles Lyrics.


©Mandibelle16. (2016) All Rights Reserved. 

Three Line Tales: Nothing Is Green #3Linetales #amwriting #fiction 

Thanks to Sonya of Only 100 Words for hosting 3Line Tales: 


Stephen Wei


1. The walls close in, I cannot breathe; this city makes me feel overwhelmed — claustrophobic — somekind of modern Hell; it surrounds me, I think is this the future? A place which guards and enwraps us with all its conveniences and tiny living spaces — not a single thing is green and alive; we choke on simulated air. 

2. Let me out and let me soar; if I fly down from the top of the city, perhaps, I’ll sprout wings? I only think this though, the birds are all gone, the animals too; here is a carefully calculated society — a dystopia.

3. The buildings rise up high and press against me, make me want to scream for a grassy open field, for a piece of nature that’s imperfect and unreplicated in a lab; nature herself isn’t supposed to be simulated — she is anything but perfect and I wish for the long ago memory of a flower’s velvet pink petal. 


©Mandibelle16. (2016) All Rights Reserved.

Poem: Senryu (5,7,5) – “Separately  Together” #introtopoetry #amwriting #senryu

Thanks to The Daily Post for the words Layers and Autonomy. Also for Poetry 101 the prompt is imperfect and Limrick. I’ve chosen not to do limericks. 



Obvious is it? 

No one has clarity,

Only shadows.


Glancing upon you,

I search through layers,

Facates hid inside.


Peeling back your words,

Paint shows original coat.

What’s left; I adore.


Thought you could mask truth,

Thought you could delve deeper in,

The light reveals all.


Fear for yourself and —

Your autonomy might lose,

Love is freedom too.


Keep autonomy,

But also be us both; one. 

Separate, stay close. 


Give autonomy,

To me too; so I can breathe,

Inhale, no traps laid.


 I’ll lose my layers,

If you lose all of yours; let fall —

Let skin talk tonight. 


Dozing in the light,

Truth a battle call given,

Peace where we inhale.


Imperfect are we,

Flawed and marked; but love sees all,

Sees only beauty.


©Mandibelle16. (2016) All Rights Reserved. 


Poem: La’ Tuine – “Crazy Diamond, Everglow” #introtopoetry #amwriting #poetry #coldplay

Today’s Poetry 101 is about a journey and to use a simile.


The La’Tuin, a poetic form created by Laura Lamarca, consists of 4-line stanzas with an ‘abca, abca’ rhyme scheme that is consistent throughout each stanza. Stanzas 2, 3 etc. must all follow the same rhyme sounds as the first stanza. With the first stanza being repeated again at the end of the piece. It contains a minimum of 4 stanzas, with no maximum length limit. 

A strict syllable count of 9/8/9/8 is required per stanza.

In-Depth Explanation of rhyme: 

Lines 1, 4, 5, 8, 9, 12, 13, 16 etc., all rhyme – this is the ‘A’ rhyme. 

Lines 2, 6, 10, 14 etc, all rhyme – this is the ‘B’ rhyme. 

Lines 3, 7, 11, 15 etc, all rhyme – this is the ‘C’ rhyme.

The La’Tuin is named after A’Tuin, a giant turtle from the Diskworld series. A turtle is a symbol of Mother Earth. La is Laura Lamarca’s signature.


Please see Shadow Poetry for more information. I didn’t follow this form exactly, choosing to almost repeat my whole A line in each stanza as well as repeat the last two words in line D. The line “Shine Bright You Crazy Diamond,” loosely comes from a Pinterest quotation you can find below.



Shine bright you crazy diamond gleaming,

Your road has never been easy, 

Glitter like the stars, alight sparkling soft.

Shine, fractured jewel, sustain everglow.


Shine bright you crazy diamond beaming, 

Reflective, absorb life’s hurt keenly.

Don’t give up when your facades are sought.

Life’s twisted paths, mean tears; everglow.


Shine bright you crazy diamond seething,

Angry, life results in disease.

World’s imperfect; life’s painful a lot.

Keep brilliant, child be an everglow.


Shine bright you crazy diamond dreaming,

Journey is long, worth your wounds bleeding.

Patch-up cuts, life’s rough; give your best shot

Glean knowledge, sacrifice; everglow.


Shine bright you crazy diamond gleaming.

Daring, follow down roads heedless.

