#OctPoWriMo 27/Music Challenge:  “I Swear I Lived” #amwriting #poetry #musicchallenge 

OctPoWriMo 27 has a theme based on our favorite flowers. Somehow I’m going to combine this prompt with MindLoveMisery’s Menagerie Music Challenge song on “I lived by OneRepublic. 

Credit: Kawan Harasai via Unsplash


“I lived” – OneRepublic 


With every broken breath, 

I swear I lived. 

Pettles in my hands, soft, floating in the wind. 

Never forget to slow down, 

Tred through daisies. 

As our dogs on their walks, 

Burying our nose in the fragrance. 

Inhaling life with resilience, 

Clutching each moment, 

As if it’s the last. 

Not afraid to touch —

The sun and run, 

Using each spare second. 

Fearless with triumph, 

A will to survive

Ignore the broken bones, 

They’ll heal, don’t build walls, 

Despite stumbling hard. 

Get back up, 

Carry on soldier. 

Give it all you have, unafraid to jump,

Raising your cup as the sun goes down, 

Toasting the journey. 

And with —

Choppy breath rasping, 

Gaspimg for air, 

Own every broken breath, 

For every tranquil —

Glittering moment in life, 

Keep pushing to survive. 

Bring meaning into moments,

Where you’re  —

Fighting to live, 

When you realize that life, 

Is the blessing you always desired. 


©Mandibelle16.(2017) All Rights Reserved. 


Poem: Trying

Try to think of better things, of days of mirth and laughter.

Forget that everything seems so difficult, and look ahead to daylight coming like a beacon full of hope.

Look to all the people, who support you wherever life flings your battered body.

A safety net is meant to catch, and that’s what you have friends and family for.

Try to do anything, to get out of a negative mindset. 

Life is calling, days go by, and you’re never going to get that time back.

So use this experience to grow and become the person you are meant to be.

Take risks, because it is better to have lived and failed, then to never have tried at all.

Embrace the pain, it forms you, strengthens you, and makes you smarter.

And if you must spend your time sleeping, dream of days that are full of good cheer, of things accomplished, and with loved ones spent.

Never stop trying, the world is calling, the fight is now stronger, 

Although, it feels as if you’re failing, you are only learning, ways that do not work.

And are ever closer to a way that you can find your peace, and truly spend the time you’ve got. 

And with a  whisper say– I lived.