Hush Hush

It’s taken me a while to come up for something interesting enough to write for my blog lately. I suppose I have writer’s block or maybe I have just been bored, I’m not sure. But I have a book review for you and then I will have some beauty products sometime soon to tell you about.

Hush Hush

Recently, I have read a lot. I read the Divergent series of course and I also read the Hush Hush series of books (there are 4 books in this set). It’s by Becca Fitzpatrick, a teen series but Hollywood is making it into a movie where Rob Pattinson, Ian Somerhaulder, and Theo James are all up for the part of the main love interest named Patch. I feel Ian Somerhaulder suits the role best but he is a little old I think since the love interest, a fallen angel, falls in love with a teenage girl name Nora who is 16 years old at the start of the series. He just doesn’t look like he could pull off a High School student anymore but I am thinking Theo James who is 5 years younger would be able to do the role and possibly look like a high school student whose failed a few times. Both have that dark and mysterious thing going on from earlier roles they’ve played so I suppose either guy could do the job well. I’m just not a Rob Pattinson fan so that’s why I never picked him.

The first book is called Hush Hush and is about Nora who is forced to become biology partners with the enigmatic and attractive Patch. But Patch knows things about Nora that she’s never told him and seems to be able to speak to Nora inside her head. She also experiences situations that seem like they are real around Patch (and in general) but aren’t necessarily. We soon find out the real reason Patch is after Nora and it’s not just because she is pretty. Patch is a fallen angel who could get what he always dreamed, become human, by sacrificing Nora but everything changes when Patch falls in love with Nora.

The other 3 books in the series are also quiet good they are: Crescendo, Silence,and Finale. I think it will be an interesting series of books to be made into movies with nothing too complicated happening supernaturally or otherwise. Also, I am reading some other series’ right now and should have some more book reviews for you to read later on.

Otherwise, I had coffee and spent time with some friends this past while. My boyfriend, I was able to see for a couple of days and just relax with. Today I had some errands to do and I am looking forward to a rendition of Sleeping Beauty onscreen called Maleficante. Angelina Jolie looks like she did a fantastic job acting in this movie and it seems to follow the classic Disney version of Sleeping Beauty, at least in the clips I’ve seen.

Take care.