Experience comes when you ache distraught

Shine brilliant gem;  gold everglow


The term everglow comes from a favourite Cold Play song called, “Everglow.” 


©Mandibelle16. (2016) All Rights Reserved.

Poem: Free Verse (Quatrains) – “Slow Sweet Burn of Life” #amwriting #poetry

Thanks to The Daily Prompt for the words Burn and Pleasure.



Pleasure it awakes in swirls of dreams, 

Our thoughts hold the key to a slow sweet burn.

To our wildest and most tempestuous scenes.

Seductive and entralling time, causing rug burn.


Who plays the Queen of hearts, the lady prestine? 

As our hearts smoke, cinder and ash burn.

Or wish we only for, human contact; no pipe dreams,

One hand holds another with compassionate concern.


A tiny fist squeezes back, dressed in winter white cream.

The pleasure in the laughter of baby’s unreserved.

The precocious and precious delights of a child us appease.

Giggling with exuberance, gurgles for future ice cream.


Of love and light and fascinating swirls gleaned.

Pleasure seeking knowledge, conversation purred.

Inspiration; genuflection to God, alter the flaws, appease.

Right the wrongs, make what’s true everyone’s concern.


Ambiant light; the truth in fog, bliss in dreams.

Lovers kiss, and delight in beloved’s eternal burn.

With desire and, touch, and scent, all streamed.

Only for a deep, true love, do some lucky, yearn.


Embrace, scintillate soulmate; live in love’s esteem.

 Imperfections, what makes us human? To aid, serve.

Endorphins, serotonin, results in passionate beings.

But the true-love is rare; seeing life’s wheel turning.


Adoration of fractures in each other; lost words breathing.

Pleasure in such imperfect cracks of others learned.

Pleasure in memories; in night’s hectic moonbeam.

Yourself, thinking back; ignoring anxious concerns.


Of Pleasure indulge; of moments in life, redeeming.

Treasure seconds; breezy, blowing freedom unreserved.

As the light shines on, linger in pleasurable daydreams.

Feel yourself lost in thought, of life’s slow sweet burn.


©Mandibelle16. (2016) All Rights Reserved.

Writing 201- Limerick/Enjambment – Judged Imperfect

Rhyme Scheme: aabba

If you tell me why people love 

Each other; You’d have to agree it’s a blessing from above 

Because people are imperfect and their flaws are

Visible enticements on why you should stay far

Away from them even if the gloves 

Are off; and you’ve seen someone for who they really appear to be. 

Because nothing is worse then knowing a person and then realizing there not who you see

They are a liar, a stealer of your time

And a cheater of your ideal, what a crime

That you shouldn’t be allowed to know someone and that they should be

See – through, completely visible to you and should inspire a thought

If they are imperfect and to be stripped of there shield then why not you – ought

You imperfect person, judging others

When you should act as brothers

And perfection should never be sought.

On Humans and Vulnerbility.

I have just finished watching about four TED talks on the art of conversation. I wish I could have shared the links with you but I was watching the videos from Facebook not the TED application. The main point I would like to share with you from these videos is the necessity when we are communicating (in any form) of making ourselves vulnerable.

The reasons for being vulnerable, for putting yourself out there, are varied. They have to do with us living our lives happily and our development despite the interloper of technology. First, people who allow themselves to enjoy life, who don’t try to be in control of everything in their lives down to the last detail, they allow themselves vulnerability. They let themselves not be in control — to be hurt, to feel joyful, to feel pain, and to feel a full range of emotions despite the consequences. 

It is important because one of our main purposes in life is to connect with other people. Only by not having control and just saying things to each other aloud even if we share too much information or allow a quirk to come through, shows our vulnerability. And we need to be vulnerable when talking and sharing with one another because it shows we are human and demonstrates to one another our true selves, someone we can’t help but reveal to our friends, coworkers, relatives and strangers.

But there is something we often use to control our vulnerability — our chance to really know one another and that is technology. As great as technology is, it often allows us too much control with one another. We can text because we don’t feel like talking to someone. We can email because it’s faster then having a conversation. And in each form of messaging one another we each get to choose exactly what we want to say without showing those little flaws we have that make us unique. 

In a chat room or texting for instance, we can skip over parts of conversation we don’t want to answer easily. We can say only what we want to come across. We are not vulnerable anymore save for autocorrect and it takes a great deal of effort to see how a person really is because we can choose to disconnect parts of ourselves. We only share what we want, we are almost all perfect conversationalists in this online world.

