Six Word Stories – November 21, 2015. 

1. Christmas has become gaudy; sparkles glitter. 

2. Stress turns on the nervous system. 

3. Running on endorphins only lasts awhile.

4. I miss dogs; Santa please provide. 

5. Dogs are bestfriends, die before you.

6 Cancer consumes my friend; tumours shrinking.

7. The beast never saw; beauty’s beastiness.

8. I began Christmas shopping; already overwhelmed. 

9. Memories last awhile, music brings songs. 

10. Smell triggers memory; sometimes horrid scents.

11. The backyard is dark; cats play.

12. There is a questioning, in silence.

13. We look at each other, silently.

14. The best words come from silence.

15. Sleep disturbed by so many words.

16. Poetry is gut wrenching; it hurts.

17. Pain is apart of everything; feel.

18. If you hurt, your not dead.

19. Hiking hills takes perseverence; I’ve none.

20. If magic is real; believe truth. 

21. Sickness can stop life; turn pages.

22. Lovely leather books made hand bound.

23. Air is shallow here, water inhaled. 

24. The cost of freedom is war.

25. Unnamed soldier; death makes us nameless.