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Three Line Tales: Friday Night Lights #amwriting #fiction #3LineTales

Thanks to Sonya of Only 100 Words for hosting #3LineTales.


Credit: Arnaud Mesureur


Far off in the distance we gaze at the fluorescent lights glowing, electric candles vibrant and magnificent as we sit on our roof, watching the players tackle each other on the mega screen. The announcer’s voice booms and the sky lights up even more with the pop and scattered explosion of our team’s colors in fireworks; they’ve scored another touch down so we toast to their success. 

When the game is won the fluorescent lights remain luminiscient in the darkness and accompanied by the brilliance of the stars; sometimes we wish we had tickets to that game now hours ago, but our view from the roof of our house is priceless — it also doesn’t cost $20.00 a beer, not even $20.00 a case. 


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My Thoughts

Photography – Day 6 – Connecting

I love the Canadian Football League (CFL). Not as much as my Dad. I don’t have to watch every game in the League, but I am a huge Edmonton Eskimo’s fan. This photo was taken at one of their games at Commonwealth Stadium. The Stadium at the football game is a place where everyone who loves the sport of football can connect. Fans connect with other fans and players. Teams connect and literally contact other teams while they play. Radio stations, sports stations, the entire city watches while the City’s team tries to beat the away team. This year we’ve been extremely lucky to have a winning team. It took us a few years of building but we again have a team who is going to be holding the Western Final at Home. Even though it becomes cold in November teams and fans gather and are willing to connect, to brave the cold, and become part of the city of champions.

Connection between fans, players, and the people watching at home is all important in football.
Connection between fans, players, and the people watching at home is all important in football.