Sadly though, despite connecting through chat, email, text messaging, and gaming many people are very isolated and alone. They are vulnerable in the wrong way. There is something to be said for facial expression, voice tone, pitch, and all of those parts that make up the spoken word that we seem to need but are not getting when we only connect virtually. Learning to be vulnerable and to talk with other people face to face also teaches us to be alone because we spend time considering how we will act and what we will say around other people. 

We worry about how we will connect with other people as flawed beings. This teaches us to be okay with being alone because we are thinking and weighing things in our mind. In fact, we need the time to think. People who do not learn to be vulnerable and deal with other people are truly isolated despite technology. There is no way for them to interconnect and share the real them, their real personalities with actual people. They have to much control over life to little joy de vivre that they are in fact alone.

After, watching these TED talks and adding my own reflections it is my hope that you will not be afraid to let go of control in life, to feel all the emotions that can be felt. I hope you let yourself be vulnerable and are less controlled in your lives by IPhones and other devices. I hope you truly live and are never afraid to be alone because a busy mind needs time to think.

Becoming Yourself

Today I watched this video on, the online magazine I write for and often give you article links to. This particular YouTube video was about a girl who shared how she realized she was gay, that she did not just all of the sudden think today ‘ I am Gay,’ but for her being gay was how she was born and it was a process actually realizing her sexual orientation. While I thought she was really brave, what really got to me was how she encouraged other women ( and men) to be themselves and take the the time to discover who they are.

Now I am not gay. I like men too much lol. But what was most important to me about that video was the theme of self discovery, of becoming yourself in life. Do you know there are people now every where we go in life who are not comfortable in their own skin, who are so worried about trying to fit in, to follow a certain code or creed, to be something they are not? What is it they say, fake it till you make it? Sometimes I think this really works and sometimes it does not. Becoming yourself can have a lot to do with self improvement, trying new things, and sometimes just pretending; for instance, practicing self- confidence until you feel that you are actually self-confident.

But sometimes in life people are really just fakes. It is akin to girls in junior high or high school all trying to be like one another, to dress the same, like the same TV shows, wear similar makeup, and go for certain boys and not others. I mean who can blame them for wanting to fit in to be popular and be just like everybody else right? But as I remember there is always a part of you who just wants to be accepted for being you. But I think it’s not just the teenage years that are often fake; but sadly this phenomenon continues into adulthood. As I am almost 28 years old I feel that only now am I starting to be a women. Only now am I getting beyond this drama from young adulthood and feeling comfortable in my own skin.

By writing this post, my goal is for other people to try to do the same; whatever or whoever you are just be yourself. Let your partner and friends see your flaws and let your family see your flaws ( I am sure they already know quite a few) and just be you. Do not be afraid to be imperfect! We are flawed humans.

If you are like me a Christian, you believe that since Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden people have been imperfect. It’s called original sin. Down to the tiniest atoms of our body we are flawed. This is why Christian’s and yes, non believer’s too have Jesus. To save us from our sins, our imperfections, because looking around at the world it can be an awful place sometimes.

Another thing about Jesus is that he made us all special (the Sunday school speech). I have learnt that He wants us to be unique, to be ourselves because He has given us each unique talents, attributes, and flaws to help each other, and to praise him. We are made with our flaws all exactly how we are supposed to be and we should not try to just be someone else when we have our unique talents and gifts.Maybe sometimes being ourselves means following a Christian creed or being gay?

This is highly arguable stuff I am proposing but God’s greatest command besides to believe in Jesus, was to love thy neighbour. This supersedes his commandment against being gay I feel. We are born uniquely how we are and just as many people biologically are attracted to the opposite sex; some people are born LBGT. And these people deserve our love not our hate. The girl in this video in fact, had my admiration. She above many other people knew how to be herself and how to help others be themselves too.

Although, I truly feel like I am moving my way towards becoming myself, that I am myself, I am still moving forward. Perhaps, being ‘ you’ is a process. It is something that occurs while you are living and while time passes. It is based on the values we choose, the way we act, what we write, and what we say. But what I think truly shows our character is how we face our challenges. Those moments as a the famous Canadian poet Avison wrote ‘at the whirlpools edge,’ those moments that define us in